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everything from clothing, to fresh produce, is sold here.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August walked through the marketplace, with a hooded brown cloak. His features were hidden, as he made his way past the vendors. When he looked around and saw no one suspicious, he pulled the hood down. His fluffy white hair stuck out like a sore thumb, as he stopped at a stall. The lady there sold a variety of things from bandages to skin care products. Of course, these products were weird concoctions. August, being that gullible used them religiously.

"Hello, can I get another one of those mud masks?" August asked, pulling out some coins. He rarely kept a lot on him, just in case something happened. When he was told the price he frowned slightly, but immediately brightened up. His tone turned into that of a more flirty one, as he leaned against the stall with one arm. "You look very beautiful today, gosh you look twenty!" August lied. The stall worker smiled in amusement, as if she knew what he was doing. She gave August the product anyways, and he grinned. "Thank you!" He said.

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Kai tugged at his cloak, making sure it fell directly in front of his shoulders. He re-adjusted his hood, so a shadow was cast in front of his face. He scanned the marketplace searching for the shop that he needed. Kai made his way towards a stall that sold various herbs that could be used for medicinal purposes, or..other purposes. He picked up a small jar that contained some sort of dried root, that could be deadly in large amounts.

"I'd like to purchase this," Kai said, his tone was dull and dry. Kai fished some coins out of his pocket, and set it on the counter. "I believe this will be sufficient. Keep the change." He said, not giving the stall owner a chance to respond. Kai took the jar and slid it into his cloak pocket.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August tucked the small jar into one of the inner pockets his cloak had. His tan skin practically glowed under the sun, as he turned around to go to another stall. He enjoyed being able to leave the castle from time to time. It wasn't like his father cared for his well being, so he could do whatever he wanted. August felt free. He wasn't in the stuffy palace where he had to be well mannered, and he had a break from his siblings for once.

August yawned before pulling the hood back up. The part of the markets he was in was rather safe, but now he was leaving them. He smiled as a few small children ran by playing tag. I wish I was that young again. August thought.

((sorry it's so short))

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Kai quickly left the stall and looked around for another one. He saw an interesting looking stall and decided to go see what it sold. There was only one other person there, a man, with striking white hair. Hmm.. thought Kai as he browsed through the items. Once Kai decided that nothing struck his attention, he exited the stall.

Something about the man with the white hair struck his interest, although Kai could no longer see him. Oh well, what did it matter anyway? He needed to be getting back to the White Fang HQ.

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muuumew | 1619 comments There were a few other stalls August wanted to visit, and they weren't very far. One of the staff he was close with in the palace mentioned they were out of a particular remedy, so he decided he'd help. He got a list of what was in it from her. "Is this a witch's potion?" He asked himself. The ingredients were odd for sure, but he wouldn't doubt her.

August stopped at a stall, and handed the list to the man running it. "Do you have any of these items?" He asked, hoping he could just get this over with. "I only have a few things, wait one second." The latter replied, handing August his list. Once he pulled out the items, August payed, and thanked him. He continued on like this, until he was sure he had everything he needed.

Suddenly, he felt some bump into him. August turned to see who it was, but they took of running. "Wha- Hey!" He shouted, after feeling his pockets. The thief had snatched one of the ingredients. He was not going to let him get away either. August turned on his heel and took off, tailing the thief. In the midst of running his hood fell off, exposing his face.

((just pretend he didn't run out of coins earlier lmao))

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((Lmaoo okay))

Kai heard the sounds of thundering footsteps behind him. As he was turning around, he saw someone shrouded in black run past him. "Huh." He said dryly. Kai turned around just in time for someone else to run into him. Kai was knocked to the ground, but caught himself right before he could collide with the ground. Kai quickly pulled himself up and glared daggers at the man who had run into him.

"What the fuck man?!" he snapped. "Watch where you're goi-" he began, before realizing who it was. Interesting. Very interesting. What's the little prince doing out here, without a guard? He thought, smirking slightly.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Augustus fell back, landing on the ground. He groaned, before looking at the person he ran in to. "I'm sorry!" He said, as he stood. "Chill out, it was an accident." He snapped, frowning when the thief was no longer in sight.

