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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Name: Arabella Potrova

Age: 17


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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments ((Would you like to start since he is the one rescuing her??))

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments ((Here I thought it might be best if you did. That way he can know where she's at in the castle to do said rescuing. ;) ))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments ((Sure!))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Arabella sat chained up in the dungeon of her own palace. There had been a terrifying raid. They killed her mother and father and left her to torture. Her hands were chained together and she was beaten to a bloody pulp. She wore a white nightgown. She had been trapped for months. She was starving and weak. She heard a commotion but thought it had to have been her imagination. She stayed laying on the cold and wet dungeon floor. Her parents’ bodies lay with no heads across from her. She was covered in dried blood and dirt. She heard yelling and running down to her. It echoed. She figured it had to be more torture so she just closed her eyes.

When she reopened then she saw men standing guard at her cell as if they were awaiting someone to go to her first. She did not recognize these men. They wore a different crest. She painfully pushed herself up to sit, whimpering softly. She was skinny and pale. She had not seen sunlight or felt fresh air in months. Her lips were cracked and dry. What was happening? Her hands trembled in fear. Who were they so nervously waiting for? She even heard one praising the lord that she was not dead. Was is another kingdom coming to take a turn in torturing her as well?

Her family had kept her locked away. She remember one ball. She danced with a king. He was kind and enjoyed her company. She remembered him calling her beautiful but her father ripped her away and she was forced to stay away. No possible suitors were allowed to see her. This left no allies and a horrible kingdom so people had attacked. She had no idea what was going on in her kingdom besides to horrid torture being inflicted upon her. She heard screams, horrid screams then saw a tall man, a strong man who looked far to clean and trimmed to be a simple soldier. She watched him exchange words with the men in front of her cell. She shifted to the back corner as if to hide. She could not take anymore torture. She leaned over and threw up in nerves. Her cell smelt of death and bile. Who was this man?

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Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Cador had been in his study when he received the news. Potrova's castle was under attack. Honestly Cador wished he could of been more surprised. The father of the woman he'd fallen for was a foolish king. As far as Cador knew they had absolutely no allies. Unlike himself. Even though he had a reputation it was one that showed how powerful he was. The allies he had might be scared of him, for good reason, but they were allies that he knew wouldn't betray him and would come to his aid if need be. No one would be coming to the Potrova's rescue. No one except Cador.

Of course time was of the essence. As much as Cador would like to plan out things as he normally would for a mission he knew there was simply no time. Taking only a quarter of his army. Only Cador's best. Cador knew it would be plenty for this mission. His best were called that for a reason, and with him leading them he knew they wouldn't fail. His servants getting him suited up in his best armor. Taking a mere second to admire how well polished they'd gotten it before taking to the stables once it was on.
Echo was the horse Cador always chose. The two of them having a close bond. He'd been with her since she was a foal. Now though she was his great war horse. Cador may never admit it aloud, but if there was one thing he loved in the world it was that horse. Once all his troops were ready he lead them forward. Towards Potrova's kingdom.

It sure was one hell of a mess when they arrived. It was an understated thought of Cador's when they crossed into the kingdom and saw the carnage that awaited there. Much of the damage had been done. That much was clear. Still Cador hoped he might salvage something from the rubble.
"Kill all of the savages that had a hand in this!" Cador shouted to his men. "I want their heads to decorate my kingdom's borders!" He had no doubt that they would carry out the order. Everyone bringing out their swords and entering into the fray.

Cador focused on the castle. Slaying quite a few men to even get into it. Leaving Echo waiting for him outside. Some of his own men joining him while the others stayed to the chaos on the outside. Cador doing his own searching when one of his men shouted for him. Heading down towards the dungeon. Getting a surprise and a right bloody stink when he entered through one of the doors his man, Beorn, had open. The sight was enough to make him cross himself. Wondering for a moment if he was seeing ghosts. She looked so pale and the stained nightgown didn't help matters. It was clear she'd been being tortured down here. To the point where any that came through that door were enemies. Cador wasn't very good at calmly approaching people and much less at reassuring them. Barely giving a glance at the dead royal bodies that had been tossed in with her as he crossed the room to her.
"Get up. We're leaving and you're coming with us." Cador tells her simply, already turning back towards the door. Expecting her to comply to his demand.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Arabella swallowed as he told her to get up and just follow. Her hands trembled as he turned his back and started to move. Her eyes watered, “I... I can’t,” she whispered. Her voice was quiet and hoarse from all of her screaming. She was chained up to the wall. Her wrists and ankles. She swallowed as one of his men approached her and cut the chains with a thick sword. She flinched and nearly screamed. When he finished she grabbed a bench to help her stand. Her knees cracked as she stood straight for the first time in a long time. She was slow, extremely slow but that was to be expected. Soldiers were trying to help her keep in step with the king, when they reached the long stone staircase though things got tricky.

Arabella could barely pick her foot up high enough to lift it onto the step. She was incredibly weak and there were many stairs to get her up. None of the soldiers wanted to lift her seeing as they did not want to upset the king but one of the men did. He simply scooped her up and ran with her up the steps. He set her down when they reached the top. She swallowed at the sight in front of her. Dead bodies lay everywhere. Some bodies were the help that had been killed when her parents have, many were the faces of her torturers. She was frozen in place.

Should she try to escape? What did this king want with her? She knew many were out to end her bloodline completely in order to end her family’s reign and lineage for good. She was the last Patrova. She saw the king begin to turn as if to make sure she was still there and moved forward, not wanted to anger him but her foot got caught and she tripped, falling amongst the carnage. She screamed but her voice broke as she scrambled to get up. Her breathing was fast as soldiers tried to get near her again to help her forward but it was all too much for her. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she went unconscious. The same man carrying her caught her before her head hit the floor.

The soldiers name was Stark. He looked up to his king, “perhaps there was a better way of doing this your majesty she is dead weight now and the fighting is not complete. How are we to get her through that to the ship?” He asked him, “I do not mean to question your plan my lord but everyone is out for blood... her blood,” he said and covered the girl with his own jacket as the torn nightgown was not doing much for her. He was new to the king’s special troop. A village boy with a lot of talent.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments It was still hard for Cador to believe that the woman he'd stolen away for a few moments on the dance floor had come to this. He barely even recognized her now. Still able to picture her though as she had looked that night. Simply majestic. He had thought she an angel who had decided to join mere mortals. Yet her father had wanted her to be his and his only. Keeping all men away. No matter how many times Cador had tried to ask the man for his daughter's hand he had always stubbornly refused. Now here they were.

Making their way through all the corpses. Some of which had been there when Cador arrived, others of course were much more recent that his own men had disposed of. The ones that were his doing were evident. His had no heads. Cador's men collecting the heads of the men they'd slain in bags. That was a grisly case all its own yet it would certainly serve a purpose. Looking behind them when the princess ended up fainting on them. Cador giving Stark a dirty look for criticizing his methods.

"She has been dead weight since retrieving her from that dungeon. You can carry her to the ship." Looking around at what little fighting was left around them. "Do you doubt my men, soldier? Your own brothers in arms?" Cador shakes his head. Stark had been chosen to be with his best soldiers because his skill was so effortless. It was clear from the beginning when they had started training him that he would go far. "This battle has already been won. What enemy is left are trying to flee for their lives. Not to worry though our men wont let them get far." Cador tells him, getting upon Echo. Watching as some of his men help Stark get Arabella upon Stark's horse. Soon enough Cador was leading the way again. This time towards their waiting ship.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Stark swallowed and carefully held the girl to him. Shouldn’t this be the king’s job? He wanted her so badly after all, bad enough to raid a war zone just to retrieve her and leave. He did not dare say a word though as he slid off his horse and grabbed the girl, getting her on the ship. He set her below deck in a room with a bed. He quickly left, knowing it would not be good to spend time alone with the unconscious princess. He went to his king and bowed, “all men are aboard, the ship is being prepared to sail home your majesty,” he said then went to sit with the rest of the soldiers.

After the ship set sail Arabella woke slowly. She opened her eyes and they had to adjust to the light. She immediately panicked. She was in a small room on a bed. She pushed herself up weakly and when she stood realized she was on a ship. She squinted and grabbed onto the bed post for support as she saw a desk. That had to have something on it that explained whom she was taken by. She was not yet sure if it was a rescue mission or an assassination one for him. She saw an envelope and swallowed. King Cador.

