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Suggest books for me > Strong heroine and scary/misunderstood, asshole hero (like Mad Rogan from Hidden Legacy by Ilona Andrews)

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message 1: by Pankhuri (new)

Pankhuri | 7 comments I want to read a book with a strong heroine, genuinely strong not someone who's supposed to be strong but faints at everything and is passively there while the guy does everything. And no insta love if possible. Hate the trope where the guy is an ass but the chick just melts cuz hes sooo hot. And the guy should be an asshole but a person who cares for his people(Mad Rogan from Hidden Legacy). Not someone who's an asshole and no depths.
P.S I recently read the discarded drafts that Ilona Andrews posted and i'm looking for something similar to Technomancer, if someone has read them

message 2: by Ebookworm2016 (new)

Ebookworm2016 | 185 comments Well, to start, have you read her Kate Daniels series? I figured so, but thought I would mention since you didn’t. I see a lot of similarities between Curran/Rogan and....umm...I forget her name and Kate.

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Ebookworm2016 | 185 comments And I can’t edit on my phone, but I should have said “their” series since it’s a husband/wife duo who writes as Ilona.

message 4: by Pankhuri (new)

Pankhuri | 7 comments I’ve read everything Ilona Andrews have written. And I mean everything.😂
P.S Nevada and Kate :D

message 5: by Aerulan (new)

Aerulan | 1247 comments If fantasy romance works for you Grace Draven has some excellent books with strong complex heroines and asshole-ish but still good heroes. The writing is also really well done.
Entreat Me and Radiance
could be worth a look for you.

message 6: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Pankhuri, do you love Iron and Magic or do you hate it? And how many times have you read it since it came out on June 26th? (since we are talking Ilona Andrews)

message 7: by Pankhuri (new)

Pankhuri | 7 comments I loved iron and magic! I have an exam on Monday so I’ve restrained myself from re-reading it. But I’ve read all the IA books a minimum of 3-4 times. I’ll be re-reading it again from next week, slowly this time. I devoured it in like 4-5 hours the last time😅

message 8: by Ebookworm2016 (new)

Ebookworm2016 | 185 comments NEVADA!!! Yes.

I’m excited to see where this Hugh storyline goes.

Have you read Nalini Singh? Raphael from her Guild Hunter’s series is definitely not warm and snuggly. It starts with “Angel’s Blood”. Several of the offshoot hero’s, also. Dimitri from Archangel’s Blade.

Her psy-changeling world has a few. But it needs to be read in order, so you can’t instantly get to the ones who meet your requirements.

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Ebookworm2016 | 185 comments I also thought of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse books. “Dead Until Dark” is the first book. She’s not “kick your ass” strong. But, she’s powerful in her own way. And over the course, she doesn’t just roll over and take what a guy dishes out to her because they are so hot she just can’t resist.

She has several love interests and it takes the whole series to resolve. So, this isn’t all tidy after one book. One, in particular, fits your requirement of being a misunderstood jerk. They are all complicated, because they are supernatural. I did get tired of these series, but I may have been overloaded between the books and the TV show.

message 10: by Ebookworm2016 (new)

Ebookworm2016 | 185 comments Bec McMaster. “Kiss of Steel”. This is steampunk.

message 11: by Melinda (new)

Melinda | 4 comments A court of thorns and Rose's by Sarah j maas.

message 12: by Jessica (last edited Jul 18, 2018 09:41AM) (new)

Jessica (jessicalynfox) | 180 comments The Warlord Wants Forever

Tempest Rising

Darkfever new characters each book, but assholes they can be

And, how about a strong female character with a bit of a mean streak? A Demon Bound she’s an Imp! Gotta be a bad girlfriend!

I got more, but gotta run through shelves.

message 13: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessicalynfox) | 180 comments Melinda wrote: "A court of thorns and Rose's by Sarah j maas."

Yes, so agree! Love these books.

message 14: by Yinzadi (new)

message 15: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessicalynfox) | 180 comments Halfway to the Grave bad bad boys here, bones and clad too

The Darkest Night(new couple each book, but boys are bad demon possessed males who are at a constant war with a demon who is trapped inside them who can punish them and sometimes controll them)

Night Pleasures the dark hunters books! These boys tend to be bad boys with soft centers for their ladies.

Jacob badass men, but not all wicked. Great series!

Pleasure Unbound

message 16: by Shanna_redwind (new)

Shanna_redwind | 858 comments If you like science fiction Gabriel's Ghost is good and I find that all of Linnea Sinclair read something like Ilona Andrews books.

message 17: by L J (new)

L J I second the Nalini Singh Guild Hunter series suggestion. The males are always scary sometimes misunderstood assholes and the females are strong.
The Psy-Changeling males are not all assholes but are definitely scary and sometimes misunderstood. They are ruthless when it comes to protecting their own. The females have to be strong to put up with their nonsense and call them on it when they step over the line.
Iron and Magic -- now the wait for the next book.

message 18: by Kelly (new)

Kelly | 6 comments Is urban fantasy a must?

A Desperate Fortune includes an off-putting hero the heroine learns to understand. No magic, shapeshifters, etc though.

message 19: by Pankhuri (new)

Pankhuri | 7 comments Ebookworm2016 wrote: "NEVADA!!! Yes.

I’m excited to see where this Hugh storyline goes.

Have you read Nalini Singh? Raphael from her Guild Hunter’s series is definitely not warm and snuggly. It starts with “Angel’s B..."

I have read the entire Guild Hunter(Raphael!!) and the Psy-Changeling series. I tried reading the Sookie Stackhouse series but idk. Couldn't really get into it.

message 20: by L J (new)

L J Have you tried J.D. Robb in Death series?
What about Shelly Laurenston shifter series?

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