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message 1: by Rosemarie (new)

Rosemarie | 1052 comments Mod
Hello, everyone. It is time to nominate our book for August. Please choose your nominations from the Guardian "Crime" list.
This is one of my favourite categories since there are a lot of books that I haven't read yet.

message 2: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (Donut) | 45 comments I will nominate The Glass Key by Dashiel Hammett .

message 3: by Dawn (last edited Jul 09, 2018 12:08PM) (new)

Dawn (eternalalien71) | 43 comments I would like to nominate The Laughing Policeman by Maj Sjöwall

The Laughing Policeman (Crime Masterworks) by Maj Sjöwall

Bryan--The Bee’s Knees (theindefatigablebertmcguinn) The Hammett is good with me.

message 6: by Rosemarie (new)

Rosemarie | 1052 comments Mod
I am nominating The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler.

message 7: by Wend (new)

Wend (wends) | 99 comments Paula wrote: "I nominate My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier!"

Loved Rebecca, don't know this one so sounds promising.

message 8: by Paula (new)

Paula Bardell-Hedley (gaiabird) | 55 comments Thanks, Wend. This one's been on my bookdar for a while. It looks really good.

message 9: by Renee (new)

Renee M | 364 comments Mod
I read Ny Cousin Rachel 2 years ago. I think it’s a great piece of writing.

message 10: by Rosemarie (new)

Rosemarie | 1052 comments Mod
Our member Anna has nominated And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

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