She hardly recognized him when he entered her cell. Immediately a flashback set in her mind. It had been a year ago. A ball. He had walked right up to her with no permission from anyone and asked for a dance. They danced for far more than one song until her father ripped her away. She remembered his eyes, his soft words to her. Her hands trembled and she slowly walked to the door. Unlocked. She was terrified to see him. What would he want with her? She was practically worthless now with no kingdom and no money. She had nowhere to go besides where he deemed she would go. Her life sat in his hands. Like a butterfly in the hands of a butcher.

She opened the door then leaned against the railing, appearing above deck. Men celebrated and were drinking. Then her beautiful brown eyes met the King’s. They were filled with fear and confusion. What did he want with her? She was surprised he even recognized her. She knew the men that attacked her and held her for torture had done a number to her. Her hands shook, unsure of what to do, or if she should even be up here.

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Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Cador was proud of his men. The mission had went just as he'd hoped. Now they were celebrating up on deck. Everyone much less tense and smiles all around. They were his best for a reason and they had definitely proven that today. Thinking on his princess down below. She would clearly need some polishing up once they got home and some rest but after he was sure his angel would be radiant once more. A beauty that all would remember laying eyes on. His future wife. So long as she'd have him. It was that thought that bothered him most. Of course she'd take him. Cador tried to tell himself. He'd just rescued her after all. It was the least she could do, honoring him by being his bride. These thoughts put a smile back on his face.

The smile turned to complete surprise though when he noticed her up on deck. Normally he was good at hiding his feelings but in this case he doubted the shock had left his face in time before many had seen it. Giving a motion to his men to bow before the princess. Making sure they all did so dutifully. Giving a small one to her as well before going over to her.
"You should be resting. Were you in need of something? Food? Drink? I was having one of my men prepare something to take down for you for when you woke." Cador having little doubt that she might be hungry. Especially considering how much weight it looked like she'd lost since the last time he'd seen her. "It's regretful we couldn't get you dressed in anything better before leaving. Once we get to the castle we'll get you cleaned and dressed as deserving of your status." Wishing they had better clothing aboard for her but he hadn't wanted to take the time to raid her old home for clothes. Better just to give her a whole new wardrobe and fresh start once they got home.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Arabella was surprised with his kindness. She hugged the soldier’s jacket around herself tighter, “I am not hungry or thirsty,” she said simply, “I am fine,” she murmured. She was still untrusting but could anyone blame the girl? After all she had been through and now having no one of familiarity to her. She was in a foreign place with foreign people. For all she knew there could be poison in what was being prepared, “I just came up for some fresh air and to thank the man who carried me up those steps,” she said and nodded her head to them. She swallowed and looked down at his remark about her being cleaned up and dressed better.

She was not much of a princess any longer. She had no dowry, no money at all. She was as good as the village people. The only thing separating her from them was her last name. Even that would barely carry out any influence. She cleared her throat slightly and pushed her hair behind her ear, “may we talk your majesty... in private?” She asked politely. She walked beside him until they were out of ear shot then turned to him. She was much shorter than him, much smaller. He could break her in half if he wished.

“I... my gratitude goes out to you for saving my life. For coming to my aid. I am just curious as to why you would risk such a thing,” she murmured, “I cannot give you anything in return. My kingdom is gone, my money, my power, my dignity has all been stolen from me,” she tried to hold back tears as the realization slowly hit her that she had absolutely nothing, “I have nothing. All I can do to pay off my debt to you is work in your palace,” she said softly. She did not think a man of his status would want to marry her. She did not think he would even consider it.

“I understand the bounty on my head is probably very high right now and I beg of you not to turn me into anyone who may want it. I will do anything, just please... anything but that,” she murmured softly.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments It seemed the princess was just full of surprises. Cador listened to what she had to say when they walked a ways from the others. Even getting a bit of a laugh from her words.
"Work? You've been through a lot but that doesn't change the fact that you are a princess. Besides I have plenty of staff at the moment. No, I'll not have you working in my castle as some common maid." Just the thought of such a thing seemed insane to Cador. "Besides I wouldn't say you have absolutely nothing to give."

"Also you need not be worried about any enemies. Your enemies are my enemies now, and I assure you no one wants to be my enemy." Cador not understanding why she thought there was a bounty on her head anyway. If there was surely she would of been long dead before he'd been able to rescue her. "You're safe now and for as long as you're in my care." Cador promises her. "A slow painful death awaits any that try to do me or those under my protection harm. Trust me, it's a fate not many risk enduring."

Cador wasn't exactly good with these types of things. Not that he'd really ever tried a proposal on anyone before. Still he had tried to give some thought to this one. She'd been through a lot to say the least so he knew now might not be the best of time. Still she had asked him why he had come to her rescue. With how she talked she might think it absurd or even be offended, but if she wanted to return the favor of him saving her.

"I was hoping you'd give some thought of becoming my wife. Not immediately mind you." Cador was quick to say. Lest she think him completely soulless. "I understand you'll need a mourning period, and even once you did agree there would be lots of preparation done to the castle. Just know I would very much like it if you would." Cador wasn't the type to force a woman to marry him. He might try to tell them what to do on some matters but there were some lines he'd never cross. Forcing a woman to marry him was one.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Ara listened to him. She had something to give? Her enemies were his? She was very confused. Why was he showing her such kindness. She listened to him as he continued to speak and her eyes practically popped out her head when he asked for her hand in marriage. She blinked a few times, “I... not to... you want to marry me?” She asked in utter disbelief, “I have no kingdom, no dowry, no money in general... you want to marry me?” Her voice cracked at the end of her sentence. The most powerful king known wants to marry her? Wants to protect her? Take care of her? She swallowed, she was probably the least fortunate princess out there now and the most powerful wanted her? It just didn’t make any sense. There were plenty of other much beneficial princesses out there than her. She could do nothing for him.

She snapped out of her shock and swallowed, “I... sorry I did not mean to come across as rude but I just... I am a bit surprised. I have not seen you in a very long time and someone like you, a king of your status I did not think you would even consider me a candidate for your queen. My father told me there were no suitors interested,” she murmured and pushed her hair back. He had lied to her considering Cador had asked him for her hand, so had many other princes and kings and nobleman but he had rejected them all and told her she was of no worth to anyone.

Arabella rubbed her arm and looked out at the sea for a moment. She took a few deep breaths before looking up to him, “I will be your wife,” she said simply but sweetly. She owed him. He saved her life, he was promising her a life of prosperity and safety and he was even letting her think about the offer. She was indebted to him, the least she could do for all the work he has done for her was agree to be his wife. He was kind enough, she had known him kind of. Back then she had felt something for him and perhaps that could rekindle and continue to grow. She took a deep breath and gave a small smile, “I would like that tray now,” she murmured and sat down on a bench near the front of the boat.

She knew she needed the rest but she couldn’t. Too much has happened. She knew she should be below deck. She was weak and with the cold front moving in if she got sick it could kill her in her state. She liked the water though, she always had.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Cador couldn't pretend to be surprised. He was after all giving her the offer of a lifetime. Only a fool wouldn't take it. Clearly she was no fool. Besides that Cador was used to getting what he wanted. He couldn't remember a time where things hadn't gone his way. Sure that didn't help his ego but it was just the way things were. Cador was just glad she had accepted his offer so easily. Especially considering he really wasn't one to beg.

Snapping his fingers to get his men's attention when she asks for a tray. "The lady needs a tray of food and some water!" Cador calls out. Smiling when one of his men was quick to oblige his request and go fetching for it. "Sure you want to stay out up here on deck? It would do you more good to go back below." Cador mentions to her when he spots her sitting down on a nearby bench. Part of him having to wonder if she was quite all there in her current state.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Arabella looked up at him when he brought up her going down beneath the deck to stay away from harsh winds. She looked out at the water one last time before nodding slowly, “I suppose that would be best,” she said softly then walked down where her tray was already sitting on the bed. She sat and ate quickly and drank down the water. It had been so long since she had enough to fill her. Once she finished she set everything aside and laid down in the large bed once again. If she slept now she would wake when they reached Cador’s kingdom. She closed her eyes but woke from several nightmares so she gave up on sleep and simply lay there, looking up at the ceiling and listened to the men above her. She was engaged. To King Cador. It came as a shock to her and probably would until the day of the wedding.

((I am gonna skip to when they reach the palace!!:) ))

Later in the following couple days she was relieved to have reached his palace. She had fallen really ill on the ship. Vomiting and felt cold all of the time. She sat in the King’s carriage with him, wrapped up in a warm blanket. She was told by a guard the King’s best doctors were awaiting her. When the carriage pulled to a stop she blinked slowly, peeling her eyes open. The palace was beautiful but she felt too out of it to take it all in. She looked to King Cador, “Thank you.” She murmured quietly, “again for saving my life,” she clarified. She wasn’t out of troubled waters yet though, not in her condition.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments ?

