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The room was too dim, but he couldn’t quite reach the remote on his bedside table that would allow him to turn the lights up. He’d been reaching for it for the past five minutes, twisting around on his hips and basically lying down across of his bed in attempt to reach it. But the expands of his bed was too large and his arms were not long enough to reach the bedside table. So he struggled pointlessly and ended up giving up, lying back down in the mountain of pillows he was surrounded with. Grumpy, Raumsie didn’t even want to try calling for the maid downstairs - because how pathetic was that?? Having to call the maid just to turn the lights up? It was absolutely pitiful and that made Raumsie even more restless in his bed.

He pushed the blankets back that were strewn across of his legs, but the movement hurt his back and spine. Raumsie winced as he angrily set back, knowing he couldn’t move around much. All that were of use to him were his hand right now. And his mouth, of course. But that wasn’t very helpful right now.

Bored, he didn’t quite know what to do, staring up at the ceiling. Selena hadn’t come by the house in a while. And Wynter hadn’t either. He wondered if the two of them were hanging out together. Without him, he scoffed to himself. But it wasn’t likely. They were probably making plans to come over any time, he knew it.

But, then there was the person that was coming over soon that he knew about - Odessa. His eyebrows furrowed as he checked his phone again, looking at the time. She had said that she would be here in five minutes, but that had been a good ten minutes ago. Disgruntled, he kept checking his texts to see if another one would pop up, then checked the time, then checked the texts again. Besides Odessa, his messages were all read. No one else had texted him, gotten in contact at all. Sarai had, but she was Sarai. What about his actual friends? Why were none of them talking to him?

Maybe they think I’m sleeping. Yeah, that had to be it.

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Odessa wasn’t feeling like her normal self today. Ever since Mateo confronted her, it was like everything around her dulled. She spent the past few days cooped up in her house, sketching non-stop and not a drop of alcohol has touched her lips. She realized that alcohol had been the trigger for all her problems recently and it was definitely toxic. But after taking in just how many sketchbooks she had filled out, she realized she needed to get out of the house. So here she was, standing inside the foyer of Raumsie Alaoui’s house, somewhere she thought she would never be.

The maid was skeptical to let her in at first, and Odessa couldn’t blame her. She wasn’t one of his friends - the two barely talked at school or anywhere. But apparently, Odessa’s life was full of a lot of unexpected events that she once thought would never happen. Adjusting the bag strap, she began walking up the stairs after the maid had given her an indication of where she could find Raumsie.

Stopping at the door she assumed to be his bedroom, she noticed that it was cracked open slightly. Sighing, she rapped her knuckles against the door before lightly pushing it opening, guessing he was expecting her. Odessa’s amber eyes took in the dark room before settling on Raumsie’s figure, suddenly feeling very awkward.

“Um, hi?” She greeted, her voice raspy and accent thick from the lack of sleep. She had just come from the art store to pick up some pencils since she basically demolished all of hers. When she had gotten into the car, her eyes caught sight of a stack of papers in a folder and it came to her that she was supposed to give them to Raumsie. So it was obvious she wasn’t prepared to see anyone today from her hair in a messy bun and the oversized Oxford sweatshirt and leggings she was wearing.

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As he checked his phone for what might have been the fifth time, the door to his bedroom creaked open, spreading light on the walls. It touched his face, making him wince a bit from seeing such brightness when he’d been sitting in the dark for so long. His hand raised in front of his eyes, blocking his vision from whoever it was that had entered. But, he knew who it was - Odessa.

When his eyes had finally adjusted to the light in the room, Raumsie’s expression relaxed a bit more, though his shoulders were still terribly tense. He turned his eyes towards the girl in his door, standing there with a hesitance that he felt just as strongly. How strange it was to see her here. He took in the sight of her, drinking her up. The state of dress she was in gave him the inclination that she had been home, looking like she’s just gotten out of bed. He wondered if he too looked just as disgruntled as she did. He hoped not - but he knew that his eyes had already begun to sink in and that his hair lost some of its usual bounce since he hadn’t been styling it. He looked worse than she did, but he didn’t want to admit that.

“Hey,” he quipped, his own voice a bit scratchy from a lack of use lately. He’d been too upset to talk to his parents and well no one else was really visiting. She’d been the first one that he had seen besides his family in a while and he welcomed the distraction. “Did you bring everything?” he asked her, eyeing the folder that was sitting in her hand. It was daunting just looking at the few papers sticking out at the top of the folder.

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Odessa nodded, gaze focused on the folder in her hand for a second. “Yeah, it’s all here.” She mumbled, stifling a yawn with the back of her hand. Odessa’s legs carried her to the unoccupied side of Raumsie’s bed, the bed dipping as she slowly took a seat. Plopping her bag on the bed, she took out her notebooks guessing Raumsie would need them since he missed a whole month of notes.

Turning to him suddenly, hands releasing her hair from its bun due to the chill from the AC, she spoke to him, voice not as hesitant as before. “So, what do you want to start with first?” In the seconds she stood at his door, she realized that she might as well lock up the feeling of awkwardness because she said she was going to help him. Even though she didn’t practically like him, she wasn’t going to hold a grudge. But that didn’t mean she was going to pity him either and treat him like a child. She assumed Raumsie would wanted to be treated the same despite his accident. She knew that she would if she was put in his shoes. She wouldn’t want to be looked at differently so she decided she wasn’t going to ask about his disability out of pure politeness.

As she waited for him to answer, she shifted through her bag for some pencils and pens since she didn’t see any near them. Crossing her legs Indian-style, she sat up, amber eyes scanning her notes and marking pages they would probably use based on the time frame in which he was absent. Despite her stubborn and “zero fucks” attitude, when Odessa said she was going to help someone, she really committed to her promise.

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Raumsie didn’t really want to study any of this material. It wasn’t even his intention to do when Odessa had texted him about it. He didn’t want to look at the thick folder of papers and see what he had missed out on, what a month of surgery, rehabilitation, and a lot of sleep had cost him at school. He’d already made himself miserable by stalking the track team’s instagram, watching their coach as he yelled on the side of the field while runners passed batons and jumped the long jump. He should have been there, running the mile, arms swinging back and forth, legs flexing every muscle possible as he raced down to the finish. But, he wasn’t there and someone else was running his race on instagram.

With his eyebrows furrowed down in thought and a expression that suggested some kind of deep hurt, Raumsie turned his gaze away from Odessa to the other side of his room. She might be here to help him but he was finding himself less and less in the mood to be helped. All he wanted was some kind of company, some kind of human interaction to get him through the days because his parents were driving him crazy and he couldn’t even find a way to physically get away without their help.

He was helpless and it was driving him insane.

“I don’t care, math?” he grumbled, dark eyes turning back towards her when she had begun to shuffle through her belongings. He was seeing Odessa up close and after checking his phone again - he still couldn’t believe that conversation with Wynter had happened - he decided that she would just have to do. Not even his own girlfriend wanted to visit him, so this was the next best thing.

Raumsie began to regret his decision to do math as soon as he saw the papers before him. The numbers blurred together in a swarm of scribbled gibberish he didn’t understand - “I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do any of this,” he snapped, smacking the paper down on his lip. He was surprised that he didn’t feel a thing against his leg.

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