Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe, #2) Thunderhead question

How did you like the ending?
Kaisanna Leight Kaisanna Jul 09, 2018 06:08PM
I feel like it was very open and left a lot to the one character

The ending was brilliant. I liked the island sinking scene, and THAT CLIFFHANGER!

Loved the twist and since I have the third book now, I’m even more eager to read it

2 WORDS....

I totally agree Hannah. I also like how I wish there was a book 4 but it did end at a good time.

Awesome ending. Unexpected and leaves you eager for the 3rd book. What is going to happen to Greyson and the Scythedom??

I have a love, hate relationship for the ending of this book.
LOVE: Rowan and Citra (Anastasia) were together. The island sinking was so intense. And Scythe Curie risking her life for Scythe Anastasia.
HATE: I am going to say it I hate cliff hangers. They are bad. I can't get the third book until the pandemic is over and i just finished "Thunderhead"

I really liked the book it was good but I have mixed feelings on whether or not I like it when authors leave such a cliff hanger. It makes me feel like they are forcing me to buy the next book. I know that is silly but if I enjoy the characters and the plot then I will want to read the next book don't leave it on a cliff hanger so I have to get it. But I guess no one is forcing me to get it.


Not a fan of cliffhangers. Seems rather cheap to end a book on them. More so with the emotional outburst of the AI.

I had to wait a year after the stupid cliffhanger and then with the third one I bought it five days after it came out. So while I love the books (they are some of my all time favourites) I think some part of me will always hate the cliffhanger

I am torn between loving it and hating it. I thought it was really extreme which made it really interesting but I also think I didn't like it because I hate Goddard soo much and thought he was finally gone for good, but I guess I should've seen this coming because how would they write a third book if everything was a happy ending!!


I agree with Jarren, the ending was awesome! Now I'm just eagerly waiting for the third book! I wonder how long it will take to find Citra and Rowan...

Kaisanna Leight I totally agree, how long will they be down there.
Sep 25, 2018 05:45PM

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