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- swimming coached by angelo

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments Colin was a giant man, even for a school made specifically for monsters. He was tall, broad shouldered, and very very loud. It was simply islander culture! If you weren't loud, then you may as well be dead and buried. So, when he was too busy reading and slammed his head on the top of the door frame, the curse that escaped from his lips echoed throughout the entire pool. He just hoped it was empty. Holding his forehead and looking around, he noticed a nervous looking 5th year. "Oh, dont give me that look, I know all you nerds cuss. Now go run along," he said, holding the door open and letting the kid scurry away.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Angelo was sitting. Though he was sitting at thr bottom of the pool in the deep end. He still could be visible by those who knew where he like to hide to reflect on the day and do some relaxing. Thos was his true home, the water. Though he enjoyed sea water better, the pool in whoch he taught in worked. Though his thinkong about how mesmerizing the ripple of deep end wayer were intterupted by a thud and warpled noise of a familar giant. Now Angelo, or Baby to his friends, was no small fella, but compared to Colin he was a mouse. So he stood up in the liquid and began to simple float up on his back so he would look like he was chilling there the whole time.

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments "I better not have a stupid lookin bruise...." He was grumbling a bit, but for good reason. Kids were mean. Highschoolers were meaner. If you showed any ounce of weakness theyd pounce like wolves. Of course, only about 10% of the student body were werewolves, but- oh, forget it. That was a thought rabit hole he didnt want to go down. The real reason he had come down to the pool was to see his old friend. He'd had a tiring day, and friends always seemed to make the day feel as though it wasnt as bad. Besides, he was all done with classes for the day. Seeing Angelo in the water, he put on a big smile. "You didn't see that, right?"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "See? No, hear? Oh yeah, maka." Maka was the little nickname he gave to everyone he was friendly with, it was a sort of islander word for friend. Angelo alqays had the problem of switching between normal English and pidgin. "How are you today? Ya seem less den please." He began ti float over to the edge of the pool then quickly sat up on the concrete edge. He was wearing just some old cargo shorts today, nothing too fancy for swimtrunks. "None of the fools gave you any trouble did they? I could make em piss themselves if you want me to." Angelo gave a devlish grin and patted next to him. "Have a seat, braddah, lets talk."

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments "Of course they gave me trouble. Do they not give you trouble?" He ran a hand through his messy hair, sitting down on the concrete far from the water. He loved Angel to death, believe me, but there was no way in any of the nine hells he was gonna be tricked near that water. He was afraid of deep pools. if you asked him about it, though, he'd simply say he had worked very hard on accumulating that much dirt and he wasnt going to let some water ruin that for him. "One of the witches thought it would be funny to unleash locusts in the classroom biblical style. Although, I did manage to convince two first years I was actually off the streets."

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Nah, because if they give me trouble, this is what happens." He then waves his hands a little and a small line if water began to move towards Colin like a snake would until it got towards his foot and then it simple turned back to normal water. "Except it would go up there leg and send them runnin' to the hills." He chuckled and stood up, shaking like a ling haired dog would to remove the water on them and than sat down to his giant friend. "Hey, two peolpe aint that bad maka, maybe if you ripped your pants a bit more, you could convince a coulpe more?" Angelo was always happy to help Colin pull off some awful prank, espically if it is towards other teachers, a number of whom taught the both of them. "Remember when we let loose the rattle snake in arcane history? The teacher was screamin' like a two year old.." Another deep chuckle came out and he sighed, already enjoying his friend's company. "Did you manage to get them away and out of your classroom? I hate mages the most, maka. They are always the entiltled brats of this school."

