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message 1: by ke-sha (new)

ke-sha (angel707) | 1015 comments Mod
How's your last day of reading Coming along?

message 2: by ke-sha (new)

ke-sha (angel707) | 1015 comments Mod
Im not that far along in the Audiobook Im listening to Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs, #1) by Richard K. Morgan things keep popping up but Hopefully Ill sit down today and finsh *Crosses Fingers*

Gil-or (readingbooksinisrael) (meirathefirst) Good luck on that!

I read three pages of Immortal Nerd today, ~~whoo~~

I'm 14% of the way in The Trans Generation and I want to read a bit more of it today. So far it hasn't told me anything I don't know but it is putting down the basics for people who aren't part of/don't know information about the trans community.

message 4: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Seitz (cookinggurl43) | 191 comments So I managed to read a ton today! I ready the graphic novel of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Hollow City, I read the 9th and 10th book in the Jewel Kingdom series (a children’s series I’ve been rereading), and I finished Qonder Woman Love And Murder by Jodi Picoult. I also started Library of Souls, but I’ve also worked an 8 hour shift and had a job interview and it’s not even midnight so I’m slightly very exhausted so my eyes won’t stay open so I’m calling it finish time!

message 5: by Ashley (new)

Ashley ❣️ | 39 comments I’ve just been listening to my audiobook all day and I have about 2 hours left I might finish it tonight but if not I’m happy I read one book and most of a second book I deffinantly didn’t finish my TBR but it’s okay I’ll get to it eventually

message 6: by Jasmiina (new)

Jasmiina F (slipperbunny) | 42 comments I had a pretty good day, I read 134 pages from Die For Me. I finished only one book this week, but I'm pleased with my pages.

Total pages read: 613

Books finished: Maresi (Krönikor från Röda Klostret #1) by Maria Turtschaninoff

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