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a massive enchanted greenhouse
- herbology taught by jason carver

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason glances around the garden, seeming in deep thought. He spent a majority of his time here. And, when he wasn't here, he was most usually found in his room or his office. Herbology and plants were his life. Well, aside from his 'guardian' duty. Most guardian angels were assigned to guard and protect everyone, but not Jason. Jason was given a specific guardian task. He was to guard a young boy. A boy by the name of Oliver.

It had been a couple weeks already since Jason had started guarding him. Even when teaching, when in here, or when doing something else, Jason always keeps tabs on Oliver's whereabouts. He even requested immediately that Oliver be put in his class. However, since it was the Headmaster that gave Jason this job, he suspected that even if he didn't request it, they would of put Oliver in his class either way.

Jason lets out a small, satisfied sigh. Good, everything else looked to be in order in here. He walks over to a rather old but sturdy looking bench that appeared to have some vines growing around it and sits down, careful not to sit or lean back on any small vines that may of started poking up in the seating area. He pulls out his phone and quietly scrolls through it. He wondered where it was Oliver was at this moment. Class didn't start for another 2 hours.

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Oliver wasn't stupid. Socially inept perhaps and a little awkward yes, but an idiot he was not. As an avid voyeur, watching the world happen from a safe distance, he knew when he was being watched. One of the biggest giveaways had to be when his classes had been switched. He never requested herbology. He didn't mind, but it wasn't something he'd sought after.

Another was the fact that he felt as though he were being monitored here. He liked this class, but he knew the feeling of eyes on him. He knew they were Jason's eyes.

He was intrigued though. It'd caught his interest. So he took the bait and today, surprisingly, he'd come early. Opening the greenhouse door he stepped in, studying the flora with waning attention.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason had glanced up as he heard the door open, blinking lightly. Speaking of the devil. Or, er, kid? He wasn't sure what he was. He wouldn't compare him to the devil, though. He stands up,"..Oliver. You are here early. Is everything alright?" He asks, his brown eyes scanning over Oliver for any sign of him being injured, or perhaps for any body movement that may allow Jason to know what it was Oliver was going to say before he said it. Though, he doubted that. Jason was a brilliant observer. He found it quite easy to read people. But, he never could with Oliver. It was.. Strange.

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Oliver's hands were tucked elegantly into his coat pockets, hair slicked to the side as he typically had it. He tilted his head, walking past him, posture straight yet slightly stiff, his movements meticulous and somehow unpredictable. In many ways, Oliver was a walking contradictory. In others he was an enigma. But that's only what one expected from one of the only students of void. Or rather, the house master himself - but no one knew any of that. "Mr. Carver." he greeted as he reached up to run the back of his hand over a rather expansive leaf. "I had leeway. You never seem to entertain company, and I doubt it's because you're naturally a loner." he brought his hands up to tug gently at his own collar, he always seemed very nicely dressed, almost suspiciously so.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason blinked at Oliver's observation. It was true, Jason wasn't usually a loner. However, he wasn't someone who enjoyed large crowds, either. Or most people, for that matter. But, he didn't mind Oliver's company. As strange as that sounded. A teacher enjoying the company of a student. How.. Odd. Jason allowed his eyes to follow Oliver's movements. Oliver always dressed so appealing. Well, more appealing than most students here. Perhaps appealing wasn't the correct word. Perhaps.. Fancy? Fancy and appealing. Jason would settle for that.

So, the kid had some free time. He lightly nods,"Between tending to the garden, and classes, I do not allow myself to have time for many people to keep me company." That was a lie. He spent most his time following Oliver around. 'Protecting' him. That was the job assigned to him, after all. That, and the classes, are what kept Jason busy. He came here too, of course, just not as often as he was leading on.

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Oliver raised a brow at him, expression somewhat unconvinced. "Oh yes of course, you must be very busy. What with how high maintenance all of this is" he gestured to the greenhouse itself, with its automated watering system to keep it humid. It wasn't high maintenance at all actually, the most he had to do was prune and keep an eye on the growing ones.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason glances over at the automated watering system before he looks back at Oliver,"..Yes, indeed." He was a horrible liar. Probably because he was an angel. He had to work on that. "What do you normally do to keep yourself busy, hmm?" He asks, walking over and looks over his shoulder at the flower he was previously looking at.

