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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. 7th grade class book read in 2008/2009, boy dies and meets death/agent of death and gets to re-do the last few days to try to avoid dying. [s]

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Elissia | 2 comments I have been trying to find this book for over a year. All I remember is that my 7th grade teacher was reading it to our class. The main character is a juvenile boy, in his pre-teens or early teens, who argues with his father over something and ends up running into the street in his neighborhood where he is struck by a car and dies. He wakes up in some sort of limbo and talks to an entity (may be Death but I don't remember if it identified itself as such) and tells him he can avoid dying, if he re-does his last day/last few days. I remember that he either had a time limit, or a limit to the number of times he can have a re-do. One detail that sticks out to me is that at one point, he makes this insanely detailed puppet stage? He wants to impress his father and puts a huge amount of effort into it, but his father yells at him (I think because of the resources he used) and he gets upset and ends up dying again. He has a little brother that he thinks his parents love more than him, and his relationship with his dad has a huge bearing on his death and his efforts to avoid it.
It was either the later half of 2008 or early half of 2009 when we were reading this in class. I've been driving myself crazy trying to remember this book, but I wasn't paying any attention to it at that age. I never finished it and I really want to know how it turns out.

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Ayshe | 4327 comments Rewind sounds like it?

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Elissia | 2 comments Yes that's it!

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