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Generic(But Mind-Breaking and Important) Overdue News Update

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message 1: by Noah (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
Alright I've been offline for a long time, my summer's been insanely chaotic. But Sanderson sure hasn't been taking a break! If you missed it, he posted on his twitter what the "secret project" on his website is...

As you can imagine, Sanderson finally coming to the big screen (or at least the living room TV) is quite a leap in his career, and I'm more than excited to finally see the Dark One story that he's been mentioning for so long!

Any thoughts?

message 2: by Ece (new)

Ece (ecetorun) | 16 comments He is a great writer i know but honestly they need to be very very veeery carefull with the cast and studio. Yeah it is a hard job to find a good cast for any show but for brandon.... it needs to be perfect.

message 3: by Eugenio (new)

Eugenio | 31 comments A little late, but at first I was worried. I had the feeling of Brandon possibly taking time away from the Cosmere (ala GRRM taking time away from ASoIaF to work on the show) would slow his production of the books. But then again Brandon's production has been great. Every few years popping out a behemoth of a SA book, and sprinkling other Cosmere and non-Cosmere books between.

I look forward to enjoying as many aspects of the Dark One series that I can.

Erica B (ricci.reads) | 6 comments I attended a Q&A/book signing for Oathbringer in December and BS justified working on so many projects at once by explaining that he's actually more productive the more that he has going on. His break from writing SA is working on his 'smaller' books and it means he's refreshed going back to SA after working on something else. He said that it would actually take him longer to write if he only worked on one thing at a time. My long-winded point is that hopefully the same applies to non-book projects as well 😊

message 5: by Noah (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
I've both fantasized and worried about the cinematic beginnings of the Sanderson worlds for ages... It needs to be absolutely perfect in every way possible, and that hasn't been something we've seen for movie adaptations of books since Harry Potter and LOTR. And yeah, I hope this doesn't slow down him working on The Lost Metal(W&W4) but knowing Sanderson everything for the Cosmere will be fine in the end :P If Dark One doesn't turn out as well as we'd like it to, hopefully it will at least spark interest and speed things up in other areas of Sanderson TV.

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