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Derek would be lying if he said he'd had an easy past week. That first day was fine, but the next four had driven him up the wall. There was just something about her that lingered, bugged him so pleasantly. He stared down at the fireplace, hands clasped together as he leaned against the bookshelf. He'd sent flowers to her room on a whim and now she probably thought he was a weirdo. They were roses- a bold statement. Then again, he really never was one for subtleties. He was here mostly to hide from her, afraid of being confronted and promptly rejected.

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Leila walked into the Teacher's Lounge, tired eyed and holding a stack of papers with a pen rolling dangerously close to the edge, threatening to fall off the tower of tests Leila had to grade. Why is it that she had to give her students tests on how to care for mythical and magical creatures? When, really, Leila liked them to learn first hand outside? Because it was mandatory. Because it was, "the rules". Because she had to.

"This is a pain," Leila grumbled to herself, plopping down at a desk near the windows-barely noticing the other teachers in the room. Barely noticing Derek, until she had to look up to give her poor aching neck a break. That's when she saw him.

Leila had been meaning to thank Derek for the roses this entire week, but it always seemed like they missed each other. If Leila was heading to the gym, she'd find out Derek just left. Or if she was going outside, she might see Derek just as he was leaving. All in all, it felt and awful lot like she was chasing her own tail.

But here he was, just leaning against a shelf filled with God-knows-how-old books. Leaping to her feat, dainty as a doe and filled with new energy, Leila pushed her papers aside and walked (or bounced, Leila always seemed to have a childish bounce in her step) over to the dire wolf. "Thank you," Leila said pleasantly, but her smile was wide and did a lot more than just say thank you. "So, what brings you to the teacher's lounge?" Leila inquired, more than happy to ignore the still looming, dark form of her pile of tests that all needed to be graded. Every single one. Blech.

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((oh whoops... That was longer than I thought it was))

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Derek's eyes widened at her entrance and he visibly tensed when she approached him, cheeks heating up and turning a subtle pink hue. He swallowed harshly, "... lounging" he lied awkwardly. He was never a good liar, he had never had a crush.

<< tis good though

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((why thank you))

Using her arm as a surface to place her elbow, though she was standing, Leila rested her head in her hand and nodded sagely. "That would make sense," she agreed, resisting the urge to smile.

"Well, I'm thanking you for the roses-it was a sweet gesture, one that I appreciate." The last person who had been interested in Leila had never even thought to get her roses. But that person was different, she and Derek were two different people, and Leila was beginning to think that things would've been better if Leila had Derek back then. That maybe she wouldn't have gone through such a rough break up if Derek had been the one she'd been head over heels for.

Plus, the tables were turned. Derek was the one with the crush, Leila was... Considering. (alright, fine, she was definitely going to say yes-if he made the first move)

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Derek swallowed, leaning back and nearly falling over, catching himself quickly and trying his best to act casual, "Yeah okay I-.. It's not.." he furrowed his brows, heaving a sigh. "Do you.. maybe" he trailed, unsure of how to ask.

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A small, childish giggle slipped past Leila's lips as she took note of Derek's.... well, everything about Derek. The way he looked so nervous, as though he were in front of a panel of judges.

"Do I maybe..?" Attentive now, hazel eyes trained on the other teacher, Leila inched forward until she was standing a few inches to the side of the lycan.

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He furrowed his brows, looking frustrated, of course it was directed at himself. He was incredibly tense, and that was clear not only in his prominent muscles, but in the furrow of his brow, "... Do you have plans for.. sometime?" He asked finally.

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Leila shrugged, "After I grade the rest of these tests I should be free all day," the woman responded, waiting in silence for Derek to say what he obviously was wanting to say. It was painful for him, that was obvious enough, and Leila tried to be sympathetic-but she was entertained by this. A huge, stoic man struggling with his emotions-it was... Sweet. Agatha had always been so confident in everything she did and said, too confident, and it had left Leila as the foolish schoolgirl with a crush. But it was odd looking at it from switched point of views, but Leila was careful and knew she would regret it if Derek's confidence in his emotions was ever broken.

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Derek blinked and nodded quickly, "I uh- oh that's-.. do you wanna do.. something? With me I mean- after the papers" he stumbled over his words, gaze softening.

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Smile evolving easily into a wide grin, that took up much of her face, Leila shrugged, "I'd love to." Gently taking Derek's hand, the shorter teacher pulled him over so that he sat across from her as she worked on grading the tests. "So, do you have a favorite animal?" Leila questioned, pushing another paper onto the growing "finished grading" pile.

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Derek was apprehensive at first, noticeably perking up at her touch. He sat, glancing at the papers, "... I... like mice. And rabbits. You?" he asked. She kind of reminded him of a mouse.