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments ((I had work. Patience is a virtue. Other than work I have a night fury that needs tending to so I get on whenever I can but can't be on all the time. :p ))

Cador was happy to finally be back home. It always felt good seeing his kingdom after being gone awhile. Admiring the castle before they even got to it. The only downside being how ill Arabella seemed to be after everything. A doctor had already been notified of her condition. So it was no surprise that once the carriage let them out and they entered into the main hall he was already there waiting for them.
"This must be the patient I've heard so much about." Doctor Thomas says, looking Arabella over.
"Do everything that you can for her doctor. I leave her care in your hands." Cador tells him, calling over one of his many servants. "Has the princess, Arabella's room been prepared?"
"You your majesty." The woman, Sarah, is quick to reply.
"Good, you can take the her and the doctor up to it then so that the princess can get settled in and the doctor can get started with his treatments." Sarah nodding dutifully to this.
"This way if you please." Sarah tells them before leading the way up the grand staircase.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Ara took a deep breath and walked up to her room with the two. She didn’t even take in the beauty of it. She was cleaned up quickly and helped into a nightgown. They then laid her in bed and the doctor was left to help her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as he finished up the many treatments. She still did not feel great but she wouldn’t for a couple days. There was nothing more he could do anyway. He had put cream and herbs on her gashes and cream on the bruises to promote healing. She was then given tea. A maid walked in to check on her and smiled, “hello your highness. I am just here for your measurements to begin on your wedding gown. Also to assure you are alright. We serve lunch soon and just wanted to let you know,” she curtseyed, got what she needed then left.
Ara sighed and rubbed her eyes. She just wanted to look around and explore, not lay in a bed until she was entirely healed. Due to this she stood, wrapped herself in a silk robe then padded out of the room to look around. She figured she would be allowed to since she was to be the King’s bride.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments After seeing Arabella off with the maid and doctor, Cador knew he had plenty of other matters he needed to attend to. Starting with his adviser Miguel. Going over what all happened with him along with also telling him about the upcoming wedding. First though as promised the kingdom would have a bit of a mourning period out of respect for Arabella's kingdom and all the lives lost there. After which the wedding preparations could begin. Knowing the actual wedding would be quite a time off. Hoping though that in that time Arabella would get used to her new home.

Visiting with the stable master, Kent, and his son and stable hand, Liam. Checking in on how Echo was doing. Glad to see that she seemed just as good as ever after her trip. Even giving her a bit of exercise himself. Giving her a bit of a ride in the pen where the horses were trained. After allowing himself such joy he rode her out to check on his kingdom's perimeter detail. Just as he'd requested the heads of his enemies were being put on stakes that had been embedded into the ground. It was clear the workers weren't exactly happy with the job but they knew better than to disobey their lord's commands. Cador feeling himself getting a bit hungry as he made his way back to the castle after dropping Echo back off at the stables.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Ara stood from bed and smoothed her dress. She took a deep breath then walked down the large stair cases to reach what she thought was the dining room. When she opened it she realized it was Cador’s office. Someone must have forgotten to lock it. She bit her lip and stepped inside. She was a curious girl, especially since she did not really know Cador. Based on his reputation it would be hard to get to know him so she could snoop... quietly. She shut the door and went to his desk. She saw some letters written to her father, some others written to people asking about her. She frowned slightly as she continued to read different open letters. Perhaps he wrote them but never sent them or sent another draft. She set down the papers then brushed her fingers along the books he kept inside. She smiled softly to herself but that quickly faded as the doors opened to reveal a guard.

Ara whirled around, “I um... I was looking for the King. He is clearly nor here,” she said and bit her lip. The guard glared and grabbed her arm. He dragged her down to the dining hall where the King was and shoved her forward, “your so called queen was snooping around in your personal office,” he said and glared at the girl. Ara looked at him then the king with wide eyes. She was cleaned up and looked so much better but fear still remained in her beautiful brown eyes, “I can explain your majesty,” she said quickly, trying to get a word in before he said anything. She was a bit startled by the way the guard handled her. It made her feel a lot more like a prisoner than a future queen.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Cador was enjoying his meal before a guard intruded, dragging Arabella with him. Making Cador already not happy from the intrusion and from the way the guard was treating Arabella. While snooping in his office wasn't good Cador considered these two offenses worse. He would hear the princess out but before that he knew he needed to put this guard in his place.
"You must be new. Did you really think this so important that you needed to interrupt me?" Cador didn't even bother waiting for an answer. "Also that is no way to treat a royal guest in my home. We don't ever drag a royal the way you have just done. Such offenses equal in death in other countries." Cador could tell her was making the guard very uncomfortable. Good. He needed this lesson and if it had to be in front of so many others so be it. " Luckily for you I'm feeling lenient today on punishments. You'll be on perimeter night duty for the next two months. Consider yourself fortunate and in the future remember how royals should be treated. You may leave us now." Cador tells him before finally turning his attention to Arabella.

To Cador she definitely seemed scared of what he might say or do. It hadn't exactly been lady like for her to go through his things. Doubting anyone could really come up with a good explanation for why they'd been doing such a thing. Still Cador decided to hear her out. "You said you could explain, Princess Arabella, for why you were in my study going through my things. Proceed." Cador commands of her.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Ara watched as he scolded the guard then gazed up to the king. She bit her lip and took a deep breath, “I was looking for the dining hall. All of the help was out and about and I did not want to trouble anyone. The guards in front of my door were not there so I wondered around. I thought I found it because of the large double doors but it was your office it was unlocked. I know it was foolish of me, I was not spying and my intent was not to find it and look inside I just... I saw my name on a couple of opened letters and let my curiosity get the better of me and I apologize but after everything I am just scared and it is hard for me to trust,” she said simply and swallowed. It was true though. She was tortured for so long and then he just showed up, brought her here to marry. She remembered her strong feeling for him long ago but how was she to trust a gut feeling she had as a child after so long.

She looked down, “I understand it is not much of an excuse but I had no ill intent. I just do not want to end up in a compromised position like the one you found me in,” she murmured. She knew his reputation and she was surprised the guard still stood alive as he did and that she was still standing unpunished. She knew she was his future wife but that would not exactly save her from his wrath in the future. Especially if she caused it. Kings were kings and queens, though royals still were to remain under the king’s thumb and under his complete control.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments It was hard to see things from her point of view. Considering Cador had never been so low in his life before and in the hopes that death got him first he never would know such a thing. Still this was his future wife. The woman he told himself he would one day marry. He couldn't very well have her locked up over such an offense. Unless he believed her to be a spy. Hating even the thought of such a thing. So for the time tossing such doubts aside. There had been no real harm done and in fact if it had helped her feel a little bit better by reading some of his old letters than really maybe it had actually turned out to be a good thing. Taking a breath as he searched for his compassion.

"It's all right. This once." Cador adds very meaningfully. "Just try not to have it happen again." Feeling he did as well as could be expected. Considering he even spotted plenty of the other in the room holding their breath, he continued on. "It upsets me that there were no guards to help prevent this and to help show you to where you wanted to go. I'll have to have a talk with them and personally choose you some who I trust." Cador finding he already had at least two in mind. "I had actually planned on giving you a personal tour once you had gotten well enough rested. That is if you're feeling up to it once you've eaten?" Cador offers her.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Ara blinked in surprise but gave him a small smile and nodded, “a tour sounds great,” she said and sat down slowly across from him. She was brought food immediately and she ate slowly even though she wanted to scarf down three plates after being starved so long. She finished her plate and thanked the maid sweetly. She looked to king Cador, “I am ready for the tour whenever you are,” she said and stood up. She noticed people staring at her. Like they were waiting for her to fall over and die. She rubbed her arm nervously as people seemed to hold their breath around her. Like one exhale would turn her to dust. Perhaps that is why guards and maids have been avoiding her, no one wants to be the one in the room with her if she falls over ill or dead. She felt much better though after resting and having a doctor look her over. She just wished everyone else wasn’t so... scared of her. With Cador as a king though she could understand.

She walked beside the king, “so, what are your rules regarding being able to go into town. I used to make visits to villages around my palace to check on people, to interact with them. I found they trusted me quite a bit more and since no one here knows of me I thought perhaps that would be a good idea,” she said, suggesting the idea slowly. He did not strike her as the visit the village, leave the palace walls type.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Cador was happily surprised when she accepted his offer. Hoping this meant she was feeling better overall. Remembering how concerned he'd been with her condition when they had first arrived home. Yet it seemed the doctor had done wonders. Sure also that the change in environment had helped her health as well. Feeling certain more than ever that she'd quickly come to enjoy her new home. Offering his arm for her to take as they started out of the dining hall.