"Great." He muttered, as he tugged at the hood again. When August realized he had snapped at the other boy, he turned to him. "Did I hurt you..?" Since he was the prince, asking about the other's well being was probably required.

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Chill out? Kai definitely wouldn't chill out. His first thought was to whip out his dagger, but he refrained himself. "I'm fine" he spat. Kai looked down at the boy. "Prince Augustus. Now, what would a person like you, be doing in a place like this?" he asked, cocking his head. "Especially without a guard."

Oh, what people would pay to get their hands on him. thought Kai, mentally smirking. Better not. Kai was very pissed at the boy, but he decided to not be a dick and help him up. Kai extended a hand towards him. He wore black fingerless gloves that were slightly worn.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August noticeably flinched when he heard the latter's tone of voice. He sounds like my father He thought, shooting him a look. He took the other boy's hand carefully, and stood up. After taking a small step away, in an almost cautious manner, he spoke. "Stranger." August began, mimicking the tone Kai had.

"I don't need a guard. I can protect myself." He lowered his voice, to keep the other people from hearing. Did it really matter at this point? They had already seen his face- and on top of that, the other boy wouldn't stop making a big deal about August being there. "Why do you ask? Are you a fanboy? Sorry, I don't do autographs." August joked, a grin gracing his features.

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Kai rolled his eyes. “Watch it.” He retorted dryly. His voice dripped with venom as he spoke. Kai is hands drifted back towards his sides, as he made sure the jar was still in his pocket after the fall. Kai sighed with relief when he felt his fingers graze the cool glass that contained the deadly herb. Kai’s hand was removed from his pocket, and hovered a few inches from his dagger.

“Mhm. I can tell.” He said sarcastically. “I don’t want your autograph, and if I did, it would be used for kindling in a fire.” He relied. Kai despised royalty. They were all so damn entitled. It made Kai sick. Kai couldn’t quite tell if he was joking, but his glare softened quite a bit. This was wasting his time, Kai really needed to get going.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August crossed his arms, as he listened to the slightly shorter boy speak. "Whats got you mad?" He asked, genuinely curious. Most people were rather nice if you bumped into them and apologized. The boy in front of him was basically a ball of rage. At least, that's what August thought.

His mouth hung open in shock. "Wha- What?" August asked, furrowing his thick eyebrows. He was feeling a lot more uncomfortable than before. He was used to people being rude, his father and older brother, but he didn't even know this guy! "Why would you do that? You don't even know me." August replied. A few annoyed citizens walked around the two of them, who were standing in the middle of the walkway.

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“None of your business.” He Replied. This is so dumb. If I’m not back soon, I don’t know what they’d do. Kai thought. There was no way that Kai could make it back in time. The headquarters was too far away, it would take a few hours time to get there. Kai was frustrated. This whole thing was a waste of time, Kai wished he would have been more careful, so the whole thing could have been avoided.

“I don’t need to.” He retorted. “Now is you’ll excuse me, I have more pressing matters; with the White Fang-“ Kai began. Oh fuck. He couldn’t believe he just said that. Could Kai have just jeopardized the whole thing? Yep. He was pissed off at Augustus, but also at himself. Damn it! he thought.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August was about to respond, until he heard him mention the White Fang. "Did you just- I can't let you go now." August said firmly. He grabbed a hold of Kai's arm, and pulled down his own hood. "As a prince of Wintervale, I will be taking you into custody." He said, his voice wavering slightly. This was the first time August had done this. Was he even allowed to take someone into custody? He didn't know.

August knew that whatever vendetta the other boy had wasn't personal, but it still made him wonder. "Is that why you'd burn my autograph?" He asked. It was a little funny how Augustus could ask such things in a serious situation. He was trying to be lowkey about what was going on, but with his hood down and the bold look in his eyes, multiple people became curious.

