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Arnold and Louis: Gold Rush
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Arnold and Louis. Gold rush. by Harvey Storm Harvey Storm

Title: Arnold and Louis. Gold Rush
Author: Harvey Storm
Genre: ​Children's picture book
Formats Available: Pdf
Time Frame: 4 Weeks
Copies Available: 10


Arnold is a moose who lives in a small wooden house on the edge of the forest. He is something of a dreamer, and his greatest wish is to find some buried treasure. But despite his best efforts, Arnold has never found any so far.

Then, one day, Arnold’s friend, a goose called Louis, comes to his house with a suggestion that they go searching for treasure. Arnold jumps at the chance, of course, and the two make preparations to set off into the dangerous forest.

They enlist the help of some others and head off on the adventure of a lifetime. But there are more dangers than even they could have imagined, and they soon realize the value of friendship.

What will happen when they find the treasure they are looking for? Will it change them, or will they still be the same moose and goose they always were? Read on for an exciting adventure with Arnold and Louis.

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sent in your request Tony

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