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DIRECTORY   ──────────────────────────

. lee taeyong
. min yoongi
. jeon wonwoo
. choi seungcheol
. huang renjun
. park jisung
. lee taemin
. wong yukhei
. park jaehyung
. jung taekwoon
. chittaphon leechaiyapornkul
. seo youngho
. lee hyunwoo
. lee chan
. kim donghan
. kim jinhwan
. bang byungchan

. jung jinsoul
. victoria moroles
. china anne mcclain
. lesley-ann brandt
. jung yoojin
. adrianne ho

pt 1, pt 2

{ CHARACTERS (hover for details)

sun : 5 ; moon : 8 ; shade : 7
fem : 6 ; male : 15 ; other : 2
elderlock : 3 ; brigmore : 5 ; saffron : 3 ; void : 2
yr 7 : 8 ; yr 6 : 3 ; yr 5 : 1 ; yr 4 : 1
teachers : 7
graduates : 1
other : 2

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you're not a daydreamer

nathaniel "nat" ahn + lee taeyong
griffin + sun + 17 + yr 6 + elderlock
. can't fly
. he's intellectually very smart, but practical stuff is really not his forte
. aside from glamours and shifting, he's pretty good at those (read: very good at glamours, passable at shifting)
. easily embarrassed — literally say like 1 nice thing about him and he'll go bright red
. at heart just a massive nerd

song hyeon + min yoongi
vampire + moon + ancient + magical history
. he's so old even he doesn't remember how old he is anymore
. just bc he's tired doesn't mean he'll go easy on students though
. reasons to live: writing exam questions
. reasons not to live: reading the responses to said exam questions
. listen he gets that kids these days are different but could they please put some effort into their responses
. will accept meme answers if executed properly

jang seunghyun + jeon wonwoo
archdemon + moon + 18 + 7th yr + saffron
. an archdemon? in saffron? is what most people think when they meet him
. but he is actually genuinely nice and he belongs there
. he wants to help people even if he's an archdemon
. every power can be used to help people if you know how to
. stubborn but mostly only when it comes to his parents
. the family disappointment

park youngjae + choi seungcheol
hellhound + moon + 18 + yr 7 + brigmore house master
. judgey judgey
. listen he does know best because he keeps his mouth shut about things he doesn't understand
. if he likes you though you get all sorts of special privileges like not being insulted
. and he might even cook food for you if you're lucky
. doesn't work well w other people because they usually have different ideas about what's right or wrong
. don't annoy him, he has very little patience for it
. focused

lin yan + huang renjun
werewolf + moon + 16 + yr 5 + saffron
. goes by his full name because he wants to confuse everyone as to whether his first name is lin or yan (it's yan)
. thinks he's funny (he's not)
. they put him in saffron because they thought it would help him become more aware of the potential uses of his abilities rather than hating what he is
. there's a lot of trauma hidden by his jokes and annoyingness
. everyone, ever: "can you please shut up about your goddamn lactose intolerance we don't care"

angus han + park jisung
dragon + shade + 14 + yr 4 + void
. optimism is not his strong suit
. it might be if his circumstances had been different, but his childhood kinda proved that there's not much for him to be optimistic about
. selective mutism but up until he came to addermire he rarely felt comfortable/safe with talking around people
. now he mostly just doesn't talk around strangers
. shy, probably needs to be encouraged to come out of his shell more often
. when he does talk he has interesting things to say and he's an excellent person to debate with but it's hard to get him to talk for extended periods of time unless he's really caught up in the conversation

lim eunseo + lee taemin
fae + sun + 26 + self-defence
. teaches by letting them make mistakes
. in other words he punches them to teach them how to block. they tend to figure out how to fight back fairly quickly
. can and will use his own abilities against brats who won't shut up
. it makes for very entertaining staffroom conversations
. the general consensus from the students is that he's mean

josiah wang + wong yukhei
banshee + shade + 18 + yr 7 + saffron
. how to deal with massive amounts of trauma caused by being adopted and being able to see how people die: stuff it all in the back of your mind and repress your emotions way too much
. feels kinda... directionless
. i mean what's he supposed to do with his power? he can't prevent the deaths he sees, and anticipation sometimes makes everything worse. besides, he doesn't get a date, just an image.

