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Hanae wandered around the shops curiously. She had done enough jobs to finally get something new to wear, although she doubted she'd find anything she'd like. She stepped into a clothing store, and looked around. There were very few humans around the shopping plaza, but she didn't seem too concerned about it. She even went out of her way to smile at some of the robots- who of course, didn't return the smile. For once, her hair wasn't in two messy buns, and was in a long ponytail.

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Hanae moved towards a dress rack, and skimmed through it. She didn't really like any of them, so she gave up looking. In her opinion, the dresses were too elegant for someone like her. She moved back over to the rack she was originally at, meeting the gaze of a cyborg. Hanae raised an eyebrow and grinned, revealing her sharp canines. She didn't seem to have a care in the world, and overall, very care free. If any robots got offended for some reason, they could easily take her out, without any onlookers caring.

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((i'll respond when i get home.))

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