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Phoenix~They/Them April entered, Naomi right behind her clutching the side of April's purple dress nervously as she followed behind. April smiled softly at Naomi and walked up to the counter wanting to see if they had any pastries so she could buy them for Naomi and the others. She softly patted Naomi's head to reassure her that she'd be fine.

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Nelo sat down at one of the booths in the cafe. She didn't need to eat or drink anything- after all, she was a robot. With a sigh, she looked up from the book she had been reading, only to see a waitress there. "Ma'm, if you're going to sit here, you have to buy a drink." She said softly, and Nelo frowned. She gave the woman a quick nod though, and stood up to get in line. She left her book at the table.

Phoenix~They/Them ((Would a cyborg get away with pushing Naomi and April out of the way and budging in line considering April looks human))

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Phoenix~They/Them ((Okay Im gonna do that))

April looked to the new girl, then back to the counter, slipping her hand in Naomi's smaller hands as she moved forward in the line. A cyborg(NPC) pushed April and Naomi out of his way and stood in front of them to order his food. Naomi looked up at April, wanting to see what she'd do. April sighed annoyed, it clear on her face as she tapped the cyborg's shoulder. "Excuse me but you cut in front of us." She said, the cyborg said nothing to April, ignoring her completely.

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Nelo narrowed her gray eyes at the cyborg. Despite being a full robot, she didn't seem to think she was better than anyone else. With a blank expression she stepped out of line and stepped up to the cyborg. "Hey, you cut those two. Go back to the end of the line." Nelo said. Her voice didn't seem angry or anything, but she had a warning look in her eyes.

Phoenix~They/Them "And why should I?" The Cyborg said, sizing up to Nelo(He's 6 foot 5). "This is my spot now so stop complaining and siding with these...humans." His voice had a hint of disgust when he called Naomi and April humans. Light blue eyes meeting gray he sneered at her before turning right back so he could order.

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The cyborg was much taller than Nelo, but she held her ground. Cutting him off before he could order she said, "I'm not siding with them, I'm doing what's right. I'm telling you to get to the back of the line, before I make you." Her voice was laced with venom, and despite her short stature, she was very intimidating. They seemed to have gathered the attention of the other patrons, causing a waitress to walk up. She was a human. "Can you two please take this outside? You're disturbing the other customers." She asked, trying her best to remain calm. After all, she was trying to break up an argument between a robot and a cyborg.

Phoenix~They/Them The cyborg shot a glare at Nelo with a frown, then crossed his metal arm over his normal arm. "You're shorter then me so how are you gonna make me get to the back of the line?" He asked Nelo. When the human waitress started talking he turned to her with a look that challenged her(Challenged meaning basically a "Make me" look).

Phoenix~They/Them ((He's not one to like anyone who is either human or sides with humans))

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((i figured, lol))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Hahaha :D am I playing him pretty well?))

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The waitress cut herself off, and immediately stepped back. It was obvious that she was terrified. She turned on her heel, and ran to the back room. She'd try to call their manager, although she doubted that they cared. Nelo rolled her eyes, and clenched her fist together. If someone wouldn't listen to her words, she wouldn't hesitate to use her fists. In an instant, she threw a punch at the arrogant cyborg.

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((yep, lol))

Phoenix~They/Them The cyborg, not expecting Nelo to throw a punch at him stumbled backwards and frowned, wiping the spot she had punched. Man she was stronger then she looked and it stung, but he didn't want to appear weak. "Nice punch, it only stung a bit." Though he was lying he wanted to appear intimidating and to get the robot to back off. He threw a strong kick to her stomach, trying to knock her into a table.

Phoenix~They/Them ((He's lying about it hurting a little))

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((since he's a cyborg, is his leg a robotic one or a human one?))

((if it's robotic she'll probably go flying back))
((if it's human he'll probably just hurt himself lol))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Robot leg XD))

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((lolol okay, just making sure))

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Nelo fell back onto a table, causing the glass cups sitting on it to break. She quickly stood back up, and looked at the two human girls. "I would back up if I were you." Nelo said, waiting for them to do so. She walked towards him, and threw another punch. Once that one landed, she kicked him where it would hurt most.

Phoenix~They/Them The cyborg was hit by both, one stung and the other one hurt, causing him to stumble out of line and crouch down, his face giving away that it hurt. He growled in pain, he was in too much pain to even stand up, "Y-you b-b*tch." He hissed out as he struggled to stand, though he was still in pain, he glared at her.

