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message 1: by M.C. (new)

M.C. | 5 comments Hi! I'm looking for a beta reader for my completed work. As stated above it's a NA romance set in college. 19 chapters,120,000+ words. It's been through several re-writes and I need help with the usual - continuity, pace, flow, etc.

message 2: by Rhiannon (new)

Rhiannon Shearsby | 8 comments Hello,

Could you post a blurb or a little synopsis?
If not, could you email me the first chapter to see if it grabs my attention.
Email is

message 3: by M.C. (new)

M.C. | 5 comments Leah Gallagher doesn't do relationships. Not since her best friend shattered her heart. And she likes her life just the way it is - going to school, bartending at the local bar and hanging with a group of friends she would do anything for. So when things start to change between her and one of her closest friends, Caleb, she has no idea how to handle the change or the fact that both of their pasts come knocking on the door.

This is an angsty romance set in college.

message 4: by M.C. (new)

M.C. | 5 comments I can totally email you the first chapter also. Thanks for the offer. I'll send it over in a while

message 5: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Moon | 2 comments I would love to read your book! It sounds exciting! My email is


message 6: by Nichole (new)

Nichole  | 23 comments hi, I'm interested in reading this. my email is

message 7: by Claudia (new)

Claudia | 5 comments Hi, I'd like to help you and read your book! Let me know if you still need a beta reader :)

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