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Kai smirked as Augustus grabbed his arm. “ Are you sure you want to do that? I think we both would be better off if you just..let me go.” Kai hissed quietly. Kai’s ability wasn’t very strong, so he felt a headache coming on. Kai hoped that it worked, he didn’t want to have to fight the boy. Mainly because this kept eating away at the time he could be using to get out of Wintervale.

“Really? That’s what you want to know? Jeez.” Kai grumbled. Was he really that entitled? It was just a scrap of paper with a name scrawled on it in hard to read handwriting. Kai’s gaze drifted to the side when he noticed Augustus’s bold gaze. Maybe he could be serious after all?

((Sorry it’s v v. Short))

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muuumew | 1619 comments August let him go and stepped back, immediately frowning. He didn't know if it was fear, or something else that made him do so. Eventually he realized it was an ability of some sort. He narrowed his eyes at the other boy. "I don't appreciate you using your ability on me." He said coldly. While his parents were very lenient with criminals, August wouldn't let this go. Especially since this stranger was a member of the White Fang.

"That is what I want to know, but you can save it for later." August started. He grabbed the other's arms quickly, and used his ability. It was almost surprising how fast August was, that he himself was shocked. While it was harsh of him to do so, it was the only thing that would restrain the boy. A thing layer of ice acted as handcuffs.

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I don’t appreciate you restraining me. I haven’t done a single thing wrong!” Kai snapped angrily. Of course, Kai was lying. He was about to go poison someone before he ran into Augustus. Maybe, Kai could use the herb in his pocket. If only he could break out of the hand cuffs that Augustus had created. Kai struggles against the restraints, but they wouldn’t budge. Kai sighed angrily in defeat.

“How about never?” He asked sarcastically. Kai grumbled. This was a huge waste of time. He wondered if he could use his ability again, to make Augustus release him. Kai tried to summon as much strength as he could, but ultimately failed. Kai eventually gave up. Or, acted like he had given up. He had tried all means of escape and he couldn’t use his abilities anymore.

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muuumew | 1619 comments "You used your abilities on me! And you're a member of the White Fang! You're already dangerous enough." August replied, not understanding why the other boy couldn't stop arguing. He felt sort of bad for using his abilities, after all, the ice was definitely very cold. August hoped the sun wouldn't melt them. He turned on his heel towards the palace, and sighed when he saw a guard approach.

"Prince Augustus, may I have a report on the situation?" The guard asked, causing him to raise an eyebrow. "Since when did you care about my well being?" August asked, sass lacing his voice. The guard sent a few weary glances towards the passerby before clearing his throat and responding. "I always have. Shall I escort you two to the palace? And him to the interrogation room?" He asked. August eyed the guard for a moment. I see how it is. He's worried about keeping appearances up in front of the citizens.. August thought, and shrugged. "I suppose."

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((owo))

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“YoUrE dAngErOuS eNoUgH” Kai mimicked mockingly. He let out a frustrated sigh and glared at August. “This is a huge waste of time.” Kai grumbled, wanting to use his ability in August again. Kai wondered if he could slide out of the handcuffs, but he would have to wait until they started melting, or if they started melting.

Kai frowned and glared at the guard. “This is bullshit. I’m not going anywhere with either of you.” He spat, struggling against his restraints. Kai noticed that the guard was acting a bit odd, although that could have just been his personality. People were beginning to stare in Kai’s direction. He hadn’t done anything wrong today, so what was the point of interrogating him. Kai hoped that they wouldn’t take his weapons, or the small jar in his cloak pocket.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August was about to respond, but the guard cut him off, by shoving Kai forward. "Don't hurt him!" August demanded, and turned around. "Let's just go.." He said, sounding slightly annoyed.

As they walked to the palace, he playfully shot a few winks towards the women he walked by.The guard, who was now out of earshot looked at August. "You're father won't approve of this." He said causing August to roll his eyes. "I don't care about him." He replied quietly, as they walked to the interrogation room. Before they could get there, his father appeared. The king looked at August with a look that could only be described as hateful.