jung hyunwoo + park jaehyung
true neutral primordial + ancient / 26 + headmaster
. slightly (very) distant
. doesn't beat around the bush
. listen he knows he's done some not-so-great things in the past but like... it's all a matter of perspective
. usually can be found reading a book in a tree or wandering around the school talking to students
. involved but not invested

yang ryuwon + jung taekwoon
werewolf + sun + 26 + maths teacher / chess coach
. a nerd
. as can be ascertained by the fact that he's both a maths teacher and the chess coach
. "why do we need to learn maths we go to a magic school" "good luck with your taxes when you're an adult then"
. mostly practical applications of things
. some complicated stuff but he doesn't like stressing them out
. tests are obviously a necessary part of assessment but if their grades aren't wholly based on their memory they might stress less and do better??? an educational concept he can get behind
. tbh he hates writing exams anyway so quizzes r good
. then see if they remember stuff at the end of each term

rune chithipkul + chittaphon leechaiyapornkul
naga + shade + 18 + yr 7 + brigmore + harbinger
. an actual snake thank you nature for giving everyone a heads-up about his personality
. given that he works for the bad guy maybe don't trust him???
. but he acts friendly and smiley and like you can trust him even though he would 100% sell ur secrets to the highest bidder
. surprisingly loyal if the cause fits his own goals
. they wanted him to be ambitious and actually want stuff but not like this

atticus rhee + seo youngho
witch + moon + 21 + graduate / teacher's assistant
. "how about i mark that and you go rest"
. he survived high school he doesn't need to rest
. jkjk he falls asleep at his desk all the time and the teachers just kinda... leave coffee for when he wakes up
. has enchanted his desk so that if he falls asleep there and stays asleep for more than an hour it teleports him to his bed
. hes practical like that

moon heejun + lee hyunwoo
kitsune + shade + 24 / 309 + chemistry teacher
. things he's learned in the last 309 years: dont fall in love with mortals, don't trust anyone, don't get close to anyone
. being the heir to a big company puts the people around him in a lot of danger
. his family r v v rich bc they've been alive for thousands of years
. meanwhile jun's the youngest but also the heir to the company
. here to avoid his family angst and blow stuff up to educate teenagers

jackson jaehyun lee + lee chan
angel + sun + 17 + yr 7 + brigmore
. hes chill
. lacrosse is trash but it's the closest he can get to soccer round here
. the kind of person who never actually swears but is always like two seconds away from swearing
. "angels r pure" "are u even trying to be stupid at this point listen binch u clearly havent met my siblings if u think for even one second that angels r pure"
. salt and anger and extreme opinions

jung minhyuk + kim donghan
incubus + moon + 18 + yr 7 + house
. quiet, artsy type
. works hard but rarely gets anywhere
. tends to isolate themselves accidentally by virtue of just... not talking and being too focused
. but when they do actually talk to people have fun making them shut up
. passionate but used to people not being interested so keeps to themself a lot
. but if u give them the go-ahead then ur their bff

sophie jeon + jung jinsoul
siren + moon + 16 + yr 6 + elderlock
. she's kinda absentminded, luna lovegood-ish
. means well but isn't very good at saying the right thing
. she's trying !!! but it's hard to overcome the instincts which say murder pretty boys with your voice
. eerie

jaime lopez + victoria moroles
shapeshifter + shade + 18 + yr 7 + brigmore
. been here since yr 1
. she's still working on living up to the expectations placed on her from the beginning
. nobody is really certain that this is her actual appearance because she's really really good at shapeshifting and she does it a lot so it's not inconceivable that she could have been born looking different and then shapeshifted
. doesn't help that she's constantly finding ways to promote this theory
. loves conspiracy theories especially when she knows the answers

liana nelson + china anne mcclain
hamadryad + sun + 17 + yr 6 + elderlock
. very down-to-earth compared to what people expect
. they usually expect her to be weird and airy-fairy because a) she's in elderlock and b) she carries around a vine in a bag everywhere she goes
. but the fact is that that's a necessary side-effect of being a hamadryad who wants to move more than 20 metres away from where their tree was originally located
. fortunately her tree is just a vine and it's not too big yet
. excitable

eloise kane + lesley-ann brandt
dragon + shade + 36 + physics / flight teacher
. physics with miss kane usually leads to the students who can fly testing out physics concepts by falling out of the sky
. she condones this so long as nobody gets hurt
. looks and acts like an assassin so people tend to get a little alarmed when they find out she's actually their teacher
. but she's really not that bad she's actually quite nice
. used to go to the school but left before she graduated because of family problems.

alicia hwang + jung yoojin
selkie + moon + 27 + swim coach
. the thing is, her sealskin works differently so she can have just the tail
. bc she hates going full seal bc then she can't talk
. (or yell at the kids for misbehaving)
. the annoyingly strict teacher who doesn't even teach a strict subject

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COLLABORATIONS   ───────────────────────

if i'm missing anything please say

> romance w/ olly's foster

> dibs from fiend

> potential romance w/ olly's jameson

> dibs from fiend
> some kind of history w/ oliver

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oberon / four thousand and seventy-nine & son of two sparked & level 9

EUNSEO IS A BIG BELIEVER IN LETTING KIDS MAKE MISTAKES. He believes that self-preservation and basic survival instincts can motivate them far better than the promise of good grades — and it's a more logical motivation. In the real world, they're not going to be graded on things. Nobody's going to warn them when they go to attack them. They need to be able to fight both unfairly and fairly, they need to be able to block a punch they didn't see coming and use their abilities to get the better of their opponent. They need to use their brains — but most importantly, they need to learn to walk away or run if they can. And anticipate the consequences.