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Oliver nearly rolled his eyes but it wasn't like Jason would have noticed, seeing as they were completely black and all. He thought about his next words carefully, "Well, I study. But I'm sure you already know that" he replied vaguely, just well enough to allude to his knowledge but not to give away his true intent. "I tend to do nothing at all from time to time."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason blinks, staring at him. Surely, Oliver studied. All other students studied as well. He lightly nods, glancing at the flowers. Perhaps him doing nothing is what brought him here. He was bored. Jason lightly shrugs,"Don't we all, at some point?" He smiles lightly, glancing down at him before he steps away. "Tell me, Oliver, was this the first place you thought to come to during your free time?"

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He was perplexed by the question, raising his brows, "If I said yes, would that make you happy?" he asked, dodging his question. He did that a lot, perhaps it was a bad habit.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason blinks lightly, eyeing him,"..Perhaps. Though, I'd be more happy if I knew it was the truth." He lightly furrows his brows. Man, Oliver was pretty slick. He always had Jason thinking, to the point Jason barely even realized that Oliver had dodged his question.

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Oliver raised his brow and nodded slowly. He liked Jason. He couldn't say that about most people, he genuinely found Jason something pleasant to be around. Perhaps it was the plants, or how Jason acted a lot less like a teacher around him, and more like an equal. Regardless, he hadn't come around simply to bother the man. "Perhaps then, it's the truth" he retorted, smirking faintly.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason found himself lightly smiling at his words, though he quickly changes it to a smirk,"That so? You're quite open about that.. Anything else you wish to be open about?" He questions, eyeing Oliver over. Perhaps he was being a little too open with the kid. Or.. Pushy, flirty? Who knows. If the kid wanted him to stop, he would. Although, he was a teacher.. He'd have to be careful. Wouldn't want the kid to try reporting him. That'd be bad. He takes a step back respectfully, lightly coughing,"Anyways.. Are you hungry?"

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Oliver watched him, slowly pacing to observe another plant as he waved away the question dismissively, "No, not particularly" he replied, "A flower takes weeks to bloom, its petals need time to outstretch, it doesn't just open up because the sun tells it to" he added cryptically.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason blinks, staring at him in shock. Again, Oliver never ceased to amaze him. "Mmm.. Did I delve too deep into your personal affairs?" He wonders out loud, lightly tilting his head. Indeed, it was probably too soon for Jason to be asking Oliver such deep questions as this. Although, from research, he liked to say he knew quite a lot about Oliver, Oliver couldn't of known much about him. So, in Oliver's eyes, he supposed he was still close to a stranger. Though, a stranger that Oliver seemed to enjoy being around. A stranger Jason seemed to stalk. Was what he did call stalking? Or, perhaps that's just how Guardian Angels were? He wasn't quite sure.

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He smirked knowingly as he turned to face Jason, eyes flickering over his form, hands tucked firmly into his pockets again. Now Jason was taunting him, hiding his intentions in plain sight. In some ways, he could liken this confrontation to a show down between two hardened cowboys, guns drawn and at the ready. Now it was just a matter of who shot first. "A good man hides nothing, an interesting man hides everything. You'll come to learn certain things as time passes I'm sure, as you already have"

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments A small smirk had tugged at the corner of Jason's unusually soft lips as he eyed Oliver over lightly. "You talk as if you are older than me, Oliver. Have we finally reached the relationship where the student tries to surpass the master?" He questions, locking eyes with Oliver. Those black, empty eyes. The kind that would usually warn others of danger, and push them away. And yet, they seemed to always draw Jason in, above all else.

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Oliver narrowed his eyes, "I only spoke my mind, is it possible you're just threatened by my presence? Is it possible I've already surpassed you?" he questioned, tilting his chin up, a devious glint in his gaze. He enjoyed their back and forths, endless bickering, endless entertainment. Jason always had his guard up, always searching for something behind Oliver's words. It was amusing in a sadistic kind of way.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason blinks, looking offended,"Me? threatened? Quite the contrary. I quite enjoy your company." He says in almost a teasing manor, his smirk seeming to grow. Was he threatened? What was there to feel threatened about? Naturally, Jason was just curious about the boy, perhaps even a bit interested in him. But threatened? Not at the moment.

