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message 1: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Hobson (bostonbookbitty) | 4 comments Ok, so I’m finally a hundred pages into this beast. The writing is fantastic! It’s a joy to flirt through these pages. But I don’t know how I feel about the characters yet. Also, I think Naughty John reciting chunks of scripture is a bit tedious. Is anyone else currently reading this? What do you think?

message 2: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Hobson (bostonbookbitty) | 4 comments Yikes! I meant flit not flirt lol oops

message 3: by Micheala (new)

Micheala | 8 comments I DNF'd the audiobook of this a couple months back, I'm now 200 pages in (still catching up to what I listened to) and as much as I love Bray's writing/style, I just don't love this book. Probably doesn't help that I think Evie is insufferable.

message 4: by Kelli (new)

Kelli Stewart | 13 comments I listened to the audiobook and I enjoyed it! I liked the second one as well. I didn’t notice the scriptures as heavily.. maybe because it was audio? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Keep pushing through.. it’s worth it! 😊

message 5: by Yvette (new)

Yvette | 19 comments Evie is definitely insufferable. She grows on you, and then she reverts back to being a brat.
There are several characters that kept me in the story because I wanted more of them, but all the snippets of them were just too small. I did finish it, but was a little disappointed. I will read the next one though because I'm hoping for more of the "good" characters.
There are a lot of beautiful moments though.

message 6: by Amarinske (new)

Amarinske (ammalyrical) | 9 comments I'm still doubtful if I will finish this one. I told myself I'll give it 200 pages and then just see what happens.
the writing is good, but I still feel like some of the sentences aren't clear or grammatically sound enough.
I didn't and don't have a problem with the scripture in this book. in fact, I love that kinda stuff when interwoven well into a story. it creates a mystery and great atmosphere.

message 7: by Micheala (new)

Micheala | 8 comments Ok after ~350 pages it picked up and I started actually caring. I'll probably continue with the series and decide based on the second book.

message 8: by Micheala (last edited Jul 12, 2018 08:04PM) (new)

Micheala | 8 comments So I finished the Diviners and I gotta say, overall I'm disappointed. It took forever for me to get into the book and then as soon as the main bad guy was dealt with the book lost me again and I stopped caring about what was going on :(

message 9: by Yvette (new)

Yvette | 19 comments I had the same feeling Micheala. You just start getting somewhere and then it feels undone real climactic event...

message 10: by Rachael (last edited Jul 13, 2018 05:19PM) (new)

Rachael Hobson (bostonbookbitty) | 4 comments Ok, I just finished this. The book took too damn long for things to start making sense for me lol. Libba Bray writes in an easy to read style, however, there were a lot of details I didn’t think were necessary. The bad guy is a ghost, but with how he behaved, I think the story would have worked better if he was simply a person. Nothing is scarier than a person doing things that they believe to be righteous. Evie eventually grows on you, but damn, insufferable is right. She kept making choices that baffled the hell out of me! And lot of the side characters seemed to be stereotypical cutouts of characters. The only thing I’m pleased about is how the romantic subplot had turned out. I would have been pissed had she gone for the other guy. I’ll read book two because I’m super intrigued about Blind Bill.

message 11: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Hobson (bostonbookbitty) | 4 comments I think I only found the scripture tedious because the connection didn’t quite make sense to me. I got over my initial thoughts about it, but still wasn’t impressed by it. I think I’ll rate this 3 stars.

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