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Katsu walked around the park, searching for something. "Little Kubo, where might you be?" Katsu called. He heard something from the tree above and looked up. There was a little robot bird in the tree. "Kubo come down this instance!" Katzu called to the bird. "NO!" It yelled. Katzu gave up and sat under the tree.

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quq  (190511) Cassie was just, ya know, chillin in the park. She did not have earplugs in, like so many other people did around here. She found it so hard to concentrate when there was background noise. She was laying on her stomach, reading under a huge banyan tree when she heard a shouted no from above her. She turned into her back and looked up at the lone bird … who was talking?

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"Don't make me call Kuro." Katsu warned. The bird flew down to where Cassie was, hoping the girl would protect him. Katsu walked over to her. "I'm sorry if he's bothering You Miss." Katsu apologized. "Save me." The bird said to Cassie.

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