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Oliver smirked faintly, "Kidding. It was a joke... probably" he replied, even though his tone hadn't changed and there were no physical indicators that he had in fact been joking. He mostly just liked running Jason around in circles.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason smirks,"As am I." He eyes him over. Weird. He got a strange sensation in his body, as if he wanted to ruffle his hand through Oliver's smooth, dark brown hair. How odd. Good thing he held himself back. "You do not seem like the joking type, Oliver. I have to say, I'm quite surprised."

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Oliver stopped at the other end of the greenhouse before pacing forward again. He didn't stay still very often, "Are you now?" he replied, hands clasped behind his back as he tilted his head, "Then what kind of type do I seem like?" he questioned.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason's eyes scan him, clearly studying his expression and movements. "..You seem as though you'd be the type of guy to prefer staying at home, reading books. Perhaps one that knows many things that others do not. Perhaps also one who is not familiar with relationships of any sort. You seem like someone who'd have a very dark room and surround yourself with books and.. Perhaps some sort of runes?" Ok. Maybe he wasn't being discreet. Maybe he was unintentionally hinting that he had looked through Oliver's window once or twice. Only for Oliver's protection, of course. He didn't mean to hint at this. Perhaps he didn't even realize he did. Or, perhaps he has never seen the inside of Oliver's room. Perhaps he was just really good at guessing.

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Oliver raised his brows, "Careful there Jason, you might blow your cover" he suddenly smirked before turning to gaze up at a towering ivy. He wasn't supposed to call his teacher by his first name - but he disregarded a lot of rules. Most of them actually. "You aren't completely wrong though, color me pleasantly surprised." he spoke almost sarcastically.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason blinks, lightly swallowing though keeps his calm,"I don't know what you're talking about." He places his hands in his pockets, eyeing Oliver once more before following his gaze. He called him by his first name. Well, it shouldn't be surprising. Most other people did, but never a student. Not just any student said it either, but Oliver did. Wait, what? Nevermind. He tilts his head,"..You don't seem that surprised at my knowledge."

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Oliver didn't look surprised but he certainly looked amused, smug and complacent. Almost obnoxiously so. Jason was a lot of fun to talk to, the most fun even. "Then perhaps I'm not surprised at all. But can you prove that?" he asked, toying with the rings along his fingers.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason glances back at him,"..Prove that you're not surprised? Probably not." It irritated him to admit that. He could barely read Oliver like he could everyone else. Perhaps that's what drew him in more. The mystery of things. He looks back up at the lavender,"..Can you prove something without any proof, Oliver?" He asks, his brown eyes flashing back down to him.

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Oliver narrowed his charcoal eyes in intrigue. "... What an interesting question" he murmured before turning back to the ivy. "I suppose not, without proof an argument has no premise." he bit his lip and turned his gaze up to Jason once more, eyes flickering over him, "And by that logic... if you aren't caught committing a crime... did you commit the crime at all?" he questioned.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason locked eyes with him,"..If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a noise? A crime is still a crime. However, whether or not someone is around or not, the tree will still fall on it's own, even if no one is around to see it. It's a natural part of nature. As are some crimes." He whispers softly.

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"But if no one is there to point out that the tree itself has fallen, it hasn't, because we are the ones who give significance to words like "fall," or "crime," respectively." he continued on, eyes flickering over his features, "Regardless of whether or not a tree fell, or a crime was committed, it doesn't matter, in the grand scheme of things nothing really matters" he spoke lower, almost challenging, "So why hold back at all?" he asked, almost in a whisper.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason eyes him, grabbing his arm and pulls him close, kissing him on the lips. Perhaps he should of thought before doing this. Or, perhaps not thinking at all is what brought his body to act on it's own. It was being challenged, so naturally, it responded. But, if someone were to of been near by, without their knowledge, while Jason tenderly kissed a student, Oliver, they'd surely be in deep trouble. Thank god no one was.

