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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. Western historical romance mail order bride travels with brother on train west escaping horrid couple who took them as children (they had been told they were orphans)

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Alycia Luster I read this book about two years ago. The heroine and her younger brother travel by train west to her husband to be. They had supposedly been orphaned when they were little and this couple who took then in ran I believe a boarding house basically used them for slave labor and had hit the brother, may have hit her for infractions. I believe when they get to the destination, the brother to her future husband is there to get them and when they get to the ranch (_i think) the father and brother explain that they have written off for a wife for her husband to be. They fall in love, the brother learns to trust her husband. The story ends with by some miracle of fate thier parents are alive and find them. They were stolen by the horrid couple. I would really appreciate anyone knowing the title to this story.

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Alycia Luster I know this is really vague as far as details, but I read two books a day (all romance). I’m really hoping I haven’t misremembered what little detail I have. Not sure of the destination, it may be Montana or Wyoming?? Not sure but I know they have heavy snow in the winter 2-3 feet deep if not more.

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Alycia ~~
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