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments The second the small stream of water came his direction, the (mostly) respected teacher pulled his knees to his chest quick enough to make a loud thump. He knew his friend would never hurt him, of course; they had known each other for how long and the only time they ever laid hands on one another was either during clsss when they were forced to or in play fights. That didn't stop him from being freaked out by his best friend's choice of weapon. When he brought up their time in school, the anxiety seemed to melt from his shoulders. He snickered, shaking his head a bit. He couldn't believe that they were so... rambunctious and had ended up here. They were now having to deal with thosw rambunctious teens. Jesus Christ, they were old. "Oh, of course. Turned out the majority were illusions, anyway. You know that feeling when you're proud they were actually listening, but annoyed cause they're using the tricks for evil?"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Angelo was laughing his ass off when he began to hunch up due to a small stream of water coming up to him. "Oh..hehe..ya big baby! Its just a bit of water.." He laughed some more before calming down and listening to what his friend had to say. Angelo knew of Colin's odd fear of water, he use it to mess with his fellow teacher. Though he would never purposfully hurt him in any way, this was the guy Angelo went to talk to about his problems and would get a hug ir his friend to go get absolutely fucking hammered with. "All the time, espically the other water manipulators such as myself. I lile to give them lessons on it and it is suuper bittersweet when the use it on me." Angelo smiled amd laid a somewhat wet hand on Colin's shoulder. "You can make it my man, its like what? 3 months till weeks vacation than back to beaches, beers, and babes. It will be wonderful."

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments He simply rolled his eyed at Angelo's teasing. He tried to keep a straight face to prove that he didnt appreciate it, believe me, but he couldn't help but snicker a bit as well. They weren't just old. They were stupid and old. "It's what you get, you dick," he teased back, nudging him in the ribs with a sharp elbow. When he brought up the upcoming break, though, he sighed happily and stretched as if he could already feel the sun on him. "Cousin, my aunties are all up on my shit. Askin me when Im gonna come home and visit the islands- 'nough already!" He loved his family; all islanders did through all the bitching and drama. That didnt mean he wasnt gonna complain. It was tradition, after all.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Same 'ere man, My momma wants to hear all about how I am doing working at the big school and then she'll fill me up on fa’ausi. But I am ready just to enjoy not chlorinated water and feel good, brught sun in my back." Angelo was reminiscing a little, he did really miss home. But this was a good paying job with friends and an area he was use to. The man let out another chuckle at him jabbing him in the ribs. "Oh, yeah, but it is all in giod fun. Just raising the mext generation of us idiots. I mean, I already told some about our best ones we did, and they were excited to try their own."

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments Colin could feel the homesickness radiating off of his friend. He could only somewhat relate; he may as well have been haole, after all. He wasn't able to visit Hawaii until he was 10, and the Philippines until he was 15. Of course, after that he spent his summers out at one of the two. "You're just askin for trouble telling the kids all the shit we used to do. It's gonna be funny until they do it to you." He had made that mistake his first year of teaching. He had told one of the wolf kids -Anthony? Andrew?- some of the trouble he got into as a kid. The next day all of the things in his room had been covered in what mustve been hundreds of cans of silly string. Not only that, but the little shit stole his expensive cigars. You cant have anything nice in this school.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Well I hope I recieve trouble, that way, I can get them back just as quickly like..." And rapidly the water snake appeared again in a flash and was right next to Colin, giving off a faint hiss before it went back into the pool, with Angelo laughing again at whatever reaction his giant friend would have. "Eh, but what brings you to the pool, maka? Did you want to go out or did you have something on your mind?" Angelo sure did have a few things on hus but he wouldnt bring it up until the time was right. He pushed back some of his wild black curls, wanting them out of his face, he really would look like a long haired dog then. "Lets go to the shop man, I am hungry after all that swimming." He grabbed his shirt nearby and a towel, motioning Colin to come aling as he headed out the door.

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Colin screamed. Not a manly scream, either, a scream that sounded like it belonged to a 7 year old girl scout who had a big ol spider on her hand. The big man was also afraid of snakes, funny enough. Immediately snapping, he created the image of a large wasp crawling up his friend's arm in revenge. Even if he didnt think it was real, it sure was an attempt. Covering his heart with his hand, he calmed his breathing. "I came here to try and get my mind off shit, but I won't object to going out," he replied with a small shrug. Standing up, he slouched a bit to look smaller than he actually was. He normally did that around people who were smaller than him- so basically everyone.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Now it was Angelo's turn to yell, not as bad as his larger friend but still he tried to swat it away and let out a very large huh! sound. "God fuckin' dammit!" He then looked at it, realized it was an illusion and gave his friend a light punch in the arm. "Hey dude, mine dont look life like. That is an unfair advantage." Angelo shook his head and walked down the hallway towards the closest gate out of the institute. "We are gonna go chill out dude or we are gonna get high as hell trying. Come on, I know a sweet place to relax and get some good stuff." And without another word he was off towards his small truck in the staff parking area.
((End and we can stop for now if you like))