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Kai gave up and willingly went along with August and the guard. As much as he wanted to break out of his restraints, it would go faster if he cooperated. Kai was more than pissed, but he held a calm, blank expression.

As they walked into the interrogation room, the sense of dread upon Kai was overwhelming. Why the fuck is the king here?! thought Kai. The king seemed very hateful. Kai wanted to know why, but it wasn’t any of his business. Kai shot a nasty glare directed to August and the guard.

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muuumew | 1619 comments The King seemed to look down at Kai, "What is the meaning of this, Augustus?" He asked, furrowing his eyebrows. "This person used his abilities on me. And he's a member of the White Fang. Isn't that suspicious?" August asked, and the king merely glared.

"I don't care what this man did. Do you really think you of all people should be taking people into custody?" August's jaw dropped but he didn't back down. "Actually, I do. I'm a prince of Wintervale. I'd like to believe that my safety matters." He retorted, causing the king to laugh. He turned to Kai. "I'm sorry for the troubles my son has put you through."

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Kai rolled his eyes. He wanted to yell at both of them, but refrained himself. “You used your abilities on me!” He snapped, gesturing towards his hands. His wrists had grown quite cold, and were beginning to hurt. Kai tried to discreetly slide his hands out, but he couldn’t. Kai wondered if there was something he could use to break the ice with. He noticed the king’s attitude towards his son, which made Kai frown slightly.

“It’s fine. If you don’t mind, could someone remove these?” Kai asked politely. He didn’t want to snap at the king, because Kai could be thrown in jail for that. He gestured towards his hands again. Kai tried to wriggle his hands up into his sleeves, but the grip on the handcuffs were too tight, and he couldn’t slide them up or down. Kai sighed softly, obviously frustrated and in a hurry.

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muuumew | 1619 comments The king turned towards Kai again, with a much more pleasant attitude. "Would you like to stay for a while as compensation? I'll have my staff provide you a meal before you leave." He said causing August to gasp. It was dramatic of him, buy he couldn't help it. Begrudgingly, August glanced at the guard to break the cuffs. "Sorry. I guess." August said. He was visibly upset, especially because his father was letting him walk free.

August took one last look at Kai and turned around. He really was worried for his own safety, but also still offended by Kai saying he'd burn his signature.

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muuumew | 1619 comments .

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"Thank you, that sounds lovely." Kai replied nicely. Kai mentally cringed at his choice of words. I really shouldn't do this, oh well. he thought. Kai held out his arms, glaring at the guard. Once the cuffs were broken, Kai brushed his hand against his pocket, hoping the jar was still there. It probably looked suspicious that he kept checking his pocket, but Kai hadn't thought about that.

Kai glanced at August. "It's fine." he said with a forced smile, that actually meant I despise you. Kai sighed softly, wondering what the White Fang would do to him since he would be very late.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August furrowed his eyebrows. "Well when someone gets killed, don't come crying to me." He said, storming off like a young child. He didn't respond to the other's forced smile either. At the moment, he was very angry. The only thing that would calm him down was ranting to someone- which wasn't an option, and swimming.

Smiling slightly, August headed towards the indoor pool. It was rarely used, but for some reason it was heavily flaunted. "In the mean time, feel free to explore the palace." The king said, in a honeyed voice. If August were there, he'd definitely snap. He pulled off his shirt, and slipped into the ice cold water. It was nice. Closing his eyes, he let himself sink to the bottom. August was holding his breath, but he looked dead.

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Kai rolled his eyes at August. Kai wasn't stupid enough to kill someone in the castle. Kai thanked the king again and went off to explore. Perhaps he could find something that would aid the White Fang. As Kai made his way down the hall, he peeked in every room to see if there was anything interesting.