Most students don't like Eunseo. They think that he's unreasonable, that he's paranoid and outright mean because he's willing to gag kids with plants if they don't shut up when he asks them to. But the kids just think he's some moderately powerful fae who decided to teach here — they don't know who he really is.

There are stories about Oberon. Stories of a powerful faerie king, vengeful and dangerous. And while these stories are grounded in truth — he did have a couple of centuries where he was not so nice — they do not tell the whole story. Born to a pair of faeries who had found themselves in the mundane world, he was raised as a warrior — always ready to fight for survival, always ready to protect himself from humans who sought to eliminate the strange, inhuman family. And it never really got any better. Humans never did learn from their mistakes, always returning to the same violence and stupidity and selfishness. He learned to block it out, to focus on the things he cared about. Maybe it makes him come off as a little cold, but it's better than being bitter.

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(view spoiler)


──── name
  ▾ ⋮ full name: park youngjae
  ▾ ⋮ preferred name: youngjae
  ▾ ⋮ nickname: jae
──── birth
  ▾ ⋮ age: eighteen
  ▾ ⋮ place of birth: incheon, south korea
  ▾ ⋮ influence: moon
  ▾ ⋮ species: hellhound
  ▾ ⋮ parentage: both sparked
──── school
  ▾ ⋮ year: seventh
  ▾ ⋮ house: brigmore
  ▾ ⋮ rank: house master
  ▾ ⋮ power level: 6

  Born into a wealthy family used to hiding their supernatural lineage, Park Youngjae has never needed to struggle. He has always been good at controlling his abilities, and while that would make many people arrogant, his parents have always been excellent at destroying his self-confidence. He doesn't speak about things he does not understand, lest he be told to be quiet or that he's wrong.

Jae loved Addermire when he first came here. Freedom from his parents, new people to meet, and a chance to learn more about the world. A chance to do something. But eleven-year-old Jae quickly lost the illusion that anyone here would befriend him — when it came to his trials, he was closed-off and silent, refusing to respond to questions with more than a handful of words. He had been scared, at the time, and scared Jae was a stubborn Jae.

And so he was sorted into Brigmore. Over the years, he's changed a lot from the young, naïve boy, but he's still got the same basic traits: gentleness — though now only towards those he trusts — and confidence in himself — something that has actually grown since he left home. Jae guards himself with cynicism and wit, quick to make judgements based on his past experiences. He doesn't work well with others, too unwilling to trust and too different in ideologies, and too easily annoyed by intentional stupidity or people who refuse to listen.

If you're on Jae's good side — if you somehow manage to break through the wall of hostility — then it's an entirely different story. To those he likes, Jae is much kinder, and he is known to bring various baked goods (usually biscuits) to their classes whenever he feels like cooking. The difference between the way he treats people he knows and people he doesn't is marked, and this blatant favouritism often upsets people who aren't used to him.

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vampire ( moon ) & power level 5 & ancient & magical history

Sometimes people ask Hyeon's age, and that's when things tend to get awkward really fast. See, Hyeon doesn't actually remember how old he is. Over the years, not many memories have survived from his childhood, and those that did aren't particularly useful in identifying the period he was born in. And even when he's not living in an era and society with no real way of marking out time, he finds it hard enough to keep track of what week it is — so when someone asks him how old he is, he generally replies with "too old".

Many students make the mistake of thinking that just because Hyeon is tired and understands memes that he'll go easy on them. And he makes them think that, by coming off as friendly and approachable — if a little short-tempered at times. Then they get into the end-of-year exam and realise that they should have studied. Every year, without fail, when he asks the students how they liked the exam, they groan and say it was horrible. It's one of Hyeon's favourite parts of teaching.

But he is popular with the students. He understands their jokes, and he talks to them about how to incorporate joking answers into actual full-mark essays. Because if you want to argue something completely nonsensical, all you have to do is find the evidence to back it up — that's the beauty of history.

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siren ( moon ) + power level 4 + born in jeju + sixteen + 6th year + elderlock

Sophie is... eerie. She doesn't talk much, because she finds it hard to control her instincts, and when she does talk it unsettles people in a way they can't explain. Her tone, her voice, the way she moves — all quiet reminders that she isn't merely a harmless sixteen-year-old. And when she talks, it's often about things that nobody can really understand — complicated concepts they can't understand; quiet musings just soft enough that nobody can completely make out the words; bits of songs nobody remembers the words to.

She means well. She really does. But Sophie was raised by her mother, who was also a siren, and it's reflected in her actions. She doesn't know how to comfort people, or how to help them, and she struggles to understand the more complex aspects of society.