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments ((could we?? im juggling a bunch of shit rn so i can only do a few at a time. id love to rp again sometime tho!!))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments ((Yeah man, you do you. Please come back when your ready for more. MwaHahahaha))

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The water was the safest place Zinovia could possibly find herself. Or so she thought at least. Before it became a standardized facility with chemicals and teenagers and imbeciles everywhere. So for the past four weeks, everytime she'd come to class she'd use the same excuse to prevent herself from having to share an open body of water with all of that nonsense. "Lady problems." she'd tell the swim coach, tilting her chin up, locks of shimmering gold framing her face. "You wouldn't get it, you aren't a lady" she'd add if he'd try to protest. It was just awkward enough of a subject for her to weasel her way out of the day's activities without having to get a doctor's note of some sort. He probably thought it was odd, considering what she was. A siren. She was a mistress of the deep, generations influenced by the goddess Calypso herself. But she was also introverted and quiet and even perhaps a little shy. She swam by herself, otherwise she'd get certain thoughts. Unsafe thoughts. Each species came with its own primal urges, hidden carnal desires. Sirens, before the modern age, before there were men with guns and silly laws written down on ancient papyrus, were something to be feared. She couldn't deny that on occasion her cynical attitude was just a little more than waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or having a crummy morning. She didn't have a full grasp on her abilities, she was working on it. But until then she stood on the sidelines, watching the class from beside the locker room doors and narrowing crystalline hues spitefully. She'd swim tonight, once everyone had left. Even the coach himself. It's not like they locked the pool, or that she couldn't manage to get in, even if they did.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Angelo was teaching the class, it was winding down towards the end and it was mostly peolpe just doing what they wanted. It was the end of the week and he had a shit ton of paperwork to do. Surprisingly, Angelo wasnt use to it but had to work on renewing all the permits and checking that the pool was in order. It sucked and the man was going to be here all night in his small closet sized office next to the pool in a small hallway. His mind was stuck ona coulpe things as he sat back in his little chair and watched the kids, makimg sure no one tried any tricks on each other. Angelo then felt a buzz in his pocket and realized it was time to get out. "Alright everyone!" He hollered, loud and cheerful. "Get out and get dressed, classes will be changin' soon!" He then sat back down and went back to his thoughts. He defiently needed to talk, no matter how awkward it would be, to one of the female teachers about the blonde girl...Zinovia was her name? He thought, about her 'lady issues' it had been about two weeks since she swam and he wanting ti make sure she wasn't ya know, not gonna die or whatever.

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Zinovia was shaken out of her reverie by the coach, eyes flickering up, brow raising in a challenging manner. She didn't particularly like the coach. He seemed pleasant enough, but she didn't like this class. Maybe she just didn't like people in general. She turned, stepping out of the gym once the bell rang.


She preferred the night to the day. Though she was of sun influence, she liked how calm it was, the silence, the steady water and its darker depths. It was near magnetic when she could hardly see the bottom, when the lights were all off and the moon beamed in through the windows. She'd already dressed for a swim, and she was pretty sure it wasn't against the rules to use the public pool. She closed the door behind her, a hollow sound and a rush of air sending a chill down her back as she let the towel slip to the ground. It wasn't so bad in here, when there weren't obnoxious teenagers screeching like banshees, some of them actual banshees.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Angelo hadnt locked up the pool tonight, knowing he wanted to take a dip later in the evening and that time was know. He had been working for hours on this confusing as hell paperwork and needed a break. The office space didnt help either, it was cramp and too stuffy for his liking, it was like what he imagine being in a steamer was like. Plus the old shit computer he was working with kept messing up and he spent half the time fixing it. So in a sigh of frustration and got out, wanting to swim a little, he made his way towards the pool from the small hallway that connected the two rooms. His hair was out all over the place, including his beard but a rubber band was put in the mane of black curls as he got closer, it was easier to swim that way. When he reached the room he stopped for a moment and most likely could be seen by the unknown quest starting to peel off his shirt and having a tad bit of trouble before it camw off and he threw it again his chair, and without evening paying attention to see if anyone was around ran and dives into the very deep end to hit the bottom. That was his sweet spot, where he felt the best and when he hit the water, there was hardly a splash.