Naomi hid further behind April and said, "I don't like fighting, make them stop sis." April patted Naomi's head and stood up straight.
"That's enough fighting, you're going to ruin this place's business for one, and you might hurt someone that you're not intending on hurting." She narrowed her eyes as she spoke. When the cyborg glared at her she glared right back, her red eyes digging daggers into his blue eyes.

"You have a lot of nerve talking to me like that." He said, before he stormed out of the cafe, still in pain.

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Nelo watched him leave, realizing that she may have jumped the gun on defending the human girl. Despite being neutral about the separation, she tended to underestimate humans. She walked over to the two girls, and tried to smile. She crouched down so she was at the younger girl's height. "I'm sorry you had to see that." She said.

Phoenix~They/Them Naomi, despite seeing Nelo defending her, hid behind April as April gave a soft smile and patted Naomi's head softly, "It's fine miss, at least Naomi didn't get hurt, she tends to shy away from people so don't expect much words from her." She said with a small smile. "We don't see much robots defending a couple of humans." She said with a small smile "So its nice to see that." She said, tucking her hair out of the way. Naomi peeked at Nelo and gave a small and quiet wave.

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Nelo waved back at the small girl, and looked at the other. She assumed that the older girl was her sister. "Ah, I see. Well, my name is Nelo." She said, and held out her hand. She nodded in agreement with the girl's last statement, and turned to look at the counter with pastries on it. "Were you going to order anything?" Nelo asked, gesturing towards it.

Phoenix~They/Them "Yeah, Naomi wanted to come here for some pastries," She smiled, before looking at Naomi, "Don't worry Naomi, she's the one who defended us, there's nothing to be afraid of." She said, before turning to order some pastries for Naomi and handing the cashier some money.
Naomi moved further out of hiding and say in a near whisper, "Hi." She looked up at Nelo. "Thanks for helping us miss..." She whispered, still being quiet.

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Nelo awkwardly put her hand down, and nodded. "Of course. It's only the right thing to do. Although, your big sister seems pretty tough. I probably didn't even need to step in." Nelo said, and turned towards the table she was kicked into. She frowned slightly, looking at the broken glass. While it wasn't necessarily her fault, she did get into a fight with him. "I'm sorry about that." Nelo said to the person cleaning.

Phoenix~They/Them "My big sister is the best." Naomi said with a giggle, "but she's not a fighter, she doesn't believe in harming anyone." She said with a small smile.

((You wanna make maybe a robot/cyborg/human(Whatever you choose) character that doesn't like Naomi's father and that knows April is an AI and maybe wants her on their side or something))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Psst))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Muumew, you on))

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((hey, sorry. i honestly thought this group was dead. i can try to get to making a character, but it may take a while since i have school and all again))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Is you gonna respond to the rp?))

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((yepperoni!! it'll be a little bit, but i will get to it. sorry!!))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Ok))

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Nelo definitely couldn't understand the reasoning behind that. In a world like this, fighting was the go to option for most humans- although, that isn't really their fault. Being targeted so often can simply put you in a "fight or flight" mode. She exhaled softly, before feigning a smile. "Well, she seems very nice." Nelo replied to the younger girl.

Phoenix~They/Them Naomi smiled happily "She will fight though, if you push her hard enough but that's rare, she doesn't let anyone push her that far." She said, holding April's hand tightly "Thanks again Miss, for getting that meanie out of here. I hate when people think they can get away with unfair things just because we're not like them, I don't know why we can't all get along, humans, robots, and cyborgs." She said with a frown "this world would be much better if we could all get along instead." Naomi looked down.

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Despite Nelo being a robot and supposedly 'evil' by some humans, she definitely agreed. She knew it was wishful thinking, but she didn't want to spoil it for the younger girl. At least, not yet. Naomi would probably figure out the truth one day. "No problem. Life would be easier if everyone was equal." Nelo said, before turning to the girl's older sister. "Well, it was pleasant meeting you two. Do you have any plans for the rest of the day?" She asked, out of curiosity.

Phoenix~They/Them Naomi smiled and said, "Yeah but no one is ever equal." April picked up Naomi and said, "We were heading home, otherwise we have nothing planned."

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