Sophie often feels as though she doesn't fit in her house. She's childish at times, wise at others, sure, but she's not seeking knowledge — so far as she's aware. She just wants to be able to coexist with others, she just wants to understand why she struggles with controlling her abilities. What she doesn't realise is that this desire to understand the reasons behind things is in fact a very Elderlock trait. And she still has over a year to grow and change, so she might end up fitting in better after all.

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NATHANIEL AHN “ NAT ” + seventeen + year 6 + elderlock + power level 5
griffin & sun influence & born in singapore & sparked father, human mother

NAT CAN'T FLY. He's heard all the comments about how it makes him a waste of space already — his uncle has always been more than obliging, whenever his father isn't around. Nobody cares why he can't fly, of course — which is because he's scared of heights and trying to generate the amount of lift necessary to get off the ground is virtually impossible without jumping off a cliff or something like that. And he's never been taught exactly how his wings work, so how is he supposed to get them to move in the right ways to keep him in the air?

Nat is intellectually very smart. He excels in theory subjects — but when it comes to practical things, he struggles. He's excellent at glamours, he's reasonably okay at shifting between forms (but he rarely does this, because he's very clumsy and would probably break something in griffin form), but he struggles with pretty much everything else.

All his life, Nat has been easy to overlook. The useless child, the weak one, the shy one who doesn't talk much. And even when he came to Addermire, he was overlooked — a weak, unassertive kid who didn't pose a threat and wasn't particularly interesting. Those who did notice him quickly pretended not to, in order to avoid his endless questions (Nat isn't fond of being confused or alone). And it's still much the same, although he has gotten a bit more assertive. Maybe one day he'll gather the courage to actually fly (and maybe someone will actually be willing to explain the theory to him).

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power level 6. year 7. eighteen
archdemon + moon + saffron
SEUNGHYUN is the family disappointment.
It doesn't particularly bother him, though, since the standards for being the family disappointment seem to be 'be a nice person'. When they found out that he wanted to use his abilities for good, they were disappointed to say the least. He received several angry letters about it, but with his friends in his house to support him, Seunghyun finally had the courage stand up for himself. Distance from his parents also made him feel safe enough to not keep trying to live up to their expectations, instead being able to become the person that he wants to be.

Seung has always wanted to do good, but being surrounded by people who didn't see it the same way he did for most of his childhood meant that he never really had any faith in himself and his ideas. Coming to Addermire, he was surrounded by people who understood his perspective, who listened, and he learned that it wasn't him that was the problem — it was his family.

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werewolf ( moon ) + saffron + lvl 3 + yr 5 ( 16 )

Lin Yan is annoying. He thinks that he's funny for going by his full name so that people can't tell whether his given name is Lin or Yan (it's Yan), and he talks far too much about his lactose intolerance, to the point of being really, really frustrating (particularly because it's only mild).

But underneath the annoying facade, there's a whole lot of hurt and trauma and self-hate, and that's why he's in Saffron — because they thought it might help him to become aware of how his abilities can be used for good, and how he can be a good person despite his history. So far there hasn't been much of an improvement in how he sees himself — but there's still two more years after this one for an epiphany to hit. And he is more open (to a handful of people), although more open isn't saying very much given how little he opened up in the first place.

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ANGUS HAN + dragon ( shade )
power lvl 8 & 14 + yr 4 & void

Angus has selective mutism — he has for a long time. He doesn't speak unless he feels safe, and given that he's spent most of his life being betrayed by those closest to him that doesn't happen very often. That being said, nowadays he's most only mute around people he's not familiar with, although he doesn't talk for very long when he is talking — unless he's too deep in conversation to think about the world around him, which happens sometimes when he's talking about things he's interested in.

At heart, Angus is just a kid. A shy, debate-loving kid who struggles to be optimistic after he was kidnapped at a young age and spent most of his childhood homeless. A kid who nearly fainted with excitement and fear when he got his Addermire letter — the idea of having a place to live that was safe, but also the idea of having to meet new people whose motives he can't ascertain easily.

Many wonder how such a scared little boy could have escaped kidnappers who were ten times his size and many times stronger than a tiny five-year-old who couldn't control his shape properly. The answer is Thanatos. An inexplicable event, where all his kidnappers died in their sleep and the young boy was rescued by a dark shape that took the form of a man only in Angus' mind. He sometimes talks to Angus occasionally, helps him to cope when things get out of control — and he taught him other things about the abyss, about where his abilities come from. Angus isn't possessed, per se, just the deity's anchor in these realms.

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   JOSIAH “ JOE ” WANG   ──────────────────────────

────────────────   banshee + shade + 18 + yr 7 + saffron + lvl 2
Repressing emotions is unhealthy. Joe knows this. And yet, he does it anyway, because that's just what you do when you were abandoned at birth and you see how people are going to die when you touch them. He hates his power — it doesn't do anything to help anyone ( he gets no dates, no helpful clues, just the scene of their death — and what's more, he's fairly sure it can't be prevented ), and it's meant that he can't have physical contact with people. Unless he wants to see how they die. Latent powers are garbage.

