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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Exploring the kingdom was something Raven did, but he didn't come to the lake often enough. It was quite dark, not the clearest of water. You could see about a couple of feet below the water before it all goes black. Looked a little like the assassin's hair under the sunlight. He just smiled and continued on walking, looking up at the sun while pulling down his wide-brimmed black hat. My oh my did he love that hat. So did his creator. Whatever, onwards we go! Kicking up dust with his knee-high boots and swinging around his cloak, Raven just grinned as he tried to have a little fun. Nothing wrong with that, now was there?

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Dancing around a little more, Raven couldn’t help but pick up the fair sound of what seemed to be steam rising from the water. He couldn’t see clearly but looking over in the direction of the person he could make out a faint line of a person crouching down, seemingly sad or bored Raven couldn’t tell. He wanted to help, or didn’t want to help he couldn’t tell that either, but his instincts were telling him to stay away from the person. The assassin tended to trust his instincts, but this time, he’d defy them. Slowly starting to walk over the rocky shoreline over to the figure, Raven kept an eye on the figure. Being the closer that he got the more he saw of this man, it was quite easy to make out some key features of him. Never mind that know, as he seemed to be about ten feet behind the man. Noting how quiet he came over on his soundproofing boots made him grin deviously. He might just have the upper hand in this.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((*coughs* uh, hello there human being xD))

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((no problem! just ensuring one of my friends isn’t dead. that wouldn’t be any good ;-;))

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((it’s so beautiful kura and it breaks my heart to know I just cannot respond just yet. I swear to god I’ll give you the response you deserve when I can ;-;))

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((it’s so amazing I can’t stop reading it!

and thanks, but I still feel bad I swear I’ll comment ASAP.))

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((oh ;)

I love him, he’s just the most amazing person but at the same time has a nice kick to him. He’s so beautiful! <3))

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((oh yes, very much so ;))

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((oh yes! ;) xD))

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Sneaking behind this man had been a good thought at first, and yes it surely had. But when the man continued fuming, Raven couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit bad for him. All he wanted was to understand some people but it seemed to him that this man had some of the same problems that he seemed to have. It was. . . quite strange to be honest. Seeing the bird fly down from the trees, Raven wondered what it might do as it landed on his master’s shoulder. Seeing it turn and scream at him though did surprise Raven as it flew at him, talons outwards in his direction. Now Raven has had his share of birds seeming coming to attack him, some at master’s command and others for no reason. But this time, he couldn’t tell if it was one reason, another or both. Or none, he just couldn’t tell! Holding up his hands in defense, he was glad to see the bird not totally maul him but instead scrape his cheek. Slightly frowning, Raven placed his hand to his cheek to find it bleed, the blood slowly dripping from its tiny slots in his flesh. Not a big deal, until the man turned to face him. Raven didn’t expect this man to attack him, but he had been sneaking up on him so it seemed to be actually quite accurate to the current situation. Gritting his teeth and poking daggers in his eyes, the assassin just stood there and frowned upon this man calling him a “plaything” just to amuse himself. The cheeky bastard. It didn’t even make Raven light up at all. What a disappointment. “I’m not plaything,” Raven stayed, teaching his hands down towards his daggers to threaten the man. Raven’s eyes lit up with fear as a fire seemed to wrap around them, making him sweat beneath his cloak and clothes. His skin shone with the liquid material, making it clear he wasn’t one for heat. The burn of it though just made him want to cry out in pain. He couldn’t help but know how much he hated fire, and fire of all things were what this man seemed to have a power for. That explained the steam on the rocks. This man was angry, at what Raven didn’t know or care. But these man’s insults weren’t something the assassin was interested in. “Kindling for your flames? Think again, you uncultured swine.” Pulling his daggers out, Raven didn’t mind the sweat on his hands as he tried to stay far from the fire and just focus on this threat of a man. He wouldn’t get away, not without a scratch or two. And of course, not without blood.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((oh yes we do ;))

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((let the kindling for the flames begin ;))

Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 14 comments (Heyyo, Jelly. Sorry for the inconvenience, but luckily new accounts exist for one to create in such times as this. Unfortunate that my posts went along with it though. Oh well :P)

Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 14 comments (Ha, I think I've found a pretty good theme song for Nikolai: https://youtu.be/yzVQkO92wNw)

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((that does seem like a great song for him! :))

Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 14 comments (I'll try to reply sometime today if I get the chance. Sorry for the long wait, I was trying to get myself as settled as possible before starting to RP again.)

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Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 14 comments "Un.. Uncultured swine?" Nikolai murmured in a curious, almost bemused tone as the growing smirk tugging at the very corners of his lips widened with that of amusement as he watched this unfortunate stranger before him silently wince at the burning heat of his flames as the ring of fire ever so slowly pressed in closer to add onto the pressure. He couldn't get too excited just yet, not if he didn't want to lose hold of his control and accidentally burn the man too early into their game.
Life and death situations were meant to be filled with suspense and impending doom; at least, that's what Nikolai always thought made them fun.

"You certainly have a lot of pride to spout such impolite nonsense to me when you were the one that has brought these fires of retribution upon yourself. Sneaking around in the brush like a conniving rat. How terribly foolish." Nikolai mockingly retorted, his fire briefly flaring to life and hungrily grasping for Raven's bare skin and clothing, roaring for their master to set them free to consume this offender right then and there and rest his body to ash from whence he came. His gleaming golden eyes soon fell upon the daggers now clutched in the stranger's hands with mild disdain as he made a soft, repeated 'tsk' with his tongue, shaking his head slowly to emphasis his displeasure as he glared bitterly at the man across from him. "Now, now. Naughty playthings shouldn't be holding such dangerous weapons." He chastised in a patronizing coo as he slowly raised his hand in one smooth motion.