"Hmm," Kai mumbled, as he poked his head into another room. This one was different though. In the middle of it, was a lavish pool. "Huh." Kai walked over to the pool's edge and noticed that August was at the bottom. Even though Kai despised August, he couldn't let the prince die like that. Kai could have been accused of drowning him or something. Kai whipped off his cloak and dove in.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August was good at holding his breath, he practiced often. He didn't expect someone jump into the water. His eyes opened, only to see Kai, who was trying to grab him. What the heck? August thought, panicking slightly. He mistook Kai's attempt at saving him as an attack. When Kai grabbed his arms to pull him out of the water, August thrashed around, eventually kicking the other boy. Once Kai let go, August swam up to the surface, and took a breath. When Kai popped up, August readied to kick him again. "What was that for?!" August asked him. He himself didn't realize that he looked dead underwater.

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Kai was surprised when August kicked him in his attempt to save the boy. "Jesus Christ!" he snapped. "Uh? You were drowning??" he exclaimed, shocked at August's behavior. Kai was now soaking wet, he looked somewhat like a drowned rat. His hair was everywhere, plastered over his eyes. His socks were wet, which enraged Kai very much. "Last time I ever try and save someone." he muttered angrily.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August scoffed, trying to stifle his laughs. "I was definitely not drowning!" He said, raising his voice slightly. While Kai looked similar to a drowned rat, August looked almost godly. With his chestnut brown hair slicked back because of the water, and his surprisingly toned body, he looked amazing. He swam over to the edge of the pool, and rested his right arm on the cement that was there. "Why would you even 'same' me anyways?" August asked, raising an eyebrow.

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“How on earth was I supposed to know that?! You looked dead for Christ’s sake.” Kai snapped. He needed to get out of the pool. “Well, I kinda wish I would have just left you there. I “saved” you because if you drowned, all evidence would point to me.” Kai retorted. He tried to brush the hair out of his eyes, but it was almost matted to his forehead. Kai tried to rake it back with his fingers. He pulled a hair tie from his wrist and pulled his hair into a small ponytail. Kai rolled his eyes again, just because he was dramatic, and swam over to the ladder. He pulled himself up and plopped down on the stone floor. Kai really resembled a drowned rat.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August frowned, sinking into the water so that the top of his head and his eyes were above the surface. He was facing Kai still, and he only popped up to speak. "No I didn't! I was just sitting ther- Oh." He said, deadpanning when he realized that Kai was probably right. "Well, whatever! Nobody here would care if you drowned me." He said sardonically, even adding a dry laugh. August swam in circles for a few seconds, going under water every so often. Swimming was one of his favorite things to do; it made him feel free, and he felt like it was an escape from everything. Well, almost everything. The boy who looked similar to a rat still wan't gone.

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Kai shook his head, dismissing everything that August had said. He pushed himself off of the now wet floor. Kai shook his head repeatedly, trying to dry his hair off. His clothes were beginning to dry, Kai hated being in wet clothes. Kai walked over to where he had tossed his cloak and draped it over his shoulders. Kai fastened the clasp at the top, making sure it was secure. Kai reached into the pocket, sighing in relief when his hand brushed against the cool glass surface of the jar. Kai turned to August, who was still in the pool. "I'm sure your family would care." he spat dryly.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August rolled his eyes, "Like you would know anything about them." He said. While most of his family would be okay with him gone, (at least August thought so), his mother and sister would surely be upset. He didn't wait for Kai to reply, in fact, August thought the other boy would ignore him. He went back underwater, swimming to the deeper end of the pool. This end of the pool was further away from Kai, but it didn't stop August from speaking to him. He ran a hand through his white hair, struggling a bit because it was tangled from the water. "I wouldn't try anything here if I were you." He began, furrowing his eyebrows. "Just because the King thinks you're safe doesn't mean I do."

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Kai's face held a bored expression. He scoffed again, somewhat annoyed with August. Kai, in fact, did know a lot about the royal family, but it was only things he had learned from fellow members. "Who says I'm going to try something here?" Kai asked sarcastically. Kai smirked, turning away from August. He had no idea where he was going, or where the doorway led. Kai turned the knob and pushed the door open. But before he made his way through the doorway, Kai stuck his tongue out at August and made a face like a small child would.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August glared daggers at the other boy, especially when he stuck out his tongue at him. That was very uncalled for. He didn't say anything while the other boy opened the door. When he did though, a broom fell out and August broke out into laughter. It was a loud, and almost contagious laugh. "Nice going, that's a storage closet. I thought the White Fang members were supposed to be smarter." He said in between laughs. He couldn't help himself, but he eventually calmed down.

