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Prohibited to prisoners unless under strict watch and under specific circumstances. It is mainly a location for staff members and there is rarely a time when this place is empty and not being in use. Whether it is because they are preparing for the next meal or experimenting with meals and other types of foods. The kitchen is enormous, filled with elite culinary technologies and devices. A number of different counters, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, sinks, cutting boards. You name it and they have it. It is a kitchen that is spotless, high tech and the best of the best. It's no wonder why it produces the best food in the world.

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After meeting a new friend, Devin was in a great mood. She decided that since she was in such a good mood she should make some cookies to hand out to all her friends. She was sure they'd love it! However, she also knew that she didn't know what they all liked so she would just have to make a little of whatever she could think of. As she was in the kitchen, a guard stationed to watch her, she recalled that she had wanted Balba to try some of her cooking. This wasn't exactly cooking but she needed a taste tester! She paused her preparations in order to ask the guard to have a friend join her. She promised they were good and dragged the guard off with her to find Balba.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Balba, meanwhile, was inside his small cell. Well, small for the giant man that was Balba. He was on a chair drawing a picture, as he did everyday. He loved drawing and espically drawing all rhe peolpe he met. Today he was actually drawing the devil girl he met who was so very nice to him. He left the paper white as to show how pale she was and began to draw in surprising vivid detail the girl's soft features and small horns. Though the derail was amazing, it looked cartoonish with him drawing her extra soft and nice looking and her tail was a hand. The gisnt giggled to himself as he drew the girls horns and wanted to show his friend the guard outside and stuck ir out the small slit, not really knowing anyone was out there. So there Balba was, looking the fool once again waiting for someone to take his small sketch pad.

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A gasp and then a giggle sounded outside of his cell. Seconds later Devin had released her grip on the unfortunate guard who had been dragged all the way to Balba's cell. She took the sketch pad that had been sticking out, looking at it with a big grin. "This looks just like me!" she exclaimed and peeked into the cell at Balba. "It real good," she complimented before showing it off to the guard. She'd completely forgotten her original reason for coming here while she showed off Balba's drawing of her. It wasn't until the guard reminded Devin of her goal that she gasped and went back to the cell entrance. She handed the sketch pad back, "I came to get you," she told Balba with a big grin. "I'm making cookies and you're helping!" she declared. He didn't have much of a choice. The guard worked on getting the cell door open while Devin swayed back and forth excitedly.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Balba waited for the usually gruff female voice tto speak, but instead got the familar voice of the devil lady she was drawing. "Oh..ah..I..uh" His cheeks were on fire as he stammered, realzing it was Devin who took the book. "C-cookies?" He asked as he made his way up onto his feat, no small task as his large body struggled to pick itself up. "I like cookies.." That smile grew large as the door swung open to uphold, Balba, shirtless, but in pajama bottoms and no shoes. He had completely forgot that he wasnt wearing a shirt once the idea of vookies came into his head. "Wjat kind of cookies are we making? I love all kinds of cookies.." He laughed and began to make his way out the door.

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Devin was practically bouncing when Balba exited. She was incredibly excited and only pushed further when he admitted to liking cookies. It was perfect! "All kinds!" she informed him enthusiastically before she grasped Balba's hand with one hand and the guard escorting them with the other. "I need a taste tester. You perfect," she explained, messing up how she should word it but it didn't matter to her. She soon was leading them off back to the kitchen, shouting over her shoulder to the guard stationed at Balba's cell that she'll bring him back later. She also promised to be on their best behaviour before turning into another hallway. "Wanna make cookies and give them to friends, but don't know what they like so making a bunch of different cookies," she told Balba, grinning from ear to ear. Her tail was swishing with her excitement and her fluffy skirt bouncing with every step.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Balba quickly grabbed a tshirt on his way out and threw it on blindly as they walked, almost getting stuck in it but tugged it down all the way. "Ooh..can we make snickerdoodles? Those are my favorite ones! And the ones with lots and lots of chocolate in it." He was more excited that he was going to get some sweets. So the giant followed behind her, his eyes were stuck on her quickly moving tail. The poor soul's brain was mesmerized by it and he just followed along, feeding off her excitment and si ready to eat a lot of sweets. When they reached the kitchen an audible gasp could be heard from Balba as he saw all the equipment and ingredients and his eyes feel right on the chocolate chips. He began walking over to them, making a straigh bee line for it, ready to eat them, no longer even thinking about Devin's tail and skirt or about how she was going to make him cookies to eat.

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Devin hummed when he made a request for... snicker...doodles? She hadn't heard of them before but she was now very intrigued. If he liked them so much they must be tasty, especially if they had lots of chocolate in them! "I will look for a recipe," she declared. She must try to make some of these now and eat them herself. They sounded really funny but anything with chocolate must taste good. They soon arrived in the kitchen, Devin releasing her hold and she skipped over to finish her preparations while also pulling out the very large cookbook to look for recipes. She glanced over to notice that Balba was heading for the chocolate chips and guessing what he was about to do. Her tail was already wrapping around them and pulling them away before he could grab them. "No," she scolded, but her tone was light and fluffy, equally as much as her skirt. "If you eat too much we won't have enough for cookies," she explained to Balba, as sternly as the bubbly animalistic girl could be. She gave him a big smile before she put the chocolate chips down away from Balba so he wouldn't be tempted. "Sit," she told him, gesturing to a stool while she continued to gather what she needed. "It will take some time," she added, getting the mixer set. She'd need to rewash a lot of tools many times but she was looking forward to the challenge. It wasn't long before the smell of cookie dough and sweets filled the room.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Aww...okay.." Balba sighed a little before sitting on the stool, taking his time to carefully sit as to not break the wood. He had worked on controlling his strength for awhile and was somewhat good at not doing everything fully, but there were still a lot of times when he didnt think and did everything at full force. "How much time? I am hungry.." Lunch was over about 2 hours ago and that was when Balba usually would eat hus candy except they took that all away because it was 'health risk', whatever that means. When the smell hit his nose, that signature sweetly dumb smile hit Balba's face and he closed his eyes, rocking a little as he waited.

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"Soon," Devin told Balba, not knowing the exact time. Time meant really little to the woman. She wasn't constricted to the same time that people like Balba were. Soon to her could mean in a few weeks or even as little as a few seconds. She found these people who relied so much on time to be quite silly. However, they seemed to care about their little numbers so she respected it well enough.
Fortunately, not much time had passed after she had put the batter into the oven when the timer was dinging. She pulled the tray carefully out from the oven, not wishing to burn herself and put them onto a cutting board to cool. "No touching yet," she instructed Balba, "you burn yourself if not," she warned him. She then proceeded to prepare another batch, rinsing off her tools so she could use them again but this time for a different type of cookie. She was beaming happily and by the time she had that ready and put into the oven, the cookies were cool enough. She'd started off with the snickerdoodle recipe, especially eager to try it. Thus, she handed a few to Balba to try. "Tell if good," she requested, watching excitedly.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Balba was not very good at listening, espically when it came to not eating food. So when Devin wasnt looking, the giant quickly swipped one and plopped the whole pippin hot thing into his mouth. The reaction was less than great, as ge imeditally spat it out on his hand, his tounge hangingg out as he said.."haugh..haugh!" And went to the sink, filling his mouth up to chill his burning mouth. "Ow...." he muttered when he went back to the stool, defeated and slightly said that now his tounge felt icky and he wouldnt be able to tast