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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult, (erotic?) fiance killed in front of her, then she Reunites years later with College Kiss. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Summer Mariahh (summermariahh) | 2 comments I read a book years ago and I cant find it anywhere and I don't remember the name. So she dated this guy all through college but one night she kissed a different guy. Years later her boyfriend is killed in front of her after giving her a cartier bracelet (the kind that needs a screw driver to get off. he also leaves her the screwdriver "just in case"). Years later she goes to interview a famous musician (i think that is how they reunite) and its the guy from college she cheated on her dead boyfriend with! Anyway, they end up having a romance. This was a series. At the end of book one we find out the dead boyfriend isn't dead. In book two we discover the "dead" boyfriend cheated on her in college and actually conceived a baby with her new boyfriends sister. She chooses the musician and FINALLY takes off the cartier bracelet.

I think later in the series the sister and "dead" boyfriend end up together.

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Summer Mariahh (summermariahh) | 2 comments Ayshe wrote: "Connected?"

YESS!! Thank you!

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