Maybe, in their heads, the house masters thought he might hate his power a little less if someone in Saffron found a way to convince him it was a blessing. But it isn't, and nobody's found a way to paint it as one yet. He dreads the day that he touches someone and sees himself or someone he knows killing them — and with the current state of affairs, that's far more probable than he'd like it to be.

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jung hyunwoo ; ancient / 26 & power level 10 & primordial & headmaster
osiris, hades, freyr, sang-je ; the shapeshifter, the illusionist ; true neutral .

hyunwoo, as he prefers to be called, is an enigma without even trying. he speaks plainly and straight-forwardly, without riddles and vague hints, and yet nobody knows very much about him. he's most commonly seen reading books — usually mundane fantasy novels — or wandering the corridors talking to students about anything.

one thing that does contribute to his image, though, is his distance. as far as anyone's aware, hyunwoo doesn't have any close relationships with anyone at the school — except maybe the other headmaster. despite being involved in the school, he maintains a lack of attachment — don't get invested, and it's harder for that to get used against you. and, in some cases, not getting attached can save lives.

there are a lot of students who are unaware that hyunwoo is the headmaster — and he'd like to keep it that way. hence why he doubles as a substitute teacher on occasion, and also the art club's supervising teacher — which sounds like it would be really not fun for the students, but he mostly just watches them doing stuff and occasionally compliments people. he's just their supervision to make sure nobody dies or anything.

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JAIME LOPEZ + brigmore
lvl 5 & 18 + yr 7 & shade
( shapeshifter )
JAIME is one of those people who tries
so so hard to live up to the expectations everyone has for them, but never really succeeds. Ever since she received her letter when she was eleven, she's worked to become the best student she possibly can, although her grades are still nowhere near straight As.

Jaime is, however, incredibly good at shapeshifting — to the point where people aren't sure if she was born looking like this or if she shapeshifted to look this way. And she loves this theory, goes out of her way to promote it and leave hints making people second-guess their assumptions — even though it's a complete lie and she has it on the authority of her mother that she couldn't shapeshift until she was five and the first thing she turned into was a rock.

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liana nelson / anna + hamadryad (liana vine), sun, elderlock, 17 & yr 6, lvl 3

don't call her liana. that's the first — and in her view, most important — thing to know about anna. the second is that despite carrying a vine around with her everywhere she goes (often wrapping around her shoulders and being used as a hairtie, and with its roots safe in a bag she made for it may years ago) and being in elderlock house, she is very down-to-earth and will not hesitate to slap you with her vine if you say anything stupid.

while anna gets excited easily, she also has a short temper, and this makes her difficult to get along with if you're slightly annoying. many people don't get along with her because they say something stupid about her vine — which she doesn't particularly enjoy having to lug around everywhere, particularly since it's growing.

the idea of having to one day plant her vine somewhere and live there is one anna doesn't want to face any time soon. she likes her relative freedom, and she hates being a hamadryad. normal dryads can live wherever they choose, so long as there's trees, but she's stuck near this stupid plant for the rest of her life.

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power level six + physics and flight teacher + saffron alumnus

WHEN PEOPLE FIRST WALK INTO PHYSICS WITH MISS KANE, their first impression is that she's an assassin. Their second is that she's really scary and probably going to murder them if they talk, and their third — which they get when they finally find out what she's like — is that she's actually nowhere near as scary as she looks.

Eloise is actually a really fun teacher. She teaches them in the classroom, then takes the class outside and demonstrates how these concepts work — usually by either turning into a dragon herself, or letting one of the students who can fly do it. While other teachers might disapprove of her letting students fall out of the sky in the hopes that they can pull off a trick correctly, nobody's ever gotten hurt from it and she doesn't let the inexperienced ones try without assistance.

When she was a kid, Eloise attended Addermire — but she left in her sixth year because of family problems, and never managed to graduate. For several years, she worked as an assassin in the mundane world (so the students aren't as far off as you might think), but eventually she returned to Addermire to teach. Physics might sound like it has no place in magic, but she's come to learn that while some of the mundane knowledge of physics isn't the most correct, the fundamentals of it are still sound even when magic is involved. And teaching the kids early on about the conservation of energy can help them a lot when it comes to casting spells. She also teaches students with the ability to fly how to do so, since she's fast enough and large enough in dragon form to be able to snatch them out of midair should they mess up.