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Kai didn’t turn around when he noticed that he was standing in a closet. He held up his hand, with only his middle finger extended. Kai whopped around, his face flushing red. He marched to the door that he entered the pool with, and placed his hand on the knob. Kai roughly turned the knob and whipped the door open. He made sure to slam the door. Kai sighed, obviously angry. He tugged at his cloak, so the hood fell over his eyes. Kai began to make his way down the hall.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August's eyes widened with feigned shock, before laughing a bit more. He didn't say anything, or show anything, but the boy's blushing face was rather cute. He watched Kai leave, before swimming over to the stairs and getting out of the pool. He stretched a bit, and looked around for a towel. He suddenly had an idea, but it was kind of risky. August quickly dried off, put his shirt back on, and ran down the hall. He was clearly in a rush, passing by Kai who seemed very lost. August dashed up the stairs to his room. He needed to pack a satchel to bring if he were to through with his plan.

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Kai made a face when August passed him in the hallway. He poked his head into the various rooms into the hallway. Kai continued to walk through the halls. Sure, the castle was impressive, but not as impressive as some of the other ones he had been to. Kai entered another room, which was probably a storage room. He walked over to the window and looked outside. The sun had began to set. Kai needed to get going, he was going to politely decline the kings offer of staying for dinner.

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muuumew | 1619 comments August packed a few things into the satchel he had. He put water, a little bit of food, and medical supplies. He didn't trust that he could keep himself from getting injured. He changed into a darker outfit, eventually going with a black turtle neck and black pants. His shoes were black as well, and now the only things that stood out were his white hair and blue markings. With a sigh, he grabbed a cloak as well and stuffed it into the satchel. August wasn't sure whether or not Kai was going to stay for dinner, but he needed to be prepared. He was planning on following the boy out. He picked up a sword, tucking it into it's sheath and hooking it onto his belt.

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Kai eventually found the king, and apologized for not being able to stay. He later found himself standing in the hallway. Kai's eyes darted from one end of the room, to the other, making sure no one was there to witness his actions. Kai's hand drifted down to his cloak pocket, and he fished around for the jar. Kai brought the jar to his nose, before unscrewing the lid and catching a whiff of the foul smelling substance. His nose wrinkled in disgust, as he quickly screwed the lid back on. "That's definitely strong enough.." he muttered under his breath, as he let the jar drop back into his pocket.

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August wasn't too far from Kai. He wouldn't let him out of his line of sight, especially when he was getting ready to leave. He sighed softly, feeling as if butterflies were in his stomach. Should I really be doing this? August thought, having second thoughts. He was sure he'd be injured, but no matter what; he was planning on making it out alive. He didn't trust Kai one bit, but nobody wanted to listen to him.

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Kai pushed himself off of the wall. He tugged at the hood of his cloak, pulling it over the top of his head till it fell over his eyes, concealing half of his face. Kai began walking down the hallway, although he had no idea where he was going. "I think I'm going the right way.." he muttered under his breath, before continuing. His surroundings slowly became familiar, as he got further down the hallway. He eventually stopped at two large doors that Kai assumed was the exit.

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August followed him, becoming more and more annoyed. Was it possible for a White Fang member to have such a bad sense of direction? It was crazy to him. He smirked slightly, but it faded when he saw that Kai finally found the exit. While he was following him, a maid went to say something, but he immediately shook his head. August raised a hand to have her be silent, and he immediately dashed away when he realized he was losing track of Kai.

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Kai pushed the doors open, and quickly slid outside. He winced slightly when the guards eyed him, but they let him pass without saying a word. Kai frowned once he noticed the sun beginning to set, although if he hurried, he could make it before the end of the day.

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