"You could get hurt, after all." Nikolai's words were quiet, but his delighted smile spoke volumes as flames suddenly burst from the tips of the daggers, the scorching heat enough to sear flesh if Raven dared hold onto them for any longer than a few quick moments. "Besides, I have a lot of things I need to get off my chest.. So, do me a favor and stay alive as long as you possibly can."

"I'll know you're dead when the screaming stops. Sound good?" He asked with a slight tilt of his head and a warm, all-too cheerful smile, though it was by no means a question that he needed, or wanted, an answer to. "Now burn." He uttered in a low, dangerous tone.

Following his words and spoken command, the circle of flames that had for the most kept its distance from them began to slowly close in, eager tongues of fire licking at Raven's clothing in the hopes of setting it aflame as Nikolai watched grinning with excitement that he felt no need to hide. "What a great way to kill time, don't you think?" He purred under his breath as Winola perched atop his shoulder, beginning to fuss with his hair a bit as if she were a dotting mother tending to her chick.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((Oop this is getting fun. And that theme song you choose for Nikolai, I can't stop listening to it. Cheers on finding me an amazing song I can always listen too! ;))

Raven scowled, the heat hurting him even more as the flames continued to lick themselves closer and closer to his clothing. It was getting so uncomfortably hot and you could see it in the man's structure as his once strong defensive position started to move lower and lower as he dropped his knees to the ground in pain. The amount of smoke in the air from the fire kept Raven from breathing properly and he knew that the man could now hear him gasping for air.

As the daggers lit on fire, Raven threw them as quickly as he could at the man, missing both by a matter of inches as his bare hands ached from the small burns he had gathered from the fire that licked them moments before. How terribly foolish indeed, he thought as he dropped his hands to the ground, sweat dripping off his face as the fire continued to grow closer and closer. At this moment, Raven started thinking of death. He wondered if this was really it, if he would die by the flames of someones powers and turn to ash right before his very eyes. He wondered if anyone would care to notice his disappearance with no trace left behind. But he was a man that would do that on purpose, so it didn't make much sense. But most importantly, he wondered how in the world he would even try to get out of this situation. He was trapped and before he dropped he could still clearly see that devious smile the man held on his face. It sent chills down Raven's spine as he wondered what he might do.

As the fire wielder spoke some of his last words and as the fire grew closer, Raven gripped the brim of his wide black hat as he could feel the flames darting for him. His elbows now bleeding from scraping the rocks below and his knees aching from being in that position for so long, the man actually debated on whether or not he should actually scream. He might be able to stop this by doing so or it might make the man even more excited to hear him screaming in pain. Who knows, all Raven wanted to do at the moment was scream. Screaming would probably do nothing, but it was the only opinion he was thinking at the moment. As the assassin tried to scream for the man to stop, instead of the sound coming out all he did was inhale more smoke. Coughing instead of screaming, the fire continued to whirl around him as Raven turned his head to look at the man.

His eyes were filled to the brim with fear as a sound of a voice finally came through his mouth. Utterly low and sad sounding, the voice seemed to be one that would wrap around the mountains and come straight back to haunt the kings of the land. It was a voice of begging, a voice for the poor and rich of the kingdoms. A voice that had seen so many terrible things and every single thing they had seen were coming back to haunt the posesser of the voice. And then, the voice finally spoke. "End this misery, one way or another."

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((Hopefully it's okay. I've been reading it over and over for the past couple of hours and I sorta don't know where I was going with this. Eh, if you need me to edit anything feel free to tell me.))

Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 14 comments (Oh no, its totally fine. Rather ideal, actually. The only thing that'd really be able to stop Nikolai from killing Raven would be a conversation, combined with a show of weakness on Raven's part that Nikolai would be unfamiliar with, making him more curious to who Raven really was, and what he was like.)

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((Ohh, I see it now. Okay, that sounds good! Still don't know where my stupid brain was going with this sad boi post but it's probably because of the sad boi music I'm listening to on Spotify. Oof. I can't wait for this to continue tbh. I've always been one to get super involved into roleplays and this is one of the top ones I'm into. :))

Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 14 comments (I'm so happy to hear that :'3 This is definitely one of my more favorite RPs as well. Your writing is so wonderful to read.)

Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 14 comments (Yes, it is true >;3)

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((I'm so sorry for bothering you I just love this roleplay.))

Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 14 comments (It's no bother, Jelly. I'm sorry I've kept you waiting for so long.. I'm still trying to figure out and settle my routine, but I'll do my best to reply today for you. It brings me a lot of happiness to RP with you.)

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((it’s totally fine there’s no rush. And I’m happy to roleplay with you too Kura. Take your time, I have all day :))

Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 14 comments (Oh! There's also something I'd like to share with you once I have an opportunity. It might be fun ;3)

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((oh ;))

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((also I’d just like to apologize for not responding to your message yet. I think it’s a brilliant idea but I swear I’ll respond to it fully tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I have a sports tournament all day tomorrow so please due expect a small delay in things. So yeah! :))

Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 14 comments (It's fine, it's fine xD There's no rush, so take as much time as you need.)

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