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JULY 2018 l The Wicked Deep > Chapters 1 - 5

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message 1: by Mady (new)

Mady DeJulio | 25 comments Mod
Hey all! It's time to get to the best part: discussing the book! On this post, we'll be talking about the first five chapters ONLY. Please make sure you're not jumping ahead to future chapters so that you don't spoil those who aren't caught up.

There will be a change of plans. I'm going to go ahead and put up discussion posts for all the chapters since I know some of us are reading ahead (including me) so I thought it'd be easier to just put up chapter discussions for the entire book. Bear with me if I make more changes, I'm still trying to figure out how to manage a Goodreads group. :)

And to those of you who have just joined the group, thank you and welcome!

message 2: by Mady (new)

Mady DeJulio | 25 comments Mod
One thing I think is odd is how the town celebrates this swan season. Yeah, boys die at this time of year, but let's celebrate it! Where's the logic? xD

And to be honest, I don't like any of these characters. Except for Bo, he's decent. But Penny is so boring and I don't think she should have been the main character. There's nothing about her that I find intriguing. And it's a bad sign for the book if I don't like the protagonist.

But the plot is still interesting.

message 3: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Martin (kellymartinbooks) | 11 comments I liked the first 5 chapters... mainly for Bo lol It doesn't seem weird to me that the teens would do this drinking thing... what is odd to me is that they do it right on the beach, and no one tries to stop them. You'd think there'd be some cops or an old wise person who would be all, "Don't go in the water." You'd think they would close the beach or bus all the kids away (since they only go after teen girls and kill teen boys). I wonder what the 'official' cause of death of all those boys are besides drowning?

Like is it just something the town deals with? Are the lives of those boys not worth as much money as the tourists bring in?

I think there is a darker undercurrent to the town that we haven't hit. Like Riverdale... it might be the teen's story, but the adults pull the strings. I can imagine some guy like the mayor in Jaws sitting in his office overlooking the beach scene, cigar in hand, smile curved on his lip, dollar signs in his eyes.

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