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message 1: by Rhiannon (new)

Rhiannon Shearsby | 4 comments Hello,

I am taking a break from my own writing and is looking for a couple of books to beta read. I have beta read in the past. I will look for plot structure, character development, consistency, dialog flow, etc. I will also mention if something is grammatically wrong.

My best genre is Romance, Erotica or Fantasy with any sub plot as that is what I write and is where my strengths lie but I will read anything that grabs my attention.
If I begin reading and it doesn´t grab my attention or isn´t for me, I will let you know why but that doesn´t mean to say the book isn´t good.

I will read any length and usually takes me about a day or two depending on size.

Please comment genre, blurb, and word count along with an email address and I will get back to you.

Thank you


message 2: by Hailey (new)

Hailey Sawyer | 27 comments Hi! Are you willing to beta read individual chapters or are you only looking to beta read finished books?

message 3: by Sallyanne (new)

Sallyanne (ktblackauthor) | 19 comments Hi Rhiannon

Are you still looking to beta. I am nearing completion of contemporary erotic romance novel which will book one in a two book series. Once complete the ms will be around 80k words. Let me know if you are interested. The final draft will be ready in around one month?



message 4: by Lizet (new)

Lizet Engelbrecht | 1 comments Sorry, should be Rhiannon

message 5: by Annette (new)

Annette Abernathy | 12 comments Hi Rhiannon,

I'm starting a new book and need a reader for the first chapter. This is fantasy/romance/historical.
My name is Molly

This is about witches. I only need the first chapter read to see if the beginning is the best way to get started. I'm having trouble with this book.


message 6: by J.L. (new)

J.L. Feaman | 2 comments Hello, I am looking for beta readers that can read and provide feedback in the next 3 weeks. I will provide a word or PDF copy via email. I would like a Non-disclosure signed. Looking for FREE readers.
Word count: 65k+
Adult Cont. Romance/Erotica
Does contain explicit language and sexual content

The content is pre-edits so may have some typos. Looking for feedback on plot, story, word choice, characters, etc....

please send me a message on here if interested. Thank you!

I’m just not good at relationships. I don’t even know if I know how to love a man or worse yet, how to be loved by one. I made the decision a long time ago that I was just better off alone. Even when I was with my ex, I was alone. That’s all I know. No one has ever really understood me, or maybe I just never let anyone in? That is until, I met Kris August, actor, musician, and well-known playboy. I knew he was wrong for me, but something about him felt so right.

“Be Still My Heart”, is a fun and steamy tale of two lost souls who find a love and an irresistible passion like neither of them have ever experienced before.

Amber Johnson finds herself divorced from a horrible marriage and an empty nester in the same year. Leary of love, she is content in being alone. Her work brings her on tour with “The Right Stuff” band where she reluctantly falls in love with playboy-musician and actor Kris August. Amber quickly realizes that a relationship with someone famous brings a series of challenges, and a dark turn of events leaves both Kris and Amber questioning their relationship. Will love win?

Sara Without An H | 12 comments Hey Rhiannon,
My epic fantasy novel is 120k (which sounds scary, but we can take it a chapter at a time). It's gone through six rounds of big scale edits and has had two CP's combing through the novel.

Sami doesn’t care about big explosives, or those catapults the other palace apprentices are into. No, he likes chiseling at sandstone and engineering for the most powerful ruler in the Sajaks, the Shahanshah herself. Lithe, lethal, and mourning her lover’s assassination, her grief seeps into the air, clouding the stars above Sami, and drowning him in an unnatural silence. But, he gets it. His father died too, a couple of years ago.

Then, the Shahanshah kills herself as he works in her darkened courtyard.

Clerics sweep Sami into a choosing ceremony and he becomes the newest Shahanshah’s husband. Erem, Sami’s new wife, is gruff and thin as a rake. She can also burn his mind to a cinder. He treads carefully, pushing aside memories of the Shahanshah’s suicide.
Yet, the Shahanshah’s death instigated a rebellion. Battles slither nearer to home and threaten to harm Sami’s loved ones. The cries of fleeing refugees haunt his waking mind. Magic wielders, like his wife, are going mad.

The uprising, crazed magic wielders, the Shahanshah’s suicide all point in one direction: the world is crumbling. It’s just Sami’s luck. Because that savior the clerics keep talking about? She killed herself a couple of months ago, in front of him, in the palace’s darkened courtyard.

Sami can try to shield protect only his closest loved ones by squirreling them away with his wife’s wealth and prestige for the oncoming world’s end, or battle to unite the Sajaks and protect the world he's been entrusted to rule beside his new wife.

If this sounds interesting you can contact me at

message 8: by David (new)

David Applegate | 4 comments The Boyhood of Kaede

After the fall of Tir Na Nog, Elves left Earth and established a temporary home on Mars while they explored the stars. Discovering many new worlds, they built a large fleet and began a long exodus.
Centuries later, Kaede Hashimoto, a flower Elf and the grandson of the Emperor, is born. However, Kaede is no ordinary child.
The Empire has seen mostly peace, but times are changing. As Ogres, Goblins, and even other Elves routinely attack transports, the Empire struggles to meet fuel demands to maintain its massive fleet.
Follow Kaede's journey as he grows up and discovers his purpose in life.

Can be found here (there is a signup process, but it is free, but I need to then approve access, so patience please)

or message me and I invite you to goggle docs.

message 9: by D.W. (new)

D.W. Collins (authordwcollins) | 12 comments Hi, I am in search of beta readers for Henry: From the Other World.


Henry is about an odd world that appears within the sky. As the Earth is on the verge of nuclear holocaust, astronauts are sent to the new world, only to find out we are not alone. Will the existence of the grey ones help bring peace to Earth before it's too late?

Count: 115K words

My email:

More info:

Thanks, hope to hear from you.

message 10: by Tonya (new)

Tonya Coffey (tonyacoffey) | 12 comments Hello, I am looking for a beta reader to give me their opinion of book 2 in my series.

30,000 words
YA Contemporary Romance
Clean Read

Here is book 1 to get an idea of what the story is about.
I Promise I Promise (A Night Hawks Saga #1) by Tonya Coffey

Thanks, Tonya

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