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JULY 2018 l The Wicked Deep > Chapters 11 - 15

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Mady DeJulio | 25 comments Mod
What did you think of these chapters? Let us know in the comments!

message 2: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Martin (kellymartinbooks) | 11 comments I guess this is the 'big reveal' part of the book. Though I think it was kinda obvious-- of course not as obvious as it should have been lol. It's hard to talk about chapters 6-10 because that's when Penny is no longer Penny-- however, going back and reading it, it makes a bit more sense...

I wondered why Penny's mom didn't seem to care about her much and I know Penny said she'd kinda lost it after her dad died, but I think it's because she knew she was Hazel and wanted her away from the house. Cause at one point, Penny stayed at Bo's cabin for 3 days without even a knock from Mama-- I'm a Mama. I darn well would have knocked to make sure they were at the very least fed ;)

When I first read it, I really LOVED Penny and Bo's romance. I thought it was set up well. Re-reading it and knowing what I know now... I don't know.

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