As she started to question him about the nearby villages in his kingdom he could already physically taste the displeasure he got from the idea. Go out and see to the commoners? He also found it a bit strange since from what he'd heard Arabella's father had kept her pretty well locked away and sheltered. Clearly he had been a bit misinformed about a few things. Regardless it was time to set things straight for how things were run here.
"There's really no need to go into any of the neighboring villages of our kingdom. All you need do is simply tell a maid what you may need, she'll inform me and I'll give her money to go into town and purchase it. My people know me well and soon they'll know my queen well too. There's no reason to leave the castle for it though. Besides there's plenty in the castle and its grounds that will likely keep you occupied." Cador explains to her as politely as he can. Not exactly telling her "No", but explaining why it didn't need to be done. "There are certain festivals that we host yearly. On those days we grace the villages with our presence as we ride through them. During those times there is much festivity." Hoping this news might cheer her up some. Showing her through the different wings of the castle. When it came to the servants wing merely pointing it out and saying that it was in the southern wing of the castle without showing her around it. It wasn't as if she'd need it for any reason. Instead focusing on the different activity rooms in the castle that she might enjoy, and of course the easiest way to the dining hall from her room.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Ara had been sheltered, she was just very good at slipping through the cracks, sneaking past guards. She was a genius at it in fact. Had to be with a man like her father. She listened to the king and nodded slowly, “right... of course,” she said, taking in the rules and information. So no leaving castle walls. Period. She held his arm and continued walking beside him. She took in the beauty of the stone and the large paintings. It was all so grand and stunning, “you have a lovely home,” she complimented, “my father was never one for decor or anything cheerful really,” she said quietly. He had sucked the happiness out of everything. He never saw her as a child and given that the king rarely had a thing to do with his kids... he had absolutely nothing, even after her real mother died. He just took a new wife, new queen and moved on. She was lost in thought as they walked along the hallways. Things started to blur then. She stopped a moment and blinked a few times, “I- I um... Something isn’t right,” she said then toppled over, collapsing.

Guards immediately acted. One ran to find the idiot doctor who had said nothing was wrong with her. He would be in for an ass whooping. The other went to the girl and offered to take her to her bed for the king, unsure of what his majesty wanted to do. Normally he would just have someone else deal with her but he seemed fond of this girl. Seemed to actually care for her and have feelings. He had to considering he fought a war for her and began planning a wedding just like that, “your majesty would you like me to take her back to her chambers? The doctor could look at her from there,” he said carefully.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Of all the idiocies. This is why a woman's welfare shouldn't be put into her own hands. Clearly they weren't good at taking care of themselves. Wishing now he had just told her to go back and get more rest before the tour. Sure that's what the doctor would of wanted for her as well along with whatever medicine he had prescribed. Yet now here they were. His princess collapsing into his arms. Cador just all around irritated at that point. This was what trying to be so called 'nice' got you. That's why he made it a point not to do such things unless there was something in it for him.

Cador rolling his eyes when one of his guards asks if she should be taken to her chambers. "No take her to the stables." Venom clear in Cador's voice. "Moron! Yes I want her taken up to her chambers to bed, and send word to the doctor as well." Sometimes Cador felt as if he was surrounded by imbeciles. Was he the only one with any real common sense? Sometimes he was forced to believe so. Sure that if he wasn't here to lead that these people would of no doubt run themselves into the ground by now. Shaking his head Cador left them to it. Heading towards his office where Arabella had been snooping around earlier.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments He swallowed, “sorry your majesty I just thought you might take her,” he explained himself then took her in his arms and walked off to her chambers. The wedding dress was already nearly complete and hanging for her to try on. He sighed and laid the girl in the large bed. He swallowed and looked around then gently brushed her hair back and stroked her pale cheek, “I care for you princess,” he whispered then snatched his hand away when people entered the room. He had inappropriate feelings for her. She was not his to care for, though the king wasn’t doing much in that department. He noticed a guard staring and swallowed... had he seen? Would he tell if he had? He looked down and quickly walked out of the room to go man his post at the front of the palace as everyone tended and guarded the princess’s room.

Ara woke and swallowed thickly. She had a cold cloth on her head. She was exhausted, her body overworked. She listened to the doctor, barely. Once everyone was gone she noticed someone had changed her into her nightgown. She shook her head and went to the window. No sign of Cador. You would think a man wanting to be your husband would check in. She pulled her knees to her chest and stared longingly at the vast land. She did not think he would ever... care for her like that. Most kings did not so could she couldn’t really blamed him she just... she had just hoped for a tale of love like she had read in some stupid stories. She leaned against the back rest and sighed. She just wanted to get better... mentally and physically. Images and memories constantly haunted her.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Walking down the hall Cador encountered many of the great kings of the past. Including his own father. Their portraits perfectly rendered and pristine upon the walls. Looking down on him as if judging him. He had always striven to be as good as they had been. If anything wanting to make his father proud. After losing his mother from his birth his father had been his whole world. Cador's father doing plenty of one of one teaching with him on what he felt a king should be. Cunning, Merciless, and in control of everything around him. Cador was ten when his father was slain on the battlefield. Ten when he took the throne and suddenly had to grow up and learn. He'd learned a lot in that time. Sadly none of that knowledge went far on knowing how to woo or even talk to a lady well. There had never been any time or need for it before. Until now.

He'd been taught war, strategies, politics, hell he'd even been taught to dance. None of that though really helped him when it came to Princess Arabella. In part he was happy she has collapsed the way she had. Sure he knew how to boast and he could easily do so for his home. After though they would of had to talk about something and of that Cador had no clue about. Surely not wanting to look a fool in front of the princess. He needed some advice. Finding himself taking a detour away from his office and instead heading towards his Adviser's. Sure that Miguel would be in and that the older man might be able to help him in this one area he was lacking.

Even since Cador was a child he didn't bother knocking. Instead just barging right in on Miguel. Miguel looking up from his papers on his desk. A look of surprise that quickly faded from his face at seeing Cador. Cador finding himself pacing the room at first as he tried to find the words to explain the help he needed. All the while Miguel waited patiently as always. "I've rescued my bride and brought her home. Even got her to agree to marry me. I know she probably already thinks the world of me from all that I've done. Yet that doesn't change the fact that I really don't know how to talk to her. Or even how I should be even talking to her." Clearly there was a certain way kings were meant to speak to their wives, right? Cador honestly didn't know. His mother dying before he could even meet her and his father never remarrying he'd had no experience with it in any form. Yet now here he was expected to know about it. Finally sitting himself down in the chair in front of Miguel, clearly distraught.

It took a little while for his adviser to speak. As if going over all Cador had said. "Cador I've watched you grow up. I know there's a good man inside you. While it's true you're great at most everything," Miguel knowing Cador enjoyed the flattery, "there are perhaps some areas that you could use some work on." His adviser admits. If it had been anyone else Cador might of had him sentenced to death for saying so. Yet as his trusted adviser Miguel had yet to steer him wrong yet. "Cador women are a different breed altogether. They need much care and looking after. They can also be fairly headstrong depending on which you get. They like to be woo'd and given nice things. One of the biggest things though and the one you're going to have the most trouble with, as much as I hate to say it, is the getting to know her part. It's very important." Miguel tries to explain. "Now admittedly some kings don't care about this but your father, God rest his soul, surprisingly did. I know you never got to see him when he was around your mother but I can tell you it was definitely a sight not many would believe. Your father would of done anything for your mother and there was always a light in his eyes when he looked at her. The connection was very much mutual. The love in her eyes was always there as well." Hearing Miguel explain it Cador knew this was definitely something he wanted for himself.
"How can I claim her love Miguel?" Cador asked, if not a bit pleadingly.
"It may take some time Cador. Especially with her still needing so much rest. She's been through a lot. It effects the mind and body equally. It's not just as simple as giving her lots of new things and gifts. You must talk to her. Get to know her. In turn let her get to know you. The real you. Not just the side you put on for those around you." Miguel's words were a bit terrifying. "Go to her. Even while she's healing. Be there with her. Show her you care. I know it wont be easy for you and completely out of the ordinary, but if you want real love in your future marriage it's what's needed." Those words were what Cador left on when he thanked Miguel for his advice and admittedly fled the office. Not liking the advice, even though he'd asked for it. Not even fully sure how to act on such advice.