It took a few moments for Jason to come to his senses. He softly pulls away, staring down at him,"..I.. Um.. Apologize.." He whispers, eyes flickering back over Oliver's lips.

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Oliver's eyes widened faintly and he didn't kiss back at first. He'd never kissed anyone before. So it took him a few moments to understand what he was doing. He leaned in just as Jason had pulled away. "... Pleasantly surprising, that's what you are, Jason" he whispered.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason blinks, a small smile playing at his lips,"..Ah, so I did surprise you, then? Is there a way to prove that?" He eyes him. Though, it was clear from Oliver's hesitation that he had surprised him, so perhaps he needn't ask. He glances around as if realizing where it was they were. "..If you have no place to be right now, we could, perhaps.. Go to my apartment, after school?" He questions. Again, another sinful act: Inviting a student over to his place.

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Oliver was again, surprised by that bold of a question. His curiosity got the better of him though and he slowly nodded, "... It should be later in the evening, once the other teachers have gone to sleep" he spoke quietly. He knew it would be odd for a teacher to run into him in their apartment block - not to mention wildly suspicious. Yet somehow the idea was almost exciting to him.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Jason blinks, lightly nodding,"Of course. It'll have to be after my classes as well. Around ten or midnight should do. Is that alright?" He asks, once again turning his gaze to the flowers.

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Oliver raised his brows at Jason, "... It certainly is" he replied calmly, turning on his heel, "I've a few things to attend to, before your class" he added before starting towards the door.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo ducked under the greenhouse's entrance, sauntering inside leisurely. He didn't care much for plants or nature in general, but the greenhouse was one of the few areas in the school where he could rest assured that he would not be disturbed. There was the potential that the herbology teacher would return, of course, but considering Jinsoo had spotted him walking away earlier, he figured he would be too busy to do so at the moment. He made his way to the back of the greenhouse, seating himself down on a rock directly next to the glass wall. He was glad it was clear; watching the passing mobs was just about the only thing to do here. Not a very interesting life style, but it saved Jinsoo the trouble of dealing with others.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments ((supper excited to rp them!! I'll add Carly in once I get back from the fair in a few hours :3))

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Sakurasou | 79 comments (( Have a blast there X) And oke, looking forward to it :3 ))

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments ((Thx!! Love you!! Talk to you later <3))

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Sakurasou | 79 comments (( Np! Love you tooo <3 ))

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carly had been here for some time. She was friends with Mr.Carver and often times would come here to check on her own plants in her free time. Carly found it easy to make friends, even among teachers. However, due to Mr.Carver constantly being busy with something, or, someone, she never saw him as much any more. However, he seemed happy enough, so she never complained about it. She was happy for him.

Carly enjoyed nature. She enjoyed the sounds of the birds, the sound of the water fountain not far off. She enjoyed the beautiful array of colors that the garden was filled with. It was always relaxing. But, most of all, she enjoyed just sitting in the grass, under a large apple tree, and just relaxing. Sometimes she read, other times she did her homework, but it was always in the grass. However, other than Mr.Carver being here, she was usually the only one here on Thursdays after class, so it surprised her when she had seen someone on the grass in the distance.

Carly knew a lot of people, but she did not know him. She was beginning to realize she didn't know everyone at this school. Though, she hoped someday she would. A small smile grew on her slightly pale face as she had approached,"Good evening." She says loudly to the other male, in hopes of not startling him. He seemed distant in her eyes. Though, she was unsure why that was.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo had not noticed Carly's prescence at all entering the greenhouse. He had become accustomed to being alone, for he didn't usually come on Thursdays as much as he did on the others days, due to his schedules and whatnot. He heard her approaching, however, and his grey-blue eyes shot up in her direction, wide and surprised to see her. He studied her wordlessly. He didn't think he'd ever seen her before, she was quite unfamiliar to him. His eyes narrowed a tad bit when she spoke, and he did not return her kind smile.
"... who are you?" He asked bluntly, shoving aside her greeting. He made it a point not to connect with people he didn't know at all, and at the moment, finding out who she was and her motive for approaching him was a bigger priority to Jinsoo than how polite his manner of speaking was to her.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments (view spoiler)

Carly smiles, sitting beside him and eyes him for his reaction,"Right. Sorry. I'm Carly Myers." She points to the greenhouse not far away,"Mr.Carver allowed me to plant my own plants here so he allows me to stay Thursdays after class." Her bright blue eyes had curiously looked at him,"And you are?"

