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message 1: by P.E. (new)

P.E. | 118 comments Please, can you add this book?

Book cover :

Title : L'art de faire mat
Authors : G. Renaud & V. Kahn
Publisher : Payot
Date : 1947
Format : Pocket
ISBN : 9782228890977

Description :
Here is a tight book dealing openly with delivering checkmates. It offers a variety of checkmates and games in which they took place.
To back up the training, the authors conceived a series of thematical exercises. This is a short, quality introduction to the world of chess!

Ce petit livre traite directement des différentes façons de faire échec et mat à l'adversaire. Les auteurs proposent une bonne variété de parties exemplaires et des problèmes thématiques pour accompagner l'apprentissage. Une excellente initiation au jeu d'échecs !

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26907 comments The isbn & cover above are for the 1997 edition.

There is a 1947 edition, however that was decades before isbns were invented. Found the 1947 cover on Abebooks.

Created the 1997 edition & edited the 1947 edition as per WorldCat.

message 3: by P.E. (new)

P.E. | 118 comments Czarny came to modify an extant version of the 1997 edition to add the information. Still, thanks for your dedication Sandra!

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