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Frowning at a paper, Leila scribbled out a neat red "F" and added a quick note before responding to Derek, "Mice and rabbits, I love them too. But I'd have to say gryphons are my favorite-of course, I equally favor every animal and creature. But gryphons just... Hold a special place in my heart," and everyone knew why-even new students learned quickly. Leila was a bit of an oddity, raised by a gryphon who also saved her life. Which was why Leila's prized student-now off forging a name for himself-had given her the little humming bird/ocelot gryphon whom she'd named after him.

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His eyes flickered over the paper that'd gotten the F and he peered over at her handwriting, raising a brow. "Don't tell the boys but.." he glanced around faintly, "I like cats too" he added.

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Covering her hand with a laugh, Leila shook her small head, "Ironic," she chuckled, writing out a smooth "B+" for another student's test, and writing-in small text-"good job, keep it up". If you looked at the graded tests, you'd see that Leila had done her best to write a quick, short note for each of the students who'd be receiving the papers tomorrow-these small things and gestures were what made Leila liked as a teacher. Although, she was often too gentle and was always reluctant to push and shove when it was needed.

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Derek wasn't exactly a "liked" teacher. People liked to fear him. They liked to make him out to be more than he was, spread rumors that he'd killed people or that he was a sex offender or that he was secretly insane. He'd heard them all really. Frankly he thought they were a little uninspired, though he supposed it didn't help that he didn't mind disciplining his students and pushing them to meet their full potential. ".. Where do you wanna go?" he asked, watching the ever growing stack of papers.

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"Typically I'd say outside, or in a tree-I usually sit in a tree to grade my students, but I didn't have time for that." Already the stack of "to do" was dwindling as the completed stack grew ever higher, this was a fact that Leila was proud of. "But what would you like to do?" Setting her red fountain pen down, Leila had bought more pens over the week, the white witch glanced up to meet the dire wolf's gaze. "I'd much rather get off of Institute grounds, it's becoming rather suffocating-if not boring-here."

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Derek thought about it for a moment and nodded. Usually he just went home - which was his housing on campus grounds, a massive apartment like building where all of the other staff lived. He'd seen her around from time to time, like when he'd walk his dog early in the morning (he couldn't do it later because the head master would get on about him jogging without his shirt on while the students were out), or when he'd check his mailbox. Of which was always empty. "Are you hungry?" he asked, seeming a little more confident in himself.

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Writing out a much sloppier "D" and a quick little message about taking tutoring, Leila slapped the last paper onto the finished pile and sat up, arms crossed as she tilted her chin up proudly. "And I'm done!" Voice dropping back down to normal, Leila bobbed her head agreeably, "Definitely, I've been eating protein bars and drinking coffee all day."

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Derek blinked and furrowed his brows, suddenly getting a little defensive - not maliciously so, but concerned, "You should eat better - you're really small. You didn't even have breakfast?" he questioned. He typically ate upwards of three thousand calories a day, but he was a dire wolf, and he worked out a lot.

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Puffing out her cheeks, the woman feigned indigence, "You insult me," Leila said, with no real emotion to show that she actually meant her words. "And I probably should eat better, I survive off of seafood, candy, caffeine, and protein bars. Accompanied with the occasional salad," the teacher added, another commonly known fact about her was that she was a vegetarian-and her favorite fish was lungfish.

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Derek's eyes widened and he shook his head, "I'm making you food then" he said simply, standing up and gesturing forward for her to follow. He wasn't kidding either. He prepped his meals meticulously, breakfast lunch and dinner with snacks in between.

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Scooping up her papers, Leila hesitated, "You can cook?" She herself was... Not the best cook. She certainly would've failed as a chef, good thing she was a professor.

((ew, my post is so short.... :<))

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<< nah it's chill >>

Derek nodded slowly, not going much further on that subject. He actually preferred baking - he was a bit of a softy. "There's a restaurant in town... Cafe Epistles." he offered.

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"Oh! I've heard about that place, never been myself, though." Leila leaned over to a desk and plopped down her papers, writing down a note that "these tests need to be placed at Mythical and Magical Creatures classroom".

"Have you been to Cafe Epistles a lot?" The woman asked, hurrying over and having to walk a bit faster to make up for her shorter legs.

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Derek shook his head, glancing at her and slowing down to let her catch up, "I... don't go out much" he explained, shrugging faintly as he opened the door for her and stood aside to let her go first.

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"Hmm, maybe you should-a change of scenery is always healthy," Leila commented, checking her purse for money, inhaler, and an extra pen-the one Derek had given her.

Walking past him, Leila gave the man a teasing smile, "You're quite the gentleman, I'm surprised you don't have a line of ladies waiting at the door."