Heading out to the gardens for some fresh air, Cador just kept going over in his mind on what Miguel had said. Though the thought of doing so scared him he knew he couldn't let himself be so easily defeated by this. Even if it terrified him more than any enemy he'd ever faced. Lightly scratching the back of his neck as he tried to think. Looking at the greenery and bright colors around him. Arabella was much more beautiful to him in comparison. Still he got the thought that maybe she might like some flowers. He had noticed some of the maids seemed to like them. They were women, even if much lower than his beloved. Still, calling over his gardener and getting the man to cut him a bushel of roses. Nos hands were used to war so they had no trouble with the thorns once the man handed the roses to Cador. The king then making his way to Arabella's room. Hesitating slightly outside the door. Sure the guards outside found his actions curious. Not wanting their judgment any longer Cador headed into the room. Bracing himself for what he might find. He had been told she needed rest but he hoped what was going on with her wasn't more than that.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Ara peeked up when her doors opened, still sitting by the window. She was surprised to see Cador. The surprise sat in her eyes for a moment before she forced herself to shake it out. She pushed her hair back and stood up slowly. She was in her nightgown but it was alright for her husband to see her like that, “your majesty?” She asked, “is there something wrong?” She wondered, why else would he come to visit? He was not the compassionate type at all. She walked over to her bed and sat on the edge of it, crossing her legs, “I want to apologize, I should have known to rest I just wanted to get to know the palace and you. I felt better but I guess I pushed myself a bit too far,” she said and looked down, “The doctor said I need to take it easy. Walks outside are okay,” she said and laid back down, “not that you should be bothered with that. I can take care of it I know you are busy,” she said quickly.

Ara had always taken care of herself. She had to grow up fast with her father being the way he was. She just sometimes wished she didn’t have to. She found Cador attractive. She respected him greatly as a king, one would be a fool not to but she just wished she would have a better connection to the man she would marry. She just looked at him, right in his eyes. Hers were so deep and beautiful, they practically glowed a soft hazel. With the nightgown on you could see her raw wrists where she had been shackled and up close you could see the bruising along her jaw. She looked so vulnerable, so ill as she laid there alone in that big bed. She mostly looked tired. She refused to sleep with the horrible nightmares she had been having. Her head then looked up when the guard who had carried her in walked in. He froze when he saw the king.
“Oh um your majesty,” he bowed, “I was just coming to check on the princess as I thought you were busy,” he said quickly, a little too quickly. After the other guard had seen him touching her cheek and cooing to her he was terrified to lose his head. Those feelings could get him killed.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Some part of Cador knew that he'd be seeing his wife in her nightgown eventually but at the moment, seeing as they weren't wed yet, it seemed wrong for him to be doing so. Having expected her to be in bed. Actually getting some rest. Not out of it. Yet here they were. It was hard not to spot the different bruises her body hosted. If he hadn't already killed the men who'd done such to her he'd gladly kill them a few more times over. Her beauty still held regardless and Cador just did his best not to look at them while feeling so out of place standing in her room. So much so that clearly she noticed so as well. Having known this was a mistake as he stood awkwardly with the roses still in his hand.

"No nothing is wrong. Just wanted to make sure you were doing well." Cador finally managed to say. "It''s true you shouldn't be pushing yourself just yet. I've been told you need plenty of rest." To make matters worse one of his guards had come in to make things more awkward. Strange. Unless the princess was screaming there should be no reason for a guard to even enter her bedchamber. Other than him the only ones who should be coming in and out were the doctor and maids. Looking to him now as he addressed him. "I believe the doctor and maids are capable enough of checking in on the Princess's condition." Cador tells him pointedly. Since the princess had looked a bit surprised by the guard's arrival as well he chose not to think anymore of it than just a displaced reaction on the guard's part. Suddenly remembering the flowers in his hand Cador looked back at Arabella. Of course now things were just all a mess. "I should go." He admits, still a bit awkward with her. Where a moment ago he'd had such authority with his guard. "I did bring these for you though." He tells her, sitting the flowers on the stand by her bed. "I hope to see you for dinner tonight." He adds before making his hasty exit. Feeling such the fool.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Ara frowned, “wait,” she said and scrambled up. She gently grabbed his arm which she knew wasn’t exactly proper but she wanted... she did not want him to just leave. She gently held the flowers, “could you stay?” She murmured, “I love the flowers thank you,” she said and gave him one of her stunning smiled that held a welcoming glow, “and I appreciate you coming,” she said to him and slowly took her small hand off his muscular arm. She backed away and set the flowers in a vase sitting on her dresser, “I could use company your majesty... if you have the time. I am not exactly great with isolation,” she said and slid on a robe over her nightgown before sitting on one of the couches in front of the fireplace, “I was wondering if maybe you could... tell me how you found out about my kingdom and how you even walked into a battle-zone. It must have been so dangerous, I feel guilty that you did all of that just for me,” she said softly.

She remembered him clearly now. He had asked her to dance. He had been awkward but his body language had been so confident and strong. They had danced quite a bit. They had not chatted but she remembered her head fitting perfectly against his chest, how perfectly his hand wrapped around hers. That memory made her smile, there had been so much care in how he held her that night, and the glow in his eyes had been so... comforting. It had been like they were in their own little world. She just wished he would want to spend time with her. Want to be around her instead of handing her off to a guard every time she needed someone to care for her. She was more familiar with a guard’s arms than her future husband’s and that felt incredibly wrong and awkward. She looked up at the king, “I understand if you are too busy it’s just... after being in a cell with dead bodies and having no one to actually talk to, I would enjoy some company. It would calm me down, I have not been sleeping well anyway.”

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Cador couldn't have been more surprised when she actually stopped him and wanted him to stay. Going so far as to actually grab his arm. Sure that the only ones who had dared touch him like that before were his father and Miguel. Both of those of course had been when he was much younger though, and always when he was doing rather stupid things. He felt the shock and surprise wear off his face, managing to turn it into a bit of a smile for her. "I'm glad you like them." Managing to find his words as she says how she likes the flowers. "I can stay for as long as you need. There's nothing too pressing." Cador assures her. For himself more worried about somehow ruining the moment than the time wasted trying not to. Grateful when she put the robe on to make herself decent. Sure that it would hopefully make talking together easier. Cador moving to a chair across from her. That way if she needed she could always lay out on the couch she was on if she started getting tired. Thinking over her questions.

"Well I learned of your kingdom one day from my adviser Miguel. He had been wanting me to go to some balls that year. Learning the dates of the ones being hosted by many of the kingdoms. Of course I couldn't go to all of them. He had a hard time even getting me to go to the few I did. Yours was one of the three I happened to pick. I decided to choose ones I hadn't formed an alliance with yet in the hopes of doing so." Cador explains. "I'm sorry to say yours was the only one I didn't manage to form an alliance with that night. At least not with your father. Yet that night was far from a loss. I met you." The image still so clear to him of when his eyes first set upon her. How nothing else in that extravagant room compared after. It was as if he'd been entranced. He had found what he'd truly wanted that night but then soon after had found he couldn't have her. It had been truly devastating. Yet he'd kept trying regardless. Countless letters. All the things he'd offered her father. All more extreme than the last. Yet now here she was. She was his at last. Yet at the same time not really.

"As for the battle you don't really want to hear about that. I'm just sorry the journey to you took so long. Know if I could of gotten there any sooner I would of. No one knew who had attacked your kingdom. Even if the attack itself wasn't a surprise. Your father wasn't known as a man who was good at making friends." Cador was sure that was something they could easily agree on. "I held out hope that you were still alive. Of course fearing the worst. Yet there you were in the god forsaken dungeon." When he saw her it was as if he could breathe again. Crazy considering the place he found her in was one no one should be breathing in. "I don't want you feeling guilty over any of it. It was a true honor to rescue you from that nightmare." Having to wonder of course if that was why she was having trouble sleeping now. "Would you like me to tell the doctor to give you something to help you sleep at night?" Worrying about her as always. She needed to be getting her rest.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Arabella listened to him, her eyes never breaking from his. She blushed slightly when he said meeting her was worth all of the trouble. She looked down then back up to him. How he spoke of first meeting her... he had felt the same way she had. When he said not to feel guilty for his coming for her she wanted to say she could not help it. He lost men that day all just to save her. To save someone who could have very well been dead. She nearly was. She cleared her throat slightly, “No... I will manage. He has given me so many things for the bruising and pain it is hard enough to keep things straight. It is not going to bed that is the problem. It is the nightmares that haunt me while asleep,” she said quietly, “I... I am glad to hear you felt the same as I the night of that ball. You asked me to dance and it had truly felt like no one else had been there in the room with us,” she said, returning a compliment about that night, “I wish my father had been easier to persuade. He lost it... years ago. My mother died of some illness that had spread. He remarried and she could not have kids. That left only me but he blamed me in many ways for what happened. He was punishing me by keeping me isolated but really he was only punishing himself and so many people in our kingdom,” she explained.