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Zinovia slid herself in and floated down to the bottom, closing her eyes, a rippling wave flowing forward as her legs pressed into a long, scaled tail. She at least felt somewhat safe here like this. Where she'd come from, it wasn't the cold that got to her - but rather the sailors that hunted in her waters. She didn't notice the man, settled at about the six foot mark, her fins glowing in the water as though they were bio-luminescent.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments His body did not change as drastically as hers did, not that he saw it, but his skin slowly turned a blueish tint and small slits appeared on his neck. Then, after Angelo had settled down in the water, he opened his eyes to look around. The water seemed peaceful for a moment, and in that moment he was utterly serene. Water was were marids were gods and kings and was were Angelo felt like he was a million bucks. Then he noticed ripples, it came a bit away from him and even in the dark, he noticed a little bit of shine and glitter in the distance and he became curious. He stood, the water simply being ground to the djinn, and walk/swam closer to the strange light, and what he saw made him almost just want to swim back. It was the girl, Zinovia, the one who always said she couldnt swim. She looked..a thousand times better in the water, and her tail was something straight out of a painting. Absolutely gorgeous. So he sat there and waited, unsure even what to say to the intruder. He was suppose to send her to rhe head master proably was hard to tell. So, he just swam back a little ans watched, wondering what she was doing here besides to swim of course.

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She sat there for a few minutes, but she felt ... off. As though there were eyes on her. So she opened her own, blinking up at Angelo in surprise and shooting upwards to the surface, "... I... can explain this" she spoke awkwardly, her voice soft and tone low.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Angelo followed slowly behind and popped up, his gills disappearing when his head bobbed up. "Ya best have a good explanation, Miss Lady Problems." He tried his best not to crack a grin at his own awful sounding teacher voice, but he managed to hold his composure. The djinn swam to the edge and took a seat on the concrete and crossed his arms. "Like, I knew there was something off, but I couldnt say nothing, or else my ass would have been smacked..I mean, i woild have been smacked. But now I got you so start talking." He then stifled a laugh and tried his best to lool serious.

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Zinovia stared at him, completely dumbfounded by his nickname, "... That's tasteless" she grumbled, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms as her tail held her up over the surface, "And your class is garbage" she said rather boldly, even if her voice hardly went up at all, "No one does anything useful, and you certainly don't take initiative in teaching them, Mr. Cool Teacher" she furrowed her brows and came to the conclusion that the both of them were bad at nicknames. Though that wasn't the problem, the students, his teaching style, it was her. She was the problem. She was afraid of attacking someone as she had so many times before.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Oh like you could do any better, haole. Yours is as bad as mine." That laughter Angelo was trying to hold back broke through a little and he laughed, then the flood gates realsed and he just laughed for a moment. He couldnt stand being a serious teacher. It was boring as hell, maybe in 10 years he would become old and crotchety. "Its fuckin' swimming class, deary, everyone already knows what there doing. I dont even know why its a class besides giving me a job around here." He then kicked some water towards her. "Lighten up a tad, like I could be mad at any of you guys. Just, like seriously, why are you here? Is this just a thing or like like were you dared..?" He raised an eyebrow as he awaited an answer, a somewhat pleasent smile across his face and he just lioked pleasently happy in general.

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She stared at him, expression perplexed as his facade melted into giggles and pleasant grins. She frowned, though only faintly so, running her fingers through her wet hair and looking away, shifting uncomfortably. She floated to the side, her tail propelling her back away from his splash, "I'll attack them" she fessed up, shrugging, "It's my nature"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Oh you will not. Because if you try, I will be there. Water is kind of my thing, after all. Its why I thunk they made me the coach." That and he held the record for the fastest freestyle out of anyone in the school, but ya know, one can dream its due to their magical prowess. "Like, there are proably tougher folks here that can keep you from doing a thing like that. I just want all yall to at least enjoy yourselves, but if you dont wanna swim with 'em, thats cool. Just dont lie to me, seriously." He shrugged a little before hopping back into the water, saying a few words and the water letting him basically dit on top of it and the blue hue of his skin slowly returned again. There was still something though, as Angelo watched this Zinovia girl just oaddle around, something about her that got stuck in his mind. It was her eyes or something but she was just...mesmerizing almost. Not like hypnotic or anuthing, just, it was something. The djinn shook his head a little, getting those odd thoughts about a student out of his head, or trying to anyways.