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Derek thought for a moment and nodded slowly but didn't respond. At her comment he looked perplexed. Women did often come and talk to him for no real reason but there was just something about Leila that caught his attention. He didn't really care for most - but she was different. "You have any food allergies?" he asked.

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Did I say something wrong...? For a moment, Leila felt a flash of fear-and she liked to think of herself as cautious, but not fearful. Of course, in that moment, Leila wasn't facing a huge beast or untameable animal-in that moment, she was worrying about her words. Sure, Derek was obviously a very quiet man, but his expression hinted that he was puzzled. At something she said. That was new for her, Leila tended to be pretty.... Un-puzzling! ((making up words, you should try it, it's fun))

"Oh, no-however, I am vegetarian." She would eat fish, of course, but red meat was just not her forte.

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Derek pushed his hands into his pockets and steadied his pace beside her as he walked down the hall, "... Fish?" he inquired. He had to know what to make her everyday. Because he would be cooking for her as much as he could.

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"Lungfish is my favorite," she agreed, turning to greet every "hello" from student, teacher, or staff. However, Leila barely noticed the wary silence that followed each friendly call, barely noticed that most people shied away from the towering form at her side. Indeed, Leila could be a bit oblivious to the obvious. "I mean, I don't mind the smell of meat or watching others eat meat-I don't over react about that kind of stuff. I just don't eat it myself, and I have nothing against those who do."

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<< i mean at least she knows he wont cheat... >>

Derek nodded and watched her, glancing at the students and raising his brows, "you know a lot of people" he pointed out, seeming intrigued.

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((yerp, that's always good knowledge))

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"It's my job," Leila joked, when, in reality, it wasn't. But the european-american took it as her job, because in her eyes, every student and every adult should feel welcome and comfortable around her. Leila's skills didn't lie solely with befriending animals, after all.

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Derek shook his head, "It's not" he replied, raising his brows at hers, "You just do it.. cause that's you" he shrugged and the corner of his lips quirked up in a small smile. He could never have the guts to greet every single person like she did. People had the tendency of overwhelming him,

<< im making the thread now >>

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((okie doke))

Feeling the faint heat of a rising blush, Leila's face was calm and her smile was a small one-but it was a sweet one. "You, charmer, you," she joked, nudging a soft elbow into Derek's well-muscled side.

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Derek's grin grew a bit more and he nudged her back - though gently, afraid of nudging her too hard. He didn't have a lot of experience working with others. "You have a curfew?" he asked almost teasingly. It was Friday, but she was an actual teacher - the kind that graded papers. He just made people run around a lot.

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"I'll have you know, I'm a mature, consenting adult and curfews are null for me!" She said, raising her head up and feigning arrogance. "But if you must know," Leila went on, dropping her chin and lowering her voice, "I prefer not to be out past twelve."

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Derek nodded, opening the door for her once more and stepping out behind her, "we shouldn't be out longer than.." he glanced down at the time on his phone - which was cracked down the side. He was clumsy. "Nine-ish?" he shrugged.

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Plucking his phone out of his hand, Leila eyed the crack with an inquisitive gaze and a raised brow. "How did this happen," she asked, dropping the device back into Derek's hand. She herself didn't carry a phone, and it would be easier just to send her a pigeon than try to get her to answer her phone-which she had, but as said before, Leila didn't carry it around.

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((may need to leave soon, it's midnight where I am))

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<< ah okay, do you want me to reply on the cafe after this last reply you do? >>

Derek blushed faintly, shrugging, "... Pullups.. It was still in my pocket. Then it wasn't.." he explained awkwardly, looking a little bit guilty.

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((yes, please))

At this, Leila took on a solemn expression. "The pullups cursed you," she said seriously, though there was a glint of laughter in her eyes as Leila fell back so that Derek could take the lead. After all, she didn't know where she was going.

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Foster spent a lot of time in the teacher's lounge. Not because he had a lot of papers to grade or assignments to ready. No, just the opposite in fact. His work required a more hands on approach, he was the drama teacher and while he surely had to know his stuff about ancient pieces of playwright and traditional methods of acting, there wasn't a whole lot to it. He had a lenient class. Rather, Foster didn't like being alone. Usually there was someone in the lounge, pouring coffee, gossiping about students or new couples, like that one dire wolf and that Ms. Jackson. There'd been quite a bit of talk about that one for a while.

Things had gone quiet though - and Foster wasn't the best at making friends. He was great at making first impressions, acquaintances made up the majority of the people he could name off the top of his head, and it was mostly due to his lack of self confidence, his struggle to assert himself in people's lives and feel as though he was really needed in them. There were a few teachers he would have liked to befriend though. Ms. Jackson seemed lovely and Navid was relaxed and sweet, he bought donuts every morning. Mr. Hale was a little frightening and usually glared at the donuts from the other side of the room before storming off to the gym. Then there was Mr. Hyeon, a really really pretty teacher. Laid back to a point. He didn't know much about the history professor but he would have liked to.