“I would... sneak out. Not very lady like I am aware,” she said and gave a small smile, “out the servant’s door and over the gate. I went into town to see so many people suffering because of his decisions. He was no king, he should not have stayed in power as long as he had. I am not sorry for what happened to him. I was getting beaten long before the attack,” she whispered. She had never told anyone her father beat her. No one knew, “he deserved the fate he was given. I am only sorry for the suffering the people had to endure and the loss of the maids and guards of my palace. They did not deserve to be caught in such a crossfire. I do not pity myself I should have done something I was old enough to do so,” she swallowed back her self hatred. She could go all day about the heavy loathing she felt of herself over the choices she had made. She swallowed and took a deep breath, “anyway, I just felt as though you deserved an explanation over what was happening in my kingdom. You were the one who saved me from it after all.”

She was surprised she was being so... open with him. She never felt like she could just talk to someone. She had never really had the opportunity before. She smoothed down the robe in her lap and swallowed, waiting for his reply. Part of her expected him to give a short response and leave but he was filled with surprises. Most kings did not take the time to sit and spend time with their queens. Her father never treated his wives with respect. He had many many mistresses and spent no time interacting with them unless it was for show. Ara did not want something like that. She wanted something real... something like how this moment felt but for the rest of her life and perhaps Cador could give that to her. Hopefully he could, she knew their lives would be filled with joy if they had more than what was usually seen in royals.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Cador was finding that he honestly wasn't sure if this had been a good idea at all. The things she was telling him were simply shocking. Glad that she didn't really give him anytime to say much while she was telling him the different things because honestly he wasn't even sure what to say to half of them. Sneaking out of the castle! Would she continue to try to do such improper things here? Even if she didn't have to, but just because she was used to doing so. What kind of image would that paint on him if she were caught doing so? Imagining the office scene only a hundred times worse since it would much more easily get out to the public and other kingdoms. No, he hoped she was done with all of that now.

When she told him about her father harming her it was another hard pill to swallow. Sure it wasn't really uncommon for royals to lay their hands on their own children. Some were smart and got whipping boys instead but for others... Well it wasn't unheard of. It had just seemed that her father was so protective of her when he'd gone to the ball. He'd been lucky to even get a dance with her. Grateful that he had and that it managed to leave such a lasting impression on them both. He hadn't told her that he'd had the same reaction to meeting her but from her own words it was clear they had. One of the few good things she'd actually told him along with all the bad. Honestly Cador wished he had managed to rescue her sooner. Before the attack on her kingdom. Imagining in his mind a time where she would of already been his queen, both of them eating breakfast together when he received the news about her kingdom. He doubted she would of cared much and because of that neither would he and both of them would of continued on with their fine breakfast that morning. Yet of course that hadn't been how things had gone.

What was most strange for Cador that by her telling him all this not only was he feeling emotions he didn't normally feel often but he also felt as if the two of them were getting closer over this. It was what he had wanted but it also scared him as well. He wasn't close to many, and other than an old maid who had already passed he'd never really been close to a woman at all. At least none closer to his own age. Yet here Cador was bonding with this princess soon to be wife. Finally Cador managed to find some words after it seemed like she'd cleansed her soul to him. "I'm glad that you felt you could put your trust in me enough to tell me all of that. Our past's are sometimes harsh things to reflect on. I wish that I could take such old pains away from you." Knowing if anything it would likely help her sleep better. "Alas all we can do is try to strive towards a better future for you now." Hoping that such night terrors would fade for her in time once her way of life became more fitting for a princess soon to be queen. "I promise you I will do all I can to make your life here feel like the life you were always meant to have. Anything you need all you need do is ask for it. You're my queen and you deserve the world." Cador tells her in his most brutal honesty, eyes never leaving hers.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Ara blushed again when he called her his queen and told her she deserved everything. She swallowed back happy tears. She had never been treated so kindly before in her life. She gently set her hand on his, running her thumb over his knuckles, “you deserve so much happiness as well,” she said softly, “I hope to be able to give you that,” she murmured, almost like a promise that she would. That was when the doors opened and a guard walked in. He swallowed and bowed quickly, “your majesty... your highness... there is a... bit of a situation in the throne room,” he said slowly. A man had come in, claiming to have over thrown Arabella’s father. Saying he was now seated at the throne and he expected the princess to be his. Normally they could just kill him but if he had ties to the thrown that made him titled and they could not just slaughter another leader if he was not threatening violence, “he um... he would like to speak with the princess. We told him no and he said he would speak to the king then,” he explained, not wanting to lay out the entire situation before the recovering girl.

Arabella frowned and stood, “if he asked to speak to me I am sure it would be alright if I did so. I do not want to anger anyone more than they probably are with my family,” she said and looked down at her attire, “if you could just give me a bit to clean up I really would not mind if he is really needing to speak to me,” she said and looked at Cador. She saw the look in the guard’s eye and she slowly began to understand. The guards had said no because he could be a threat to her, “I... Will you come back and tell me what this is all about... please your majesty. If it involves me in anyway I would like to remain informed,” she said and bit her lip nervously. Who would randomly show up. It was very odd to just appear in another royal’s throne room. Plus if he was a threat why was he not dead? She had so many questions, all leading her to have a terrible feeling sitting in the pit of her stomach. She slowly walked to her bed and sat on the edge.

She could eavesdrop. Slide out of the room and just listen. If she was not seen there would really be no harm in it. It had to do with her so she had every right to know the reason this man appeared.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Those were certainly words that a king enjoyed hearing. At least as far as the type of king that Cador was. He felt his smile broaden more. Just when things had been going so well. Cador turning his attention to the guard and the news he brought. From it Cador couldn't help but be shocked. A man? A king Cador presumed, who overthrew Arabella's father? How had he even made it as far as the throne room without Cador being notified sooner? Cador could feel his anger rising over the situation. Clearly there was much he hadn't been informed about and even more that simply made no sense at all. If this man had wanted to claim the princess he'd had plenty of time to do so beforehand instead of leaving her to rot and be tortured in a dungeon. None of it added up at all. Not only that but Cador had held the belief that any king or leader would of went with his army and still been at Arabella's kingdom when Cador's men had gone to slaughter the lot. Sure there had been a few causalities on his side but he had made sure that none of the invading army had escaped. Even sent men out to make sure as much. Yet here they were.

Cador having to assume the army's leader had been too cowardly to lead the invasion himself or else why then leave again without taking the princess with him? Again nothing about this claim was adding up. Cador could see the worry on Arabella's face though. Glad at least his guard had been competent enough to tell the fool who sat in his throne room now that he'd have to speak with their king first. Arabella hadn't run from her own kingdom, not that she'd been able to. Cador had rescued her from there and killed the people who had taken over at that current time. Cador had claim then to anything in the castle. Anything he left behind was now up for grabs but that which he chose to take then was rightfully his by law. "I'll speak with him. All will be well." Cador tries to assure her. Getting up and heading to the door. What guards didn't stay behind to guard Arabella's door going with him towards the throne room.

The man must have some guts. Not many willfully waltzed into Cador's kingdom. He knew he was quite intimidating and he preferred it that way. Thinking on the recent heads that decorated his kingdom's borders. Sure that the man had to have passed by quite a few of them. Feeling confident as he entered his throne room and sat himself upon the throne to face the man who'd been waiting. "I am Cador, king of Lanorial and I will listen to this claim you think you have." Cador tells the man simply while at the same time pretending to already look bored of it.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Francis arched a brow as the king walked in. He did not even bow to him. He simply opened his mouth, “your men are fools,” he said, “I sent my own men to take over the palace. You killed them yes but I had plenty more hiding away in villages. I was away... gaining allies once I overtook the grounds. You did not slaughter us all you barely made a dent,” he smirked slightly, “anyway, I am here to take back what I had my claim to and returned to find missing. The princess. You see, I asked for her to be locked up so she understood there was a new leader to bow to. She was no longer in charge. By the mess made in that cell I am assuming she got the message. I have nor had any intent on killing her. In fact, my allies agreed to be allied with the pretense that the princess would be sitting at my side. Every royal likes a pretty face sitting beside a man with power. She was mine first. I am not here for trouble, I am here to take her back after you stole her,” he said, his shoulders square to the throne.

