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Angel could hear her heart thumping in her chest. She took slow, deep breaths as she walked through the dark alleyway. Could she have taken a different route home? Probably. Angel tightened her grip on the straps of her backpack. She had her gloves on, as usual. Angel wore a white fitted dress shirt with black dress pants. She wore dress shoes as well. Her hair was messily pulled back into a low bun. She had a pencil tucked behind her ear, which she had easily forgotten about.

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Hanae stepped out of a side building that led into the alleyway, and slammed the door. She had a smile on her face, as she skipped down the steps, and turned left. She traveled through this alleyway often, as it was a quicker way to get places, as well as a secluded area. Most people were too terrified of getting mugged to go through them, so it surprised Hanae to see someone in the distance.

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Angel quickly snapped out of her terrified thoughts and shook her head. She could defend herself if needed. In the distance, Angel saw someone exit through a door. Oh, it's a person. People are friendly, right? Maybe i should say hello, or wave? Oh no, who am I kidding. That's like saying "hey, mug me please" In the midst of all her thinking, Angel hadn't been paying any attention to where she had been going. She tripped on a rock and had been sent flying forward. Of course, she only felt pain in her right knee. Angel frowned when she noticed the fabric on her leg had ripped, exposing the metal leg. She quickly dug around in her bag for a thick black ribbon and tied it around the rip.

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Hanae had debated just turning around, but when she saw the girl trip, she knew she should do something. She walked over, and held out her hand. As she did, Hanae noticed the black ribbon and raised an eyebrow. "What's your name?" She asked as the girl took her hand and stood. "..And what are you?" Hanae added bluntly. She didn't think that the question was rude, but others did.

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Angel hesitated before taking the girl's hand, but she did. "I-Uh..It's A-Angel." she said, stuttering. "And I-I'm a human...Isn't that o-obvious? I mean, what else would I-I be? Certainly not a cyborg or anything. T-That'd be crazy" Angel quickly realized what she had said, and quickly added. "I'll just stop talking now...Uh- What's your name?" she asked, hoping to deter the girl from asking any more questions.

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"That's awfully suspicious!" Hanae said and laughed. She didn't ask anything more to the girl, but it was quite obvious what she was. The way she spoke made it obvious she was nervous. Did she do something illegal? Why is she so nervous? Hanae thought. She didn't stop to think that maybe Angel was just anxious around people. "My name is Hanae Itou, I'm a human." She said, and grinned.

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Angel thought for a moment about what she was supposed to do. She noticed that Hanae was smiling, so she tried her best to smile back. Angel hadn't smiled in a long time, and it appeared a bit awkward. She quickly stopped. Angel gripped her backpack straps again, it comforted her in a way. "It's uh- Nice to meet you, Hanae."

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"Likewise. Soooo, what are you doing in a place like this?" Hanae asked, as she made a mental note of how awkward the other girl's smile was. A slight smirk formed on her face. The girl in front of her definitely didn't look like she belonged in such a shady area. "Did you get lost?" Hanae asked. She put her hands in the pockets of her sweater, and rocked back and forth on her feet.

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"I was just going home, and I-I thought I'd take a different way.." replied Angel. It sounded like she was lying by hoe nervous she was. "Although, I am kind of lost. All these alley's are similar. I should have just taken the subway..." Angel released her grip and scratched the area right above her elbow, where the metal appendage began.

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Hanae nodded. It was certainly hard to memorize the alleyways, but she had them down to a T. "I see. Well, how about I lead you to your house? I know my way through these alleyways, and I can assure you that we'll get there quickly!" She said, and smiled once more. Hanae grabbed her hand anyways, as she was too impatient. "Let's go! Where do you live?"

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"Oh, thank you." She replied, regaining some confidence. Angel thought for a moment. "It's an apartment complex near the cafe." Angel then replied with a street name. Angel mentally gave herself a high five for being able to hold a conversation, and for not stuttering like she usually did.

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Hanae led the way, with Angel trailing behind her. She had let go of her hand by then. "Oh, you don't live too far away!" She said. Hanae didn't have any qualms against robots or cyborgs. She simply found it fun to commit crimes. Against anyone, or anything. Hanae didn't really have a reason to do so this time. The girl seemed nice, but something about her struck Hanae as odd.

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Angel couldn't understand why Hanae was being so kind towards her. For the past few years, she had experienced nothing but cruelty and hatred from most people, especially from the people she worked with. Angel felt like she needed to do something to thank Hanae for her kindness, but she couldn't figure out what.

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Hanae strolled through the alley way with Angel still by her side. "So, why do you hide that you're a cyborg?" She asked, and raised an eyebrow out of curiosity. She wasn't going to drop the subject, as she was far too curious about it. She stepped out of the alleyway, and onto the main street. They didn't have too far to go to get to Angel's apartment.

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Angel was so shocked by the question, she almost tripped. "W-What are you talking about??" She asked, hoping that she could convince Hanae that she was human. Angel could have simply answered "I never asked for this, I just wanted to feel like I was normal again." But she didn't. After that, she fell silent. Maybe if she didn't say anything, she could- Actually Angel didn't know what she could do.

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Hanae eyed her carefully for a moment, and sent a reassuring smile. "Well earlier you indirectly admitted it. And now you're super nervous about it. Don't worry! We're friends now, so I won't tell anyone!" Hanae said. She had considered anyone she talked to, even her victims her friends, which usually made people uncomfortable.

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((Im so sorry Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa))

"Oh- um- alright..." she replied shakily. Angel took a deep breath, hoping for a surge of confidence to appear. "Yes. I'm a cyborg. I'm terribly sorry for lying, I just want people to see me as a human again.." apologized Angel. She should have been feeling guilty for lying, but Angel felt absolutely nothing and she hated herself for that.

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Hanae shrugged her shoulders. "No need to apologize for something so small. After all, I'm a stranger." She said and smiled. "Which one is your apartment?" She asked and gestured towards the buildings near the cafe.

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"Alright..sorry.." she mumbled, then mentally kicked herself for apologizing again. Angel attempted to smile again. This time, it was somewhat better than last time. "It's that one," she said, pointing a gloved hand to the complex that was right next door to the cafe.

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Hanae heard a few people in the distance, and she assumed they were in the alleyway. She smiled more so to herself than Angel, but she directed it towards the other girl. "Alright! Do you need me to walk you there?" Hanae asked.

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