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The car's engine as he pressed his foot down on the accelerator. The car was an old machine, passed down through the Murphy family from his grandfather to his father and now down to him. Adam had been driving it for a few months now and, just like his father and his grandfather, he struggled with all of its dysfunctions. It's engine made too much noise, its windows could only go down after pushing hard down on the spinning pulley on the door, the air conditioning broke a long time ago, and the sound system would only play tapes. Not even the radio was working. But, it was a nice car still and Adam loved driving it around.

Currently, with the windows rolled down and an old tape playing remixed music from the eighties, Adam slowly drove the battered, old car down the road. His house wasn't very far from the Lopez house where his younger sibling's best friend lived. Arcadia was not only his sibling's best friend, but she was a family friend that he'd grown up with for much of life. Still, she was younger than him and the two didn't always cross paths often. But, he didn't mind having to pick her up for whatever it was that she needed. He only liked to tease her, make her annoyed before he finally gave in and did what she asked of him. Adam wasn't entirely sure what she was going off to do at school at this time, but he really wasn't busy right now and he didn't mind hanging out with Arcadia for a little bit.

Her house showed up a few blocks down from the light and he parked right in front of it in the driveway. Instead of retrieving her from the house, he lightly honked the horn of the car. Normally, he would have gone to the door, but he knew that she was likely pressed up against the glass of her front door, watching the road for his car to arrive. When he looked over at the door, he could distinctly see her blurred shape through the glass before the door opened and she was coming towards the car.

"Afternoon, Sparky," he chirped when she opened the car door open, wincing a bit when the door creaked loudly. "What exactly are we going back to Constance for right now?"

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Arcadia is a little bit...tightly wound. She had everything she needed to edit her newest edition of The Constance Times (pen, paper, macbook pro, highlighter, computer charger) and yet she couldn't help but think to herself that something was missing. So she did what any normal person would do and dropped everything to run back upstairs to scour her cluttered room to find the one thing she need that was missing from the pile downstairs. A mechanical pencil. Throwing everything into an old cross-body satchel of hers she sat by the window, close enough that she could see the glass fogging up from her breath.

You could say Arcadia was always like this. But it tends to get worse whenever Adam was around. His nonchalant and joking manner has always seemed to be the main reason for her heightened dorkiness. Every time he's around it's like she has two left feet, no tongue and a brain that doesn't work. She probably looked like an idiot right now — using her elbow to open the car door and slipping inside in a huff.

The moment Adam spoke her ears turned bright red under the waterfall of vaguely wavy hair. She didn't have time to straighten her wild locks, put any foundation for the Chanel bags that took residence under her eyes, or to swipe on any concealer to shield onlookers from her faint freckles that dotted the bridge of her nose. She was too busy typing endlessly at her desk from morning until now.

"I uh-" she looked into her satchel again to make sure everything was in its place and secure "I need to finish editing for the paper. Minor tweaks and whatnot." She settled into the rustic yet oddly comfortable passenger seat and turned to Adam. Arcadia gulped hard when they locked eyes, his were just too beautiful. "Please, please don't make this difficult."

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Arcadia’s response was certainly not a surprise. His lips turned up in a small smirk, amused that this was the reason that she had been so urgent about heading back to their high school. He always knew that the school’s newspaper was incredibly important to her, but he didn’t think that it mattered that much. Her love for writing and reporting had been evident a long time ago when they were younger and she always tried to imitate her parents by interviewing him about the silliest little things.

“What? You think I’d make this difficult for you?” Adam pretended to be surprised, mouth spreading into a gasp as if he took offense that she would ever think he’d do anything she was suggesting. But, she was most definitely right because he always had the habit of taking the long way around things, making things complicated and difficult just for the hell of it.

Adam rolled his eyes, leaning back against his seat as he set the car on the road again, it’s engine rumbling ecstatically once the drive began. “You hurt me, I’d never do such a thing,” he crooned, touching a hand to his heart as if this was the most honest thing he’d ever said in his life before. But, it was all a joke and he’d cracked a smile at the end of it, his eyes gleaming with that amused look he’d never seemed to stop having.

He let them move on however as he drove past a light just as the yellow was about to turn red. His driving was all about taking risks and peeking out of the corner of his eye while Arcadia was a bit distracted, Adam announced, “Oh, look, ice cream, let’s go get some.” And with that, he began twisting the wheel around as if he were about to turn down the road that would take them there instead of towards where Constance was. It would be one of the more humorous ways to make Arcadia panic since she seemed so adamant about getting there.

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Adam knew exactly which button to press to get a certain emotion out of her. It was one of those things that could be both endearing and utterly annoying. He knew she was trying to get to the school as soon as possible to finish up everything and yet she could sense that it wasn't also as much as his first priority as it was hers. He was more a time waster while she valued herself on being a time saver. But though they are both on opposite sides of the serious spectrum Arcadia couldn't help but have a sort of large small serious insignificant crush on Adam.

Yes it's true, Arcadia has always viewed Adam as something higher than a mere annoying older family friend. Every time she and her bestfriend would hang out and he would just completely burden her with his presence, she would immediately turn red as a tomato. It was childish in middle school but once she entered Constance (due to her aunt's wishes) as a freshman and him as a sophomore the crush didn't only increase, her awkwardness did as well. Ten fold.

"Yes! Yes you always make things difficult." She said exasperatedly running her fingers through her wild dark hair only to mess it up even more. He was the king of getting on her nerves. But even being in this car with him right in this moment is sending little tingles down her spine, almost like the kind you'd get after locking eyes with a celebrity. She shrunk lowered into her seat trying to avoid his smile because she knew she would blush even harder.