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Zinovia rolled her eyes. Yeah but I'd still try and that's what matters she thought to herself - but didn't say out loud. She appreciated that he hadn't sent her to the headmaster, she'd heard stories about.. whoever that person was. Angelo wasn't all that bad after all, she supposed.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Angelo just laid back and slowly paddled along, thinking of what to say, or what to do. "So, have you been doing this since youve been in my class or longer or what? Because I swear I have seen like maybe a glimpse of you a night or two but I am not sure. It could just be ghost for all I know." He chuckled and floated closer to the blonded haired siren, not purposefully, but just letting the waves ride him.

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Zinovia was still distant, eyes narrowing just slightly at him, watching suspiciously as her tail flicked above the water a moment, "If I say yes will I get in trouble?" she asked carefully, her voice still hushed. She couldn't talk at a normal volume, what with the whole siren thing and all - it was a major inconvenience really.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Nah, maka, I dig it. I did a lot stupider shit when I went to school here, so its all good. Im just curious, ya know?" He looked over, noticing she was almost whsipering and he spoke up about it. "Another thing, why you always whisperin'? It aint irritating or nothing but there is like a group of you in my classes who never seem to speak up." Angelo was sort of ignorant of everyone else species, not on purpose, just didnt care frankly. He digged the person for who they are, not what they are. He had stopped kicking his legs at the poi t and gently bobbed along, his direction was wherever the waves of the pool led him.

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"Siren" she enunciated, shaking her head, "My voice does things to people, I have to be considerate of people around me, and cautious" she explained sternly. You'd think this school trained their staff to better handle students.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Ah, I see. Well good to know." He shrugged a little before diving into the water, making sure he got nice and drenched again before popping right back up and swimming out to the edge, standing and shaking off some of thw water than looked down at her, that grin still there, a little cocky looking maybe, but it was nice. "Well I have to go shut down my office, swim for awhile, I will be back." He then walked off and did exactly what he said. Though it gave him time to think. She didnt even seem to friendly, which was strange, espically in hwr situation. It was kind of he loved the attention a certain few gave him but someone giving him the oppisite was almost thrilling, like a challenge was afoot. So he return after 10 minutes ready to dive back on it. "You never did answer my question, how long have you been sneaking in?" He asked as he settled back into the water so he was waist high in and just sat, though his position didnt change in the water.

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She stopped at the edge of the pool once he'd returned, tail stretched out in full length as she leaned against the cement. She shrugged, seeming a little less bitter now, "... a while now.. a long while" she admitted awkwardly.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Long while..well, next time. Just ask, I will leave it unlocked on purpose then." He shrugged a little himself and floated next to Zinovia. "So uh, Zinovia, right? How about tommorow, you try to swim with the others? Just see what happens. And if shit hits the fan, I can have the pool just grab ya, ya" he snickered a little before allowing the water let go of himself and grab the girl, gently. "This..but a LOT harder." He gave another devilish grin before he stopped messing with the water and relaxed, feeling rhe gentle laps of pool water hit his upper chest and those odds thoughts returned. The girl really did fill out that suit nicely, and she didnt seem to bad of lady.

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Zinovia went quiet and stared up at him, eyes widening faintly. His hair hung in ringlets, eyes as dark as coals. It reminded her of a song she'd heard when she was young. She shook her head at his proposition, "I can't." she said simply, "I know I'll try something." she added. She had to get a grip on her abilities, she knew it'd only get worse as she grew.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Hey, hey, hey." He put a gently arm on the poor girls shoulder. "You can, it wont be hard. Like I said, I will be right there keeping an eye on the whole situation." Angelo looked her right in the eye, trying to send it across that he was serious about this. He would be there for any of his students, and this girl was no diffrent, but she almsot felt diffrent, like it was a really strange feeling Angelo had at the moment, one he couldnt put name to. "Like, lets say, I am a student, what are are your feelings, what do you want to do to me." He wanted to know what was up, maybe he could help her get over some of the issue so she could rejoin the class and not hide away like she does.

