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Fucking hell, stupid piece of rubbish...

Lyanna’s complaints had not stopped. Why would they? She was practically being forced into returning to school after nearly making it all the way home already just to find that stupid charger. It had been her own mistake, leaving it behind like that, but Lyanna swore that she’d never taken it to school in the first place. What use would she have for her charger? Her phone was always nearly on full charge and she hardly used her phone at school anyway, so charging it up was not something she really needed.

Perhaps it wasn’t her simple mistake that really bothered her. Maybe instead it was that stupid girl waiting for her in the locker room - supposedly waiting for her. Lyanna didn’t trust Sarai. In fact, she believed her to be a complete dick sucking bint, but from what she heard, that wasn’t really what she was interested in. She still didn’t like her, didn’t like that she thought she was some challenge to her, that she was better than Lyanna in all things. Well, she certainly wasn’t at all. And Lyanna still didn’t want to see her, didn’t want to have to stoop down for her help in any way to do something so stupidly simple.

But, unfortunately for her, she needed Sarai to hold the locker room open for her or it’d get locked for the entire night. So, begrudgingly, Lyanna parked her car by the science buildings and stalked over to the fields where the locker room was situated. Her voice was loud and annoyed when she called out, “Sarai? Where the hell are you?”

The locker room door was still unlocked, she learned as she pushed it open. Immediately, Lyanna began to scour all of the open lockers in search of the other girl. But, she had quite caught sight of her yet. Slightly suspicious, Lyanna proceeded inside slowly, looking through the rows of lockers for the tall Albanian girl - but she was nowhere in sight.

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When Lyanna had gone searching for Sarai in the locker room, she hadn't quite expected to get an eyeful of the girl when she found her. It wasn't too much of a surprise for her in the end because she'd seen many girls in this state. A part of her wanted to let her eyes wander, to look the girl up and down. Lyanna couldn't help but note how long Sarai's legs were and, well, damn, the girl actually did have abs too. Despite everything that she might despise about the other girl, Lyanna did have to admit that the girl was really fit and, in a way, that was very appealing to her.

Any kind of admiration that Lyanna might have been giving to Sarai came to an immediate stop when she opened her mouth and began to speak. Lyanna recalled then just why she didn't like the other girl so much. "Good," she quipped quickly, eyes darting towards the charger that was on the bench and then towards Sarai as she walked away.

"Wait, this was on the bench? I most definitely did not leave it on the bench," Lyanna scowled upon realization. In her mind, she had immediately jumped to the conclusion that this was something of Sarai's actions, putting it in a place or moving it around as to showcase her irresponsibility in some way. Or perhaps Lyanna was just finding some excuse to get mad at the other girl, some excuse to stay around here and say something to Sarai at all - positive or negative - in order to keep some form of conversation going with the other girl. Why? She had no idea.

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rimskur | 1470 comments where should i take this? to keep them going? bc obv neither wanna be around each other lmaooo

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"No need to be so anal, Sarai," she rolled her eyes, stepping forward and snatching up the charger from the bench with the tip of her fingers as if Sarai coming anywhere near it might have ended up contaminating it. Her little nose was scrunched up as she dropped it in her bag, satisfied now that at least her brother was right and she had found the missing piece. Her eyes traveled back up to Sarai as she awaited for her to go, but ah, not just yet -

"Learn to be a little less hostile, Sarai. People might like you more then," Lyanna suggested, her lips turning up into that charming little smile that usually meant two things. One, this was the fakest smile to exist and it conveyed one simple message: you're dead meat. Two, the smile was meant for something more conspiratorial, something that was meant to be hidden and a secret. Obviously, this smile applied to the former rather than the latter. It had become her life's mission nearly to make Sarai miserable since the two of them had met and Lyanna certainly was not backing up on it yet.

Of course, it was always funny enough to argue back with the girl when every insult that she hurled towards Sarai was, in fact, something that could be said about herself. "Have a hot date or something? You sure are in a hurry to get out of here..." Lyanna insinuated, drawing her hand forward before her face to check out her nails nonchalantly as she awaited Sarai's big reaction. But, there was something discomforting about what she had said to tease Sarai - a date. That was what it was about, but for some reason, it really rubbed Lyanna off the wrong way.

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She leaned nonchalantly against the locker door, still inspecting the curves of her perfectly manicured nails when Sarai reacted as she did. However, it only brought a smile on her lips, content that she’d done exactly as she had hoped she would. She was getting riled up, red in the neck and it was all because of Lyanna’s doing. “I never said anything about me liking you,” she shrugged her shoulders, sending her that razor sharp smile. How could someone be so beautiful, yet also so condescending at the same time? Lyanna really had mastered the ways of looking beautiful while also pushing someone down in the dirt and stomping on them.

She did this intentionally with Sarai. Something about her just made her want to pinch her like she was a piece of dust on her shirt and throwing her away. Sarai was a bother that had appeared at this school and there didn’t seem like an actual solution as to how to get rid of her. So, Lyanna did what she thought was the easiest way to accomplish this - by ridiculing her and acting like a condescending petty bitch. “I don’t care at all,” she rolled her eyes with an exaggerated sigh, swinging her charger around in front of her before twisting her back on her and scooting out towards the exit of the locker room door. She paid careful mind of the way that she moved for some reason, knowing very well how her hips swayed as she walked or how her hair danced on her back. Not that it was on show for Sarai or anything.

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Lyanna didn't really anticipate staying behind after practice today. It was silly and she had no reason to really play these stupid, petty games with Sarai. But, even a part of her was curious as to what the result of such a brawl would be, who was the better out of the two of them. Naturally, Lyanna wanted to be better, wanted to be the one that would end up on top, but there was a seed of doubt that had been planted in her the day before, being shoved into the lockers by Sarai who was showing a bit more balls and courage than she'd ever before. Sarai ended up making her a little nervous and Lyanna liked nothing about that.

She wasn't nervous, she told herself. There was nothing to worry about at all. It was a simple game, one that they'd already warmed up for by having a two hour long practice. The both of them were already a little tired from practice and, naturally, they wouldn't necessarily be playing at their very best. But, Lyanna knew that Sarai was determined to not let her win and that meant that even if she was exhausted, she would be doing whatever she could to make sure she won.

With this in mind, Lyanna stood by the side of the field while everyone had already gotten to the parking lot, eager to leave campus after a long day. But, she remained behind, gulping down some much needed water before she'd begin this match with Sarai. As she dropped her water bottle on the ground nonchalantly, Lyanna asked her, "Scared?" It was a taunt, meant to unhinge Sarai while Lyanna carelessly continued on with stretching her sore, taut muscles, ready to spring back into action at a moment's notice.

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