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message 1: by Tom (new)

Tom Emsley | 3 comments Hello all!

I would love someone to read my draft novel and give me some feedback, happy to swap with other sci-fi/ dark fantasy of a similar length and will return in kind. Ideally I'd just like someone to read it to the end, I don't care too much about spelling and grammar at this stage, I just want to know if the story is gripping, original and entertaining.


On the fringes of human exploration there is a star system a lifetime away from Earth. The colonists of the most habitable planet, Aura, chart and explore their celestial neighbours and learn how to live and survive on the frontier of humanity.
Carmen, a child of a wealthy family in the new upper class leaves a life of comfortable drudgery in the Auran capital to take part in a mission to explore a nearby uncharted planet. On this her maiden mission she lands on the planet with a lust for adventure but soon learns danger and a dose of brutal reality is on the cards.
On this planet something is hidden that if disturbed could unravel everything they have built and put the nature of their own existence into question.

message 2: by Eric (new)

Eric Peterson | 20 comments Sounds interesting enough. If you still need another beta reader feel free to send me an email at Eric.Peterson623 @

Also let me know the deadline you need this done by.


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