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yang ryuwon werewolf + sun + 26 + maths teacher & chess coach + level 4.

ryuwon is unusual. a werewolf born under the sun influence, raised in the mundane world and educated at a tertiary level in mathematics, who then came to addermire to teach maths — and coach the chess team, although that wasn't his original intention but something added on to his duties after extensive pleading from a few of his students.

he maintains to the students who ask why mathematics is necessary at a magical school — you will still need to pay taxes in the future, and it's cheaper if you don't have to hire an accountant. he makes a point to focus on things with practical applications, although the advanced classes do make an occasional foray into algebra and trigonometry.

ryuwon isn't good at writing hard tests. he's a firm believer in minimising the amount of stress students are given by their classes, and he hates the belief that being able to remember formulas and memorise solutions is an indicator of learning. it's the process that's important. he usually gives his classes brief quizzes on each topic, then compiles the quizzes into exams at the end of each term that are simply used to gauge how much they've retained.

all his life, the werewolf boy who was born under the sun struggled. ryuwon, he would remind them. my name is ryuwon. but they ignored him, called him cruel names because he was different, accused him of lying to fit in. and he learned that not all those born under the moon are bad people, and not all those born under the sun are good. he ran away from the school many times while he was a student, seeking answers and solace in the city or in the forest. but inevitably, he would have to return. but now, the bullies are gone — graduated, left to pursue different careers. and so he can return in safety, no longer the cowering boy whose name nobody remembered.

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RUNE CHITHIPKUL ⋆ red headed krait naga
shade influence & brigmore house & eighteen
seventh year & power level seven & harbinger

WHEN RUNE WAS BORN, nature saw fit to warn the world of how he would grow up to be. A snake in every aspect of the word. But the child was quiet, unassuming, and didn't socialise well — and when he arrived at Addermire, he was sorted into Brigmore in the hope that he would become a little more outgoing and better at socialising.

That hope backfired spectacularly. While Rune is certainly more outgoing and much better at socialising, he's also manipulative and dangerously ambitious. He will gladly serve a cause that furthers his own purposes, and would sell people's darkest secrets in an instant if it guaranteed him something he wanted. He seems friendly, all smiles and politeness and apparent loyalty, but that can change in an instant.

While Rune isn't particularly aggressive, he's not above using his snake venom to get his way — although he usually has an antidote handy once they've given him what he wants. He prefers to trick people into telling him things by promising that he's trustworthy, but when all else fails he will resort to whatever means necessary.

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ATTICUS RHEE ; twenty-one and witch and moon and teacher's assistant

KIT IS YOUR AVERAGE YOUNG ADULT. He does more work than he needs to so that he can get on people's good side, he survives on coffee and free food provided at functions, and he's enchanted his desk so that if he falls asleep there and stays asleep for more than an hour it moves him to his bed without waking him up.

Maybe he should take less tests to mark, maybe he should just pick one teacher to help, but the thing is that Kit likes helping and he's fairly sure that school gave him insomnia. So rather than trying to fix said insomnia, he's just going to live with it.

Kit graduated from Addermire three years ago and chose to stay here as a teacher's assistant — because there's nothing out in the world for him, and some of his friends are still here. He used to be in Saffron house, but the students often complain that his attempts to avoid bias lead to them getting marked more harshly. (They're wrong — plenty of Saffron students get good marks. They just want to justify their own grades without admitting they did badly)

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moon heejun & twenty-four / three hundred and nine & kitsune
────────  shade + chemistry professor + power level 5

If Jun has learned anything in the three hundred and nine years he's been alive, it's that immortal beings and mortal beings don't make for happy endings. Whether it's betrayal, their own bid for immortality, or death — broken hearts and broken trust are something he's come to expect from these interactions. He's learned to close himself off — although Jun's always been bad at it, and he's still very much liable to get himself hurt.

Jun is the youngest in his family by almost a hundred years, and he's used to being looked down on. Despite being the heir to the family's company, he's treated like a child and a fool by his family. Hence why he's at Addermire, away from the scorn, where he can do things he enjoys — like teach, and blow things up for ‘educational purposes’. (The other reason why he's at Addermire is one he doesn't like to talk about — he's here because being the heir is a dangerous position both for him and for those he associates with, but the people after him can't reach him here.)

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───────   power level three + swimming coach

Alicia is the teacher who's strict for no apparent reason despite a) not really being a teacher and b) not teaching something that's a particularly strict subject. Possibly it's because she doesn't want the students to question what she says — and they do tend to question her, a lot, about things completely unrelated to what they're supposed to be doing.

“How come you can just have a tail rather than going full seal?” is one question she gets a lot. The simple answer is because it's convenient, the long answer is she made a deal with a witch and now she can control how much she transforms, although even she isn't 100% sure about how it actually works. But it's helpful, it means she can talk to people when partially transformed. (Being able to put more force into swimming but still being able to grab things is helpful too, for rescuing kids who can't swim or stopping sirens when they get out of hand)

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power level three & nonbinary & moderate wealth & born in portermount

MINHYUK IS UNUSUAL. For one thing, they're a nonbinary incubus, and while there's no problem with that they're not exactly common. It makes them stand out, and they don't like that. But the more unusual aspect of Minhyuk is one that people usually don't notice unless they know what Minhyuk is. The expectation most people have is that incubi are overtly sexual. And sure, Minhyuk occasionally does have to feed, but aside from those few occasions when their hunger is enough to need dealing with, they're mostly quite normal.