“I have not come alone. I brought a ship with men on it. If anything happens to me they have their orders to take action. My problem is if I do not get the princess, I say it is fair no one gets her at all,” he said and looked around the room, “I am polishing the castle. My castle and salvaging villages. I am King now. Perhaps you would recognize me. I am the son of Richard Henry Prescott. You and I have met before. My father ran trade for many kingdoms. I did not enjoy having simply the money, I wanted more power so here I am,” he said, “so, back to what I was saying before, where is she? I will take her and be on my way. I will even put together a treaty with you. I’d rather not be your ally but I will sign some form of treaty so we are not enemies.” He looked to the door, as if he expected the girl to just be brought to him upon request.

Ara paced the floor. Cador had promised everything would be alright but she felt very uneasy. She opened her balcony doors and noticed one of her ships, they must have taken everything after she was taken from her country. She swallowed, they were here for her. Either to kill her or keep her. She was not entirely sure on the politics. If Cador hadn’t killed all the men involved technically no one had won anything which put who had claim to her up in the air. She sometimes hated being a princess. She had no say so in where she went. She would always have a claim on her. One of the guards came in and asked her to come inside for her own protection they were escorting her to the King’s private office.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Maybe Cador had a gross humor but he couldn't help but find himself chuckling as if what the man had said was the most amusing thing he'd heard all day. It just might of been to be honest. Cador took a closer look at the man. He did faintly recognize him from years long past. Deciding to give him a bit of credit though. "Well I must admit Francis you've done a pretty fine job rising up in the ranks. Some men just can't manage to do it but those that do show themselves to be true hard workers. More so than those that just have a king assassinated. Those are just lazy. It's nice to see young men take a more active approach. You've earned yourself a new kingdom, but not a new bride."

"Let me explain. It's clear you're still very worked up over your recent success but being a royal is new to you so I'll try and help you see how this works." Cador put his gaze more downward, as if he were speaking to a child. "Your kingdom is in its infancy. Heck it has barely even begun. Real allies are gotten not by having a princess on your arm but by showing that you are a better ally to have than enemy. The power to rule? Well that's something you're either born with or you're not. I clearly was. You sadly are just an imitation of that. Though you have put on a good show. It's good seeing you again, glad to see you're doing so well for yourself." Though in Cador's opinion Francis would be doing much better for himself if he was far from Lanorial. "Since your new kingdom has not been fully formed yet and you have not been crowned sadly you hold no real claim to anything. That is how it works. Once you have been crowned an announcement and documentation is sent out to all the kingdoms of such. Considering how long you were there it should of been plenty enough time for us to hear of it should it have happened." Cador's kingdom was actually one of the nearer ones. Remembering even as a child when they had received the announcement of Arabella's birth as was due for all royal children births. It hadn't taken very long at all as opposed to some other kingdoms.

On to a more important matter to Cador. "As for locking the princess up in the dungeon, well that just shows how much you lack in civility. Princesses don't belong in dungeons." Cador snorted as if Francis had said something stupid. Which he really had. Where would Arabella have even run to? Her kingdom had no allies, and it wasn't as if she would of been able to survive the wilds alone. There had been no point in the treatment she'd received. Why humiliate your queen before you'd even wed her? Not only were Francis's method's disgusting but they were just truly unethical on every level. "I sure hope your new supposed allies haven't heard of your treatment of the princess. I highly doubt many would want to follow someone who decides to treat royalty so poorly. It's simply in poor taste and just not done. It's understandable that you wouldn't know that though. Given your lower upbringing. It's just sad you weren't trained to disguise it better. Pity really. You'd make a fine general though." Cador openly giving out his last musings on the subject. As if Francis becoming king were just a funny topic they had been pondering and discussing. Clearly they were at a truce currently. There would be no attacking on either's part right here and now. It was also clear though that Cador was hardly trying to make friends with him.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Francis sat and listened, his anger only growing as the king treated him like a child. His eyes held daggers as they glared at the king as he finished speaking. He took a step towards him which caused the guards around him to put their hands on their weapons. He stopped moving and rolled back his shoulders, “I was crowned. Hard to get notifications out when there is so much to be done,” he said simply, “I have all the documents, I just did not see it as very important to send papers out when I had intent on coming here anyway. So I do have ownership and I do have claim. I did not come here to speak to you. I came here to speak to princess Arabella. She is a guest here. You have no ownership either. I kept her locked up for her own good. Had she run off she would have certainly died, I am surprised she made the trip over here to your palace. I had her tortured because there were some... behavioral problems at first,” he said simply, “so where is my princess? I have things that must be discussed before I take her back to my ship and we go home. I will be sure to send an invitation to you King Cador. Though I understand you are not big on attending parties. Thank you for housing her, I will repay you for your time but unfortunately you do not get her,” he shrugged and the doors opened and some of his own men walked in. They needed to check on their king. Everyone knew of Cador and his temper. No one could trust anyone these days, especially when it came to the lives of royals, “and since she is to be my wife anyway I request complete privacy.”

Ara sat in the office and sighed. She stared out the large windows. It was a nice office. It only had one point of entrance which she assumed was why she was placed inside. What was going to happen though? No one would actually attack Cador would they? She blew out a breath and went back to pacing. She called on a maid to get her a dress. She changed then excused the help that were inside. She then peaked her head out the door to look at the guards, “I would like to be taken to the King. Now,” she said. They eyed one another, not wanting to deny her. So they simply nodded and led her to the throne room. No harm could truly be done if she stayed beside Cador. They opened the doors and announced her. Ara eyed the visitor. She recognized him immediately. She swallowed back tears and looked up at Cador, “your majesty,” she murmured and curtseyed then was escorted beside him. She wanted to be involved. This was her mess after all. What kind of ruler left another to clean up their dirty work. Francis eyed Ara, there was no hiding the want in them. It was as if he was staring at a prize. She was his ticket to royalty. He marries her, has children, he would be a step ahead of Cador. He would actually have heirs. He wanted it all and he wanted to be the best in irder to be the best he had to defeat the best and the best was Cador.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments As surprised as Cador was it also again showed how new Francis was to all of this. One did not simply get crowned then wait to share the news. You made that news known and known to all as soon as it happened. It was a statement all it's own and unless you were shouting it from the rooftops it was as if it hadn't happened at all. News didn't travel if you didn't send out men purposefully to make it do so. Had the news been delivered Cador would of known just what kind of chess game he was in. Now though he had to make a completely different kind of stand. Francis was a new king, learning the ropes. Wanting to clearly be bigger than he was. Cador was much more known and there was good reason for it. He had also made plenty of allies from it. Allies that someone so new to the game could never hope to have until he had earned it. Which clearly he couldn't hope to do just yet since this was his first success.

Cador certainly had no plans in letting Francis talk or even see Arabella when she just happened to walk in. Did Cador need to get himself completely new guards? Why were things always seeming to be done without his say first? Not only did it make him more angry but it also looked bad. Which was the last thing you wanted when you had enemies present. "Princess?" Cador had to save face. "I'm surprised my guards took so long to get you here, but I know you've been so weak after all you've endured." Cador giving an angry pointed look at Francis. "I hope it didn't trouble you too much to have to come down here for this."Cador gently resting a hand atop hers, comfortingly.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Ara was surprised... were they supposed to bring her down to him? She looked up at Cador when he touched her and gave a slight nod, “I am fine,” she said quietly, trying to keep the confusion off her face. To avoid any anger from Cador she played along, “you um... sent for me?” She asked him and looked over at Francis. She remembered how he just watch her sit in pain, starve and cry to make it all stop. She begged for death and he had heard it. She shook her head to snap out of it and turned her focus back to her soon to be husband. She was second guessing her decision to be escorted down here. She just... felt guilty and horrible the king had to keep fighting her battles. She was scared he would grow tired of it and her and kick her out. She wanted to prove she could handle anything but now, being in the same room as Francis she was far from feeling okay. She remembered the night of the invasion. He dragged her out of bed and held her down as her parents were murdered. He gave her her first besting. She could practically hear his yelling. She looked at Cador and her eyes screamed that she was sorry for coming down to him and screamed she was terrified of the man.

Francis perked up when the king said he had sent for her. Even though he looked quite surprised when she walked down. He smiled in amusement when he talked about her not being well, “I am sorry he dragged you down here princess. I could have easily come to you. I will have a carriage ready to take you to the docks. You have to return with me. You are mine for the taking,” he said and shrugged, “I do not want anything else from King Cador. I have just come back to claim what is mine.”

