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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments owo twash chawacters go hewe

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments basic character ideas:
lazy werewolf boy- daren blake wilkens
fearsome mambabarang lass- marga esquivel
diwata/duwende lass- unknown
kapre teacher - simon guinto
dramatic extroverted vampire whos very old but still acts like a kid- paolo mariano ?

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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) | 439 comments
colin keyon makisig | 34 | 6 | kapre | sun | illusions and other trickeries

{l}esson plan: day one. step one: convince all the kids you're a hobo the school brought in from off the street. step two: bring them out into the woods. step three: use illusionary magic and let them wander around in circles until they either find me, figure out how to defeat my magic (not difficult if you know about kapre), or the period ends. step four: profit. maybe they'll respect me this time around. mr. makisig is, as some students would say, 'lit'. he pretends to know what that means. despite being (in his own words) old as dirt, he seems to have a good relationship with the kids. well, with most of them. he doesn't particularly like the more powerful ones and will definitely find ways to subtlety scorn them. who can blame him? most of the little twerps hate his class and often question him as to how this will help them ever. he tries to squash out those questions on the first day with doing what he is best at: tricking children.

{d}espite looking like he does, colin is actually very good at illusionary magic. he would spend his teen years chilling in the forest and tricking mortals. back in his hometown there's blair witch esque stories circling around; which is his doing, of course. he had kids thinking they were in there for weeks when it was really hours. a trickster at heart, he loves jokes and pranks. he can be mature at times, believe me, but for the most part he prefers living life happily over seriously. being an adult is oh so boring. he really gives off "cool uncle who you tell personal things to cause your parents are scary" energy and would probably smoke weed with the other teachers if they asked. despite not liking the stuck up powerful students, he genuinely wants to see everyone succeed in his class and will help them if he thinks they need it. the best way to describe him is a sweet and thoughtful man covered in a layer of literal dirt.

{c}olin grew up in a small town on the east coast. he absolutely fucking hated it there. the town was tiny, they all constantly asked if he was mexican, and they would always tell him to speak english. he knows english, dumbshits, he was literally born there. desperate to get away from the whites of the area, he went back to his roots. see, he had a gift passed down from his father. first of all, he would grow to be 6'5 by the time he was 18. second of all, they could weave wonderful illusions. when he was a child he would go up to a tree house with his father every night at exactly 7 pm. there his father wouls smoke a massive cigar and together they would see who could weave the most convincing image. his dad always let him win, of course. when he got older, though, his father would come with him less and less. his excuse was that he was simply "getting busier". up there he'd play devious tricks on those who came too close. at first it was simply out of boredom, but soon it became something he couldnt quite place. resentment. anger. hate. this wasn't what his father had in mind when he taught him these tricks. worried for his son, he sent him off to the academy. at first colin hated this place as well- why wouldnt he? he's being forced away from his home. soon enough, though, he began to love it. he made friends who were also odd. he loved it so much, in fact, he decided to come back to teach.

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