Carly did not notice his rude behavior. She was too naive. Or, perhaps she was used to it. Not everyone here at the school was friendly. She had grown used to it, and was accustomed to adapting to just about anyone's personality. Either way, she did not seem to care that he was skeptical of her. However, she had sat at a respectful distance away from him, to give him any space he needed. She was a stranger, after all, so if she did notice his crude behavior, she knew it wasn't without reason.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments ( It's ok! )

Jinsoo continued to stare her down while she sat next to him, luckily for him not too closely. He wasn't sure what to make of her yet so the distance between them was appreciated.
He followed her line of sight when she pointed out her plants to him, not really interested but at least it explained her being here. He didn't stare at them long, his gaze almost instantly snapping back to Carly.

"I'm Mr. None of your business," he murmured sarcarstically. Despite his unwillingness to speak about himself to her, he at least proved he was somewhat interested to learn more about Carly with his next line of questioning, which in itself was rare.
"... are your hobbies really so dull that growing plants somehow amuses you? Or do you not have any friends?" He questioned rather bluntly. Not that he had any right to talk when his hobbies consisted of brooding endlessly and listlessly watching people go about their lives. His tone of voice was calm despite the nature of his words.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carly blinks though her smile remains,"Do you think they consider brooding a sport where you're from?" She asks, almost sarcastically. That wasn't like her either. Though, she glanced back at her greenhouse, answering him,"Friends are nice and all, but nothing beats coming here and tending to the flowers. The sights, smell and sound really put at ease to my mind. It helps me relax a bit." She didn't seem to mind him blowing her off. She figured she'd find out his name sooner or later.

Carly, although popular, often found herself becoming very lonely. Sure, there was her roommate, but even then she often found herself alone. Here alone, to be specific. It wasn't often she had someone to just sit here and talk to, no matter how rude the other person seemed to be. Though, she wouldn't give in to this delightful feeling yet. There was no guarantee he'd be back after this.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo narrowed his eyes slightly but otherwise didn't seem offended by her comeback, it was a fact, after all. He turns away from her to stare straight ahead. "What makes you think I'm the brooding type? From what I recall, we're strangers to each other."
He listened to her talking about her greenhouse attentively, even taking another glance at the plants. He didn't trust her nor particularly care for her, but the distraction from his usual boring hours here was welcome. Despite his hostility, he hoped she wouldn't leave too soon. Perhaps he was asking for too much but he hoped, at least.
When she'd finished speaking, he raised a brow, obviously doubtful of her words and promptly sniffed the air about them, instantly wrinkling his nose in distaste. "Oh really? They don't smell great." He replied lifelessly.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carly smiles, eyeing him over,"..It's just a feeling I get, that's all.." She then looks back up at the sky, softly biting her bottom lip. She enjoyed when their were no clouds in the sky. It made room for the sun, and the blue to shine through. It pleased her.
At his next statement, she had lightly laughed and looked back at him,"It's not for everyone. If you don't like this smell, you probably wouldn't like being on a farm either." Carly didn't have much experience on a farm, but she remembers driving past them in the human realm when she was a child. But, who knows, maybe, if he didn't like the smell of flowers, he'd enjoy the smell of a farm. She had lightly shrugged at her own thought, putting it aside.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo didn't say anything in response to her first statement, however, considering he didn't immediately try to deny the possibility, left a lot of room to believe it was true. He didn't seem to care whether or not she knew about that part of him.
He watched the far wall as Carly spoke, listening to her still.
"I've never been to a farm and I don't want to either if they smell worse than here," he concluded from her words. Jinsoo was as equally clueless about farms as Carly was. He didn't have to see them much in life, growing up in the more populated, noble sides of the city and then moving to a school campus.

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