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Cador wished he could counsel Miguel, ask him what options he really had in this matter. He could just demand to go to war with Francis over Arabella's hand but that would be a long drawn out process. He'd do it if he had to but honestly he'd rather avoid it if he could. Clearly calling Miguel to the throne room would only make him look incapable of handling this himself. He had to come up with a solution on his own. Seeing the look on Arabella's face he knew there was no way he was going to let her go back to that monster. He had to offer something up to Francis that might gain his interest.

"Now where is the fun in that?" Cador mentions, a bit casually at first. "Dear Francis it's clear we both want the same thing. Not only that but we both feel we have claim to her. Why not make this more interesting for both of us?" Cador wasn't really sure where he was going with this. He just hoped against hope that he had gained Francis's interest with it. "There could be some real sport gained in this and I don't know about you but I've always been one for a new and interesting game. Especially between two men so determined as us." Cador leaving it at that for now just to see if Francis was even interested at all in what he might be proposing. If not he knew his options would be very limited then.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Francis listened to the king speak. He tilted his head and arched a brow, “hm... Your offer... I am interested to hear more of this... sport you speak of. I want it to be quick. I do not want to wait long for my bride,” he said simply and eyed the princess, “I do not think it to be fair though that she remains here without me and my men. I think it only fair we both get equal alone time with the princess. I am most confident she will go home with me so she will need to get to know my rules and myself as a ruler. Do you not see that as fair?” He arched a brow, “princess feel free to speak to me as well. He is not the only king in this room and I find it rude you act as though I do not exist. Not a good way to start things off between us... wouldn’t you say?” He asked and smirked at the power he knew he had over her. She was terrified of him. When he got her back she would obey every command. She would not dare cross him.

Ara started to tremble when she spoke directly to her and she panicked. She did not want it to even be an option that she could be going home with Francis. She swallowed back her tears, “of course sorry I... I am just exhausted is all,” she murmured and then looked down at the floor again. Thinking of anyway to get out of this. She could not think of anything. She just looked helplessly at Cador. Her eyes were glazing over with tears she was losing her control over her emotions quickly. She swallowed... perhaps if she mentioned their wedding Francis would be distracted enough so Cador could come up with something... anything, “I will... I guess I will speak to the seamstresses after this, tell them to put a hold on the wedding gown they have already almost completed.” She said and she saw Francis twitch with anger.

“You were planning to just go along and marry her?” He snapped angrily, drawing his sword which was a big mistake because all the other guards surrounded him and his two men at the sign of a threat.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Cador really didn't like the thought of Francis spending any alone time with Arabella. It was clear he had done enough damage to her already. Cador could only imagine the things Francis might convince Arabella to say under threat. Being as weak and terrified as the princess was Cador had no doubt she'd say whatever she was told to by him. That put Cador in an even trickier situation. Glad at least that Francis seemed open to the idea of a competition. Watching the interaction between Francis and Arabella. Francis had an edge Cador didn't want him to have.

Cador rolling his eyes when Francis got childishly mad at him. "You're angry at me yet you were the one who decided not to notify the kingdoms of your full success. Clearly if I had known the information I do presently we wouldn't even be in this position. So Francis that fault is your own. Now if you please with your hysterics. I do believe you're upsetting the princess." Cador looking to his future bride. He knew he'd do what he had to and make her being his wife a reality. "Princess you look a bit peaked. Perhaps it would be best the guards escort you back to your room to rest while Francis and I continue to discuss what might be done about this situation. I'm sure two civilized men as ourselves can come up with something quite sporting enough to more truly earn the right to call something so fine our bride." Cador says, as if the game has already started. Looking to Francis.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Ara swallowed and watched the two. She was scared what would happen if he got her alone. Fear is a powerful force and he had her wrapped around his finger in that sense. When Cador said something she snapped out of her thoughts and nodded slowly, “you are right... the doctor said I need plenty of rest,” she said and nodded. She gave a tight smile then started walking out. Francis grabbed her arm and murmured something in her ear before guards gently pulled her away. Her face went white at his words though and she hurried out of the room. When she got back to her own room guards searched it before she entered. The doors were shut and she knew they would remain that way until Cador said otherwise. Unless Francis got his alone time. He had whispered in her ear and told her to watch her next move carefully. She combed out her hair and let the maids undress her and get her into bed. They closed the curtains around the bed and made sure every entrance was locked. One maid stayed inside the room with her just in case she woke up from a nightmare and to give her things for her pain.

Francis backed away from the princess so she could leave. He placed his sword away, “so... what shall our competition be? Surely not fighting to the death, I think we both agree that that would end in a major upset,” he said simply, “but perhaps a joust? Three rounds. The princess can come watch. Whoever wins takes her immediately upon their victory,” he said and smirked, “but I do want my time alone with her. You have had three days with the girl. I expect no less time with her. And what is this of a doctor? I think again it is fair he discusses her current medical situation with myself as well,” he said simply, “Cador, I suggest you lay down your claim to her. Let it go. If she had to chose she would go with me, I know it by the look in her beautiful eyes. Why play childish games and prolong fate?”

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Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments As much as Cador wanted to call Francis on his action towards Arabella he knew he had to hold his tongue. Even as he watched the quick interaction with seething hatred. He could have no idea what was said but he didn't need to since he knew it couldn't be anything good. There was this feeling that no matter what Cador chose to do now it wasn't bound to end well. There would be bloodshed. That was the only way he'd be able to keep Arabella. It wasn't as if they could play the game of trying to win her heart. Francis was not the type to bother with such a game. He liked one where he thought he was winning. Cador would give him what he wanted. For a short time at least. Glad he had mastered his poker face years ago.

"Childish games? You don't consider the opportunity to best one of the best as something more exciting than a childish game? It's truly a one chance opportunity for you." Buttering him up. Knowing all knew and young kings just wanted to show and get praise for what they could do. If Francis could beat Cador in a fight. Even just a joust. Well it would speak great volumes about him. "Clearly fighting to the death is pointless. I agree though a joust sounds fair." In reality it would only be the start of their game that Cador had planned. He was just letting Francis choose the game they'd use as a charade for the real one. "As for the princess coming to watch us. As much as I'd like that I'm afraid it might be too much on her. After her treatment and the hard journey she has still been getting worn out fast. Though I may have a solution. I have quite the grand balcony." Cador proudly boasts. "We can host out joust to overlook it and she can watch us from there. In fact we can begin the first joust once our fair lady appears upon the balcony." It certainly sounded like an excellent solution to the problem. "Since your arrival has been so sudden I feel it's only fair that you give us all a day to adjust to your arrival. Tomorrow we can start our competition and of course your time with the princess. You can also discuss with Arabella's current doctor tomorrow if you must but I assure you I only employed the best to see to her care. Do we have a deal Sir Francis?" Cador asks him, not even bothering to say anything about taking down his claim. They were in a competition to win her now.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Francis listened to the king. He was so sick of being sat down and spoken to rather than conversed with, “I will be prepared. See you tomorrow. I will make myself comfortable in a guest room,” he said simply, “as for the princess not being there... You have no say. You cannot make decisions for her as she is not yours to protect. She will be there,” he said simply then walked out of the room. He did not bow, he just left with his men.
Once he was gone a guard walked up to the king and bowed low, “the princess is asleep in her room. A maid remains inside with her and there are two guards at her door,” he said, “as for bringing her down here, it was my call your majesty. I saw no harm in allowing her in on the conversation,” he explained his actions and looked down, “but as of now she has fallen asleep,” he said and swallowed nervously. He was sure the king would be going on a rampage soon enough. The enemy was allowed in the palace, the princess was threatened, the princess was in danger of going back with the man who nearly killed her in the first place, she had been permitted into the conversation today, and the Francis man was a cocky little twit. Nothing today was going the king’s way. Everyone around him practically radiated with fear and nervous energy. The new king had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Ara woke suddenly from a nightmare. The maid ran to her but she was up and out of bed sweating and breathing heavily. She trembled, “I need air,” she said simply. The maid swallowed and nodded. She convinced the guards to escort the princess to the gardens. She sat down on a bench, breathing in the crisp night air, staring blankly at one of the many beautiful fountains. A robe was wrapped around her tightly, she just looked exhausted. She could lose all the happiness that awaited her here. Her hands trembled. She refused any food or beverage. It was so late and she was so worried nothing would stay down. The maid swallowed, “I will send for the doctor immediately you do not look well princess,”. She said and she practically sprinted inside to find a messenger to deliver word. The princess had fever and cold sweats, she was shaking uncontrollably and she was so pale. She needed help immediately.

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