Being in the car with him scared her for two reasons. One, his recklessness and two, they are so close in proximity that if she were to hypothetically scoot over twice their shoulders would be touching. She snapped out of her thoughts however when she noticed that they were veering a little to the left. "Oh my god Adam stop!!" She whined eyes widening as she looked at him, panicked.

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The smile was growing across of his lips, grinning as he veered the car back onto the right path, crossing over the yellow lines and making the broken car rattle for a second. He was bursting into laughter, cheeks glowing pink. He was the picture of the perfect jokester, his curly hair blowing back in several directions from the wind and his lips grinning madly at the road before him. Adam snuck a look at Arcadia sitting beside him and her expression of surprise only ignited more laughter in him. “God, you’re so much fun to tease,” Adam rolled his eyes, letting the car run straight again on the right path.

He didn’t see the weight that his words would have on her, didn’t realize that any of his words could have any weight on her. Adam believed that their interactions were insignificant, that they didn’t matter and that neither of them thought about them again. He certainly didn’t, at least. It didn’t occur to him that she might pay attention more to his words, latch onto them and find meaning in the fact that he liked to tease her or that he laughed and smiled a lot when he was around her. All he thought of when he was around her was that she was really cute when she smiled.

“If you don’t want ice cream, maybe some coffee?” he added on moments later as another turn approached them. Adam pressed the blinker of his car to the right when he was supposed to keep going straight, giving Arcadia the impression that he would make her timing at Constance be even later than she already was. “But you’re more of a tea person, so I should probably take you somewhere else....” he started again, taking off in the other direction and lurching the car around.

After dozens of moments like it, where Adam would swerve the car and Arcadia would squeal, he finally took her to campus, parking right in the front of the student lots. Before the two of them got out of the car, Adam reached across and placed a hand on the back of her seat and leaned over to tell her, “You know I did that on purpose, right? Made the ride scary just because you forced me to take you.” He said this was a grin, once again, teasing the hell out of her.

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The whole car ride Arcadia was nervously chewing on her bottom lip. She yelped whenever he swerved and furrowed her eyebrows whenever he told a stupid joke. That was their dynamic most times & it is one that Arcadia values the most. They are like the most accurate example of ying and yang which is why it fits so perfectly. She cranked the window up while he liked his down, she turned the radio lower when he wanted it blasting. It was perfect.

"Yeah, it must be fun to give me little heart attacks throughout the day. I'll be sending you my hospital bill." She said frowning at him at first but the more she shared eye contact with him the more her lips upturned into a small hint of a smile. Yeah, she can let loose sometimes too. When he turned away she never broke her stare. The way he smiled at the road like there was no care in the world, the way his hair flew through the wind with so much fluidity just had Arcadia at a loss for words. Well she never really had words around Adam.

"No I don't want anything. I want to edit my paper, just driive Adam my god." She said, with just the slightest hint of a giggle. They kept the back and forth going until she finally recognized the road that leads to the front of the school. Finally. She couldn't wait to put as much distance between her and Adam as possible. Her face was so hot that she could swear that she was borderline sweating. Her palms definitely were though. She wiped them on the sides of her ripped jeans enough times to tell.

She was just about to take her seat belt off when she looked over and found him leaning in close to speak to her. Suddenly her breath hitched in her throat and her heart dropped to her knees. She was just about to respond but her brain kept repeating ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod in her head. Trying to act nonchalant she scoffed and pushed him back with her hand on his chest. "And did you know you're annoying right? I asked and you agreed, lets go." and without giving him a chance to reply, got out and shut the door in his face. While her back was turned to him she took a huge deep breath. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod

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devo (yourdevotion) | 346 comments i love adam. i love this. its so fun

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rimskur | 1470 comments they’re so precious ahaha XD I fell asleep for .2 seconds but I’m going to the airport now so I’ll write a post before I go for sure

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A goofy smirk spread across of Adam’s lips when she’d pushed him back away from her, exasperated with what he had done in the road with her. But, he’d actually thoroughly enjoyed himself. There was some semblance of control he’d felt in that situation, twisting and turning the car around in different directions while Arcadia whined at him about going the straight path to their school. The car moved as he wanted it to, smoothly or not, fast or slow and it had all been his doing. He wouldn’t have done it if he knew she actually wouldn’t have liked it - but even from the side here, he knew that she was secretly smiling at him.

Adam simply shook his head with that bemused smile still spread across of his lips. She’d already left the car, walking off towards the front door of the building and he just sat back in his seat, watching her move away from him. Something was beating inside of him as he watched her, but he didn’t think much of it, turning the ignition off of the car and following her out.

“What’s in your paper this time?” he asked her, dumping the keys and his phone into his pockets as he caught up with her fast paced steps. It was evident that Arcadia was on a mission, her legs pumping fast to get inside the building and to the comforts of her laptop upstairs so she could work on whatever it was that she did for the paper. “Scandalous expose? Or academic interview?” he followed up with another question, catching up to her by slowly increasing the pace of his footsteps.

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devo (yourdevotion) | 346 comments when i reply should it be in the hallways or the library? also i was imagining that she brought him here with a secret motive to lure him here to do an interview for her student poll. he like disagrees and like play tries to leave and she catches em then they get locked in the closet, thoughts?

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devo (yourdevotion) | 346 comments actually scratch that i’m doing it in the library and then we take it to the hallway

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rimskur | 1470 comments okie dokie lmao do it! I’ll go along with anything XD

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