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Which books help you cope with mental health?
Katulik91 Katulik91 Jul 09, 2018 01:47PM
Hi guys,

I am currently writing a blog post about mental health and books. I love to connect topics that might seem disconnected at the first sight. Thus, if you wish your thought or a favorite book to be part of my article do you mind to share with me which book helped you to cope with mental health issues and how? To answer my own question I believe Harry Potter is a book that helped me. Although it might not seem to be the first choice of a book when struggling, the numerous inspirational and motivational quotes helped me to look at a bright side of things.

I cannot wait to hear your opinion

All of them, to be honest. The very act of reading brings helps me to escape the real world and live in someone else's head for a while. I have found reading really helps with my anxiety.

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