THEY DON'T TALK MUCH. When Minhyuk is focused, they talk very little, and when they're around people they're not confident about they also don't talk much. Minhyuk has a habit of getting excited about things they care about, and talking nonstop, but years of being told to be quiet or being met with disinterest have taught them that it's better to check if people mind first — so they don't get hurt, and so they don't annoy anyone.

NO MATTER HOW HARD MINHYUK WORKS, IT FEELS AS THOUGH THEY'RE NEVER GETTING ANYWHERE. They try so hard, and yet everything they do either doesn't turn out how they wanted it to (in the case of art) or simply just doesn't work out. They struggle to maintain their grades, and they rarely actually grasp what's being taught. Maybe it's just the way people explain it, but they can't seem to wrap their head around so much of the stuff they're taught.

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JACKSON JAEHYUN LEE   |   angel & sun & seventeen & year 7 & brigmore
Jackson – or Jaehyun, if you're his mum – is a very atypical angel. For one, he plays lacrosse very aggressively. For another, he's usually annoyed enough at something to seem like he's on the verge of swearing – and yet the most profane he gets is curses like 'heck', 'bugger', and the occasional 'binch' (which isn't a swearword, even if the word it's based off is).

Jackson doesn't like lacrosse. He likes soccer. But if it's a choice between playing a kinda-meh American sport and playing no sport at all, he'll take the first option. (And then hijack the field for soccer whenever possible, because it's clearly the superior sport.)

Being the third of eight children teaches you a lot of things. The first – always be prepared for your siblings to take your stuff. "Oh, but they're angels," people always say, like angels are always nice. Jackson sometimes just laughs, but when he does bother to respond to those sorts of people it's usually something along the lines of "even genetics can't make siblings nice."

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you are my sunset

hermaes oh jeongin / 2012 & hellhound
. the cult that made the sacrifice were inexperienced and stuffed up and as a result the two beings are kinda... not merged properly
. makes them kinda unstable bc there's two parts struggling to work properly together
. occasionally they get it right but it's usually undone by the next week
. they argue a lot bc jeongin has very different ideas to hermaes about how to treat people ('u gotta be nice to them' 'they're gonna be dead in a few centuries and we're not, and why are they so bothered by how i treat them anyway?')
. they don't actually remember most of the stuff, but by touching objects they can know everything pertinent to that
. a lot of jeongin's own memories got lost in the sacrifice but they're slowly getting them back
. they have a huge library of various items in which they've stored knowledge – they can access the knowledge by touching the objects. it's categorised pretty well, but there's still an entire room of stuff that needs to be sorted through
. they can't really do that in their current state, because of the amount of stuff some of the objects hold – jeongin wouldn't be able to cope, and while the two don't get along that well hermaes is kinda attached to this kid
. the lucid moments are weird, they act as one being, and the combination of those two personalities is... interesting. then they go back to being split and messy and struggling to coexist

benjamin cho / 18 + yr 7
shapeshifter/sorcerer + shade + void
. call him ben or ur dead (jam is acceptable)
. as with every other nerd kid from sydney he speaks like 3 languages okay-ish-ly (english, korean, german)
. listen he's still not sure about the whole magic thing but at least he doesn't have to go to saturday school anymore
. people are always like 'don't u miss home' and he's like 'uh no'
. only came here 2 years ago
. fast learner
. not particularly inquisitive, but likes facts
. dont fight him he'll turn into a wallaroo just to fight u
. also he can use magic in his other forms as well so there's that
. we dont talk about the sixteenth birthday (or coordinate geometry but the two arent connected)
. avoids using his abilities as much as he can but has to use them occasionally to keep control (putting it off can result in involuntary shapeshifting, and uh... it doesn't care how much space there is in a room)
. when he does use his abilities is when the void connection stuff kicks in, and it's usually in the form of vague impressions (a jarring feeling, shadowy-ness, cold, wind, occasionally blurry or faded images) which are a foreshadowing or about something that's occurring

lou / 28 & naga & shade
. semi-immortal snake lady
. how old is she really? nobody knows and nobody's brave enough to ask
. always carries at least one snake around with her, usually a taipan
. they never actually bite anyone it's just for appearances
. she's just a 50-something-yr-old trying to seem cool tbh
. black market information dealer, but selective about who she sells information to
. co-runs the family pawnshop with her brother

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two thousand and twelve : ancient
hellhound & moon : primordial
they / them : anything

knowledge is a powerful curse and a heavy burden.

hermaes has lived for millennia. though they rarely took hosts, many cults attempted to bring them to earth and gain their blessing. few succeeded, and those who did often regretted it. the being they worshipped was not a kind one. knowledge of all things is, unfortunately, not equal to emotional competency. many times they were summoned by cults wishing for knowledge, wishing for power — and many times, they granted that wish, knowing full well that a mortal could never withstand that much. hermaes does not like being used, nor being told what to do, and they have grown expert at giving people what they want in a way they do not want it.

