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dashofmagic | 23 comments Aryan strolled down the street with a hood over his head and long sleeved clothing even though it was warm out. He stopped at a small shop on the corner that was selling cyborg parts. Picking up a thing or two, he inspected them before putting them down, they were way too expensive for someone like him. However, he did manage to nick an orange from the next stall as he walked back down the street.

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dashofmagic | 23 comments Aryan stopped at the dead end of the main street. Leaning against the wall, he unpeeled the orange and took a bite of it gratefully. The main street oranges were not only the best, but the most expensive so it was either steal it or suffer. Looking aroud, he noticed a girl not too far away which was slightly strange due to the fact that most people stayed on the busy part of main street. Maybe she was waiting for someone?

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dashofmagic | 23 comments "Who the hell am I?" Aryan snarled. "You come up to me and openly attack me, crush my lunch in your hands and then ask me who the hell I am? Who do you think you are?" He was angry, so, so angry and he grabbed her wrist and used his body weight to flip her. "I don't think you should be the one asking questions, especially not before you know your opponets strength."

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dashofmagic | 23 comments "You really think I'm going to trust you?" Aryan scoffed, rolling his eyes only a little overdramatically. "That's no way to go around making friends, one day, you'll attack someone and they'll kill you" he said coldly, standing up and leaning against the wall. "However, you did take my lunch and crush it, so there is a chance I would go with you long as you're paying" he finished with a smirk. He had always belived in second chances, so she was going to get one. That didn't mean he was letting his guard down however.

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dashofmagic | 23 comments "Rich and famous, huh?" He raised an eyebrow in question. "if you say so....I'm not quesioning where the mony comes from, as long as you're paying. I'm not sure, somewhere with good food. If you can't tell, I don't go out to eat much" Aryan took off his hood and looked around for any shop owners before saying "Lead the way", tilting his head and motioning for her to go first.

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dashofmagic | 23 comments He followed silently, almost if he wasn't there. He had never been to a pizza palor before, so he sat across from Danielle, he now knew her name thanks to the manager. Aryan quickly scanned his options and decided to go with the most simple one which happened to be the cheese pizza. "I'll have the cheese pizza" Aryan spoke nonchantly, without emotion. "So Danielle, what did you want to talk about?" he knew the answer, but maybe if he stalled a bit she wouldn't notice.

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dashofmagic | 23 comments Aryan leaned back into his chair. "A rapper, huh? There aren't too many of those around here. How did you get here from 'earth' anyways?" without waiting for her to answer, he continued. "Well, since you tackled me in the middle of the street I guess you must reaaaaly want to know who I am. So I guess I'll tell you." He tilted his head. "I'm Aryan. That's basically it" he smirked "I'm not from a special planet or anything, just from here." He had covered his cyborg parts pretty well so she hopefully wouldn't notice yet.

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dashofmagic | 23 comments Aryan nodded his head as his way of thanks, and started eating. It was surprisingly good! "Interesting story, you must be really famous then if you were abducted by a fan, hmm?" he asked. Cheese pizza was really good, if someone sold it on main street, maybe he could grab a slice or two....but not with her watching.

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dashofmagic | 23 comments Aryan pretened to know what net worth was and just ended up nodding along. "Me? I'm into equality for all of us. I'm into really good food, knives with carved handles, and rain" he said quickly, leaning back in the chair as he had finished his pizza. "What about you?"

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"What's Starbucks?" he asked, pretending not to care too much that she agreed about equality, not everyone around here did. Long nails made sense, but rapping? He kind of knew what that was. She sounded pretty harmless, which was definitely a good thing.

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Aryan was confused, but he just nodded along, this girl seemed like the type to get easily fired up.

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dashofmagic | 23 comments Aryan's fists tightened under the table. "Ahh, you know. Just around" he said vaugely.

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dashofmagic | 23 comments "I've got nothing to hide" he said, baring his teeth.

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