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Zinovia stared up at him and her eyes, once crystalline hues, went dark, like murky sea water with little flecks of gold. She hummed something entrancing under her breath, a hypnotic sound, a dangerous sound that reverberated off of the pool room walls like an actual choir.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments Angelo watched as her eyed changed and he pushed back a little, just a bit, out of the strangeness of the situation. Then the first litttle bit of the song hit him and he was fighting against it in a snap. He proably should have fucking guess that the girl would try to sing but the damn fool was almost sucked in by her eyes just talking to her. His hand stuck out and one thread of water, two threads, three, ten small snakes of liquid began to slowly make their way towards the woman, a warning, that was all it was. "A...I..s-see." He managed to get out. Damn, the siren was surprisingly powerful.

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She stopped, staring down at the snakes and narrowing her eyes, ".. Now imagine you're a student. An inexperienced, nervous and vulnerable student. That's what I'd do." she spoke almost coldly. She didn't trust herself around them. Especially not when the majority of them weren't mystical like herself, many of them were human, without powers, elves, werewolves. They couldn't summon fire, couldn't bend water, couldn't cast spells.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "I see what you mean.." He nodded a little before paddling back next to her. "But still, I could silence you in two seconds flat the moment your..urges, I guess, took over." The water magic dissapated quickly and he smiled at her, a gentle, warm smile only suppose to, or at least attempt to, make her smile back. "Just because you have this dosent mean you cant enjoy yourself. I will be there, plus, a few of those kids can really hold their own, even against that song. Geez, that was quite the experince. It was quite beutiful, but then again, I suppose that is the point. " Angelo's ignorance was showing and he looked away for a bit collect himself before turning back. He acted almost like another student, thats because he never really lost that child-ish (not childish) mentailty even as he aged.

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Zinovia raised her brows, shaking her head, "Maybe I just don't like people" she suddenly spoke up, a challenging tone in her voice, "Maybe I don't want to swim around with a bunch of gross sweaty teenagers" she added.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Horsecock." He said, challengeing her right back. "I see the way you watch all of them, you so wanted to swim with them, even if they are gross, sweaty, teenagers." Angelo thought the might have been having a moment. "But, ya know, swim by yourself. I could care less either way." He did care, but ya know, if she was gonna build up a wall, might as well try to. "I was just trying to help you out in a way so you could, thats all." He put his hands up in mock surrender and smirked, looking right back up at Zinovia's face.

Gods, why do some of the students gotta look so good?

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She huffed, folding her arms once more and shaking her head, "It's "I couldn't care less," saying it the other way around implies you do care, just a little bit" she smarted off, not blatantly denying or confirming his claims.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "Smartass." He shook his head and dunk back under once more to get his hair wet before popping back in his same spot. "Correcting my grammer instead of coming with a counter argument meands you care, even just a little bit. " he mocked the way the blonde girl spoke, enjoying the little bit back and forth, though his eyes were watching out the window at the moonlight for a bit before returning to the siren, a look of challenge on his face, one of try me, I know I will win, that bit of smugness really sold it home.

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Zinovia shook her head slowly though still didn't deny his allegations. "Psh" she spoke dismissively. Then it dawned on her. She was alone with the swim coach in the pool late at night, bickering and flirting. Maybe that wasn't allowed? She wasn't so sure that she cared though. "What if I like swimming at night better? There's... less people"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments "What here me out." He brought his hands together than pointed them at her. "You only swim at night because you like swimming in the nude?" He let out a small laugh, the joke was shit, he knew it, but if it got anything out of Zinovia, he would risk it. "Or maybe less peolpe meams you can sing to your hearts content without having hypnotic zombies coming to your beck and call?" He then stood up on the concrete and did a small zombie shuffle, growling and dragging his foot. This was even worse than his joke. But it at least got anothee fit of laugjter out of the couch. He never acted before. He usually had the cool guy thing on lockdown but after whatever song the siren sang, he just was giddy and annoyingly enjoyable.

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Zinovia watched him and ducked under the water, resurfacing at the edge of the pool and shrugging as she leaned against the side again, "You're not wrong, there are those two benefits - even if you dramatized them" she agreed, smirking still.

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