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Hyeon stumbled through the door to the teachers' lounge, collapsing onto the nearest couch and closing his eyes, raising one arm to block out the sun filtering in through the windows. To say that he was tired would be a gross understatement. He probably needed to eat — but that involved getting up, and he wasn't sure his limbs would cooperate.

The simple answer to his problem was, of course, to just pay attention to the state that his body was in, but he'd spent all night marking and he'd had classes most of the day — there hadn't really been an opportunity to do anything about it. So instead, he had waited until after class to come back to the teachers' lounge and then crash here until he felt capable of getting up.

Slowly, he came to the realisation that there was someone else here. Hyeon opened his eyes cautiously, then immediately moved his gaze elsewhere. Just his luck, he'd managed to pick a seat directly in the path of the sun. "Close the curtains," he mumbled, not functional enough to care if they had actually heard him. "Too damn bright in here." He closed his eyes again, letting out a deep breath as he wondered which teacher it was. Probably one of the more naïve ones — the drama teacher, perhaps. Hyeon didn't talk to many of the other teachers, usually confined to his classroom all day. There, he was guaranteed a lack of natural light and a significantly decreased risk of disturbance. Here, on the other hand, there were people — not that Hyeon disliked being around people, but after a long day he generally wanted to sleep. He had a low tolerance for loud noises, and classes used up most of that tolerance.

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Foster's eyes widened. Speak of the devil. He opened his mouth to speak - to greet Hyeon more specifically, but he found himself sitting there with lips parted and eyes a little widened. The man looked exhausted. He felt a faint pity stir within him that directly conflicted with the oddest urge to chuckle - of which he did not do because gosh that would be rude.

He stood though and did as he was told, shutting the curtains, leaving the lounge basking in a dim orange glow. He walked over to the little kitchen and picked a muffin up out of the tin, returning to Hyeon and holding it out to him. "I.. Take it you aren't in the best of moods?" he half smiled. He had a certain boyish charm to him, and unlike Mr. Hyeon here, he was actually in a pretty good mood himself.

He seemed the slightest bit hesitant though, or perhaps nervous? Either way he was on edge, watching the man a little too closely for his reactions, trying to determine whether or not he'd done the right thing.

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Hyeon opened his eyes slowly, once the curtains had been shut. His guess had been right — it was the drama teacher. Foster, he remembered. He took the muffin, but didn't eat it. Whenever he was really tired, his fangs tended to come out more, which gave him a slight lisp and made it difficult to chew. "Just tired. Tired and old." And stupid, he added silently. He'd stopped carrying blood around with him out of consideration for the students, some of whom didn't have as much control as he did — but it was times like this that he wished he'd had the thought to keep some in more convenient places than his apartment. Fangs were thoroughly unhelpful when he was this tired — all they did was make it hard to speak and hard to eat.

He gave up on trying to get the blasted things to go away and just tore the top off the muffin anyway. It was uncomfortable chewing like this, but the sugar made him feel slightly more awake. "Thanks." Hyeon knew he should probably get up — he still had more papers to mark, and he should also go back to his apartment and sleep — but Foster seemed like the type to become a kicked puppy if he was abandoned.

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He was clearly concerned, or at least, it was clear on his face, but it was surprising how easy deception was to come by. He sat back down across from Hyeon and gave him a once over, trying his hardest not to stare because again, manners, but it was difficult. Not only because Hyeon really was damn pretty - but because he just didn't look like he was in the best of shape.

".. I uh... No problem. Don't you sleep ever? I mean I'm not exactly well educated on vampires but.. You have to sleep at least a little don't you?" he asked, clasping his hands together and watching the man closely. There was something exciting about those fangs that he couldn't quite place. Something that sent a jolt through him. Maybe he was just being melodramatic - he was the drama teacher after all.

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He shrugged. "I sleep when I have time." He should sleep more, but Hyeon had never been good at taking care of himself. His sister had always said that he needed to go easier on himself — right up until the day she died. That was one of his few memories that had lasted this long — the memory of his sister lying there looking up at him and lecturing him about how he should be sleeping rather than worrying about her. "The students would say it's my fault for setting them so many essays," he added with a small smile. They really hated those essays — but whenever he looked back at their older work, the improvement was evident, and it gave him an idea of what he needed to focus on and who needed help.

He finished off the rest of the muffin, ignoring the fangs aching unpleasantly every time they came in contact with the lower incisors. Sometimes he thought the things had a mind of their own, they were that irritating.

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