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message 1: by Hailee (new)

Hailee | 201 comments Hi,

The trade paperback edition of Dragonfly in Amber with the ISBN13: 9780385335973 has a really dull, bad quality book cover attached to it. Can you please update it with a brighter and clearer one?

The mass market paperback edition ISBN13: 9780770428778 has an identical cover, just better quality, so that one could be used to replace the trade paperback cover.

Link to trade paperback edition:

Link to mass market edition:

Thanks in advance.

message 2: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments 1) These are not the same covers (#1 before 'New York...')
2) even if they were the same we can't copy covers from one edition to another; we can only use source that lists ISBN for the specific edition

message 3: by Hailee (new)

Hailee | 201 comments Ok, didn't realise that.

message 4: by Hailee (last edited Jul 11, 2018 08:19AM) (new)

Hailee | 201 comments Here is a link to the trade paperback cover:

Can someone please add this better image to the ISBN 9780385335973?

Link to trade paperback edition on goodreads:


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