before, jeongin was an ordinary teenager — a hellhound, and powerful, but a teenager nonetheless. they were raised in a large family, with very strong morals and strict ideas of how people should act. after, they were something else. lost and confused, alone with only their thoughts and another being that sought to inhabit their body. they were stubborn in their resistance to the merging, but they had never been stubborn before. it was weak, an attempt to regain the freedom they once possessed. they are quiet now, searching for answers that even hermaes does not have. searching for a way to either free the two of them or complete the failed ritual and end this.

this, referring to the state the two have been in for nearly the last two thousand years. halfway-merged, but not enough to become almost one consciousness, the two have been struggling against one another nonstop for centuries. jeongin believes that it is because he was taken against his will that this happened; hermaes believes it was the incompetence of the cult. only rarely do they manage to slip into a vague sense of lucidity where they act as one being, where their consciousnesses are not struggling constantly, and jeongin doesn't know why this is the case. if hermaes does, they have decided not to share their knowledge.

darkness. hours upon hours of darkness when he woke, then a blinding light. then pain, and the smell of blood, and chanting. a language that sounded unfamiliar to the naïve child from baekje, that they later learned was latin. what a roman cult were doing in baekje, jeongin isn't sure. but they had been kidnapped and taken to the cult's hidden temple deep in the mountains of what is now the italian riviera. when they regained consciousness, the people around them were dead and another voice spoke in their head. hermaes had murdered the cult leaders for their impudence, breaking the ritual before it was complete and only partially fusing the two.

portermount doesn't hold the answers. they've looked, extensively. but it is a safe place to live for now, while they figure out how to complete the ritual or undo it altogether. the strange teal-haired hellhound with many-coloured eyes, who collects artefacts and speaks to very few — they are well-known amongst the black-market merchants of syracuse. neither of them likes it here. jeongin finds the city overwhelming and dangerous, and hermaes knows only this: the reason they do not remember whatever it is that sets them on edge... is because they chose to forget. they wonder what will happen when they find the answers they need — hermaes has grown fond of jeongin, in an odd way, but they do not believe it is reciprocated. and there are some things they hide from the other being — their past hosts' memories are not something they want jeongin to be burdened with, although a handful of memories work their way into their dreams (something the two share).

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BEN(JAMIN) CHO  ──────  eighteen + seventh year
void house, shade influence, power level six  |  born in penrith
shapeshifter / sorcerer : (view spoiler)

ben (or jam, as his friends in penrith called him, because what are friends for if not giving you stupid nicknames) discovered that he wasn't human on his sixteenth birthday. unbeknowst to him, for the months leading up to that birthday his powers had slowly been building up, manifesting sporadically and without direction. but it reached breaking point on that day — when he tried to intervene in a violent fight at school and one of the participants went to strike at him, he raised a hand to defend himself but instead ended up pushing them backwards. the impression he had that day was the clearest he's ever had, but also the least terrifying. a cliff, with a forest below, and the sound of wind in his ears. he isn't sure of the significance of it, but he's got some ideas — one thing art theory was good for.

ben is a quick learner. he pays attention and tries his best (in most cases), and while he's not the most inquisitive of people he likes the facts that other people's curiosity provides. before he came to addermire, before the fateful sixteenth birthday, ben was in year eleven and studying fourteen units — and attending a saturday school for korean because his parents didn't want to teach him. like every other smart kid from sydney, he speaks three languages — english, his first language; korean, his second; and german, because the other options at school were french or italian.

people often comment on ben's accent, or ask if he misses home. both elicit the same response — annoyance. he gets that for a lot of americans (and co., but mostly americans) meeting someone with an australian accent is a big deal, but it's just an accent, it's not that big a deal. or at least, that's how he sees it. he hates being asked if he misses home, because if they knew anything about penrith they wouldn't even bother asking. no, no he doesn't. why would you, when you could be in a place that doesn't get to forty-seven degrees in summer and isn't so far away from proper civilisation that doing anything interesting with your life is nigh on impossible.

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LOU louise burhart / information dealer

twenty-eight & naga & shade

Lou tries to be someone interesting, and given that she's only actually fifty-seven (though she appears twenty-eight) she thinks she's doing a pretty good job. A black-market (and also less illegal things, but the illegal knowledge pays better) information dealer, as well as part-time pawnbroker (her brother runs the family shop more than she does), Lou has gathered a reputation for being dangerous. Despite her calm, professional and straightforward dealings, her clients always seem to latch onto the fact that she has three pet taipans — and she lets them. Of course, her taipans are more obedient than the best-trained dog and would never bite someone unless she was in danger, but scaring the clients means that if they get information they don't want she's less likely to get argued with.

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