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message 1: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 73 comments So how do you guys watch True Blood? I try to catch it online since I don't have HBO(even though there is HBO Canada now), it's usually posted quickly.

message 2: by Kandice (new)

Kandice I watch it on HBO, but not the night it airs. I like to watch it Monday OnDemand so that I can pause and rewind if I need, or want to.

message 3: by mlady_rebecca (new)

mlady_rebecca HBO.

message 4: by Aj (new)

Aj | 40 comments HBO every sunday night at 9:00 pm. pacific standard baby!!!!!!!!

message 5: by Kenna (new)

Kenna (kennas) I have my cable box set to record it and watch it when I get home from work. I guess DVRish?

message 6: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze (the_flooze) DVR. I always seem to watch it as soon as it's done recording...then watch the live replay right after, savoring all the best bits. Obsession.

message 7: by Kenna (new)

Kenna (kennas) At least you smell good while doing it...

Ahhhh! Only three more episodes left

and I still cant get into that thread about who should play what roll! You guys better not be talking smack about me in there!

message 8: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze (the_flooze) Dat's all we're doing.


message 9: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 193 comments DVR. Me and the hubby are terrible about keeping track of when stuff is on tv. So we watch it on our dvr.

message 10: by Morgan (new)

Morgan (neimanmarxist) | 80 comments HBO. I was also told that you can watch the current weeks episode for free on

message 11: by Cary (last edited Aug 17, 2009 01:57PM) (new)

Cary (Vortigern) Yeah if you have a real sweet computer. My computer just could not handle the stress of hour long shows.I have been meaning to get a new Apple. But guitars come first with me. Since I have HBO with a DVR it's no problem anyway. Oh there is a vapire series on SYFY called BloodRayne. Maybe it's just a pilot. The show did not come to a conclusion. So I am thinking it probably will be a series if it's not one now. It is set in the middle ages and totally rocks.

message 12: by Ranata (new)

Ranata Clark (thatchicknata) Leslie wrote: "So how do you guys watch True Blood? I try to catch it online since I don't have HBO(even though there is HBO Canada now), it's usually posted quickly."

HBO, definitely. I'll watch it multiple times during the week. I love HBO just because they replay them to death!

I can't figure out my Dish DVR though and I really need to cuz I'm about to start school and will not be able to watch most of my shows but thankfully True Blood is SUNDAYS!

message 13: by Siempre (new)

Siempre (josiehaustin) | 91 comments DVR rewind rewind rewind and sometimes fast forward through Maryanne

message 14: by Leslie (last edited Aug 17, 2009 03:42PM) (new)

Leslie | 73 comments lol i think alot of people are getting tired of her ^^

message 15: by Cary (new)

Cary (Vortigern) I watch true blood high as a kite.

message 16: by Theresa (new)

Theresa  (tsorrels) DVR. We usually watch the most recent episode a couple days after it airs on our DVR.

Especially now that football is going to be starting... True Blood will have to wait so we can watch football live.

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