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message 1: by Rhiannon (new)

Rhiannon Shearsby | 8 comments Hello,

I am taking a break from my own writing and is looking for a couple of books to beta read. I have beta read in the past. I will look for plot structure, character development, consistency, dialog flow, etc. I will also mention if something is grammatically wrong.

My best genre is Romance, Erotica or Fantasy with any sub plot as that is what I write and is where my strengths lie but I will read anything that grabs my attention.
If I begin reading and it doesn´t grab my attention or isn´t for me, I will let you know why but that doesn´t mean to say the book isn´t good.

I will read any length and usually takes me about a day or two depending on size.

Please comment genre, blurb, and word count along with an email address and I will get back to you.

Thank you


message 2: by Anne (new)

Anne Stryker (gingerbreadanne) | 8 comments Hello!

My story is a 15k Urban Fantasy Thriller (with subtle hints of romance). I don't yet have an 'official' blurb, but the story centers on Nicolas and Syretia as they work to escape their lives in Lune City, which is run by the powerful and on the edge of collapse for the poor.

My email is

Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you for your time and consideration!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey Rhiannon,

I'm writing a sci-fi story of absurdity about an unlikeable main character, Francis, and his kind portly son, Jonathan, who design two genderless beings to uncover the truths behind nature vs. nurture. Through the father and sons bickerings, the reader finds that this an ulterior motive to hide Francis's ultimate goal of replacing humanity with the new species as it follows the genderless beings journey through an absurd twenty-second-century landscape.

Let me know if this would be of any interest to you and I'll send over the link.

Thank you.


message 4: by Dave (new)

Dave Anderson | 54 comments Hi Rhiannon, I have a 72k NA Romeo and Juliet styled love story told by a star-crossed Romeo during a prison sponsored group therapy.

message 5: by Lola (new)

Lola Ainsley (AuthorLolaAinsley) | 3 comments Hello,

I have an 18,000 word romance erotica that I ned beta read.

This Fourth of July will have sparks flying and hearts breaking.
Gwen has stuck to a demanding schedule for as long as she can remember. When her friends talk her into going on a vacation to celebrate their college graduation she can't resist the temptation. The one thing she didn't count on was that temptation would come in the form of, a venti mocha frappucino of a man, and that is one thing she can't resist.

This is book 3 in the Sizzling Weekend Short Story Series.

Please email me if you are interested.

message 6: by Johanna (new)

Johanna | 7 comments Hi Rhiannon,

I hope you're still interested. I have a science fiction novel with fantasy elements and about 98k words.
"If your father was a tyrant, would you let him die?
Galactic peacekeeper Nova Sereni wants to keep her life just the way it is. But when a mysterious conspiracy threatens the life of her father, the god-like ruler, she is determined to do everything she can to stop them - even as she starts to question her own identity and purpose."

Please let me know if you're interested and I'll send you my email address.


message 7: by Syntell (new)

Syntell Smith | 4 comments I have a Literary Drama I'm looking for readers to start in August, here's some information. If interested I'll send you the link for the signup.

Name- Call Numbers
Genre- Adult Realistic Drama, Literary Fiction, Slice of Life
Word count- 106,273
Chapters- 18 Chapters
Rating- R, Cussing, Racism, Teen Pregnancy, few incidents of violence and intimidation, Sex (male/female), Drinking
Trigger Warning: Racial and Homophobic Slurs
Looking to swap: Yes
Deadline- 5 weeks starting in August, would like your general thoughts, likes/dislikes etc

Blurb: Robin Walker is an Eighteen-year-old full-time college student starting at the 58th Street Branch Library. Working part-time in the afternoon through the evening, he discovers a hostile work environment with two opposing camps as they clash on various policies to serve the public. A naive and susceptible nonchalant he’s forced to take sides in the struggle of elitist versus traditionalist at the dawn of the information age.

message 8: by Rhea (new)

Rhea Adair (rheaadair) | 4 comments Hello Rhiannon!

I don't know if you are still interested, but I thought I should give it a shot because you said you like romance and fantasy and I think (more hope) that maybe my book will catch your eye.

The story is about a seventeen year old girl that supports her family. While coming back from hunting, she discovered that there was a raid in her village that killed her father and two sisters. Because of that she decides that she must go to court and kill the king so he would pay for the horrors he inflicted and continue to do so.

"He stole her blood's life. Now he will pay with his."

Word count: 106.000 and counting, but I stopped because I ended up in a point of my book that I don't think if what I am doing is right, mainly the reason why I'm asking you to help me with it.

I really hope to hear from you soon. This is my fist beta reader experience, so I hope you would take an interest in what I created.

Thank you very much!

my email:

message 9: by Andrea (last edited Jul 14, 2018 01:20PM) (new)

Andrea | 2 comments Rhiannon,

I hope you're still doing some beta reading. I have a 25k novella that's part of a series of standalones. Genre is romantic comedy. The premise of the whole series is to make fun of current romance novel stereotypes. This book is about a 21-year-old girl whose overprotective older brothers prevent her from dating, so she sneaks away to take a class where they'll never find her. She meets a biker while taking the class, but he's not what he seems. It's someone who has an unusual vehicle that ends up catching her notice. My e-mail is It's written under my pen name, Quinn Clarke.


message 10: by Tony (new)

Tony Morrison | 6 comments I have a 92k page LGBT Teen Romance/Tragic Romance I would like to get read. Don't have an official blurb yet, but it is essentially a young lesbian couple gets found out in "small town America" and are separated by one girl's father (A preacher) sends her to conversion camp. The story is alternately told through the minds, thoughts and emotions of the girls with use of flashback. Thank you for your consideration and time.

My email is

message 11: by Ally (new)

Ally Prince | 3 comments Hi Rhiannon,
You may be overwhelmed with offers, but I thought I would throw this out there anyway. I have a 34K novella. It is erotica with a bit of insta love, an age gap and a hot cowboy. I do not have an official blurb as of yet, just looking for some honest eyes to look at it for the moment to see where i need to go with it. If you are at all interested feel free to email me, thank you for your time.
Cheers Ally

message 12: by Dakota (new)

Dakota Canon (Dakota_Canon) | 3 comments Hi Rhiannon

Not sure if you are still taking on new betas, but if so, I would love to have you beta my book.

Title and word count: The Unmaking of Eden, ~100K

Genre: Upmarket fiction with mystery, suspense, thriller and speculative elements.

Blurb: A young girl and her toddler sister escape from a cult-like religious commune in upper North Dakota under suspicious circumstances that leave a man dead. Wanted by the police, with no money or support system, the girl hides out in plain sight: in a public high school.

When initial examination of the dead man’s body points to an overdose in a new, highly-regulated drug, the drug company’s founder-and-CEO comes on the scene to seek answers. But when he finds a frightened and wanted fugitive hiding secrets beyond his imagination, what will he do?

Notes: This book reached the semifinals in the Novel Contest and was just longlisted in the Hastings Litfest Crooked Cat Crime Novel Contest. It is the first of a two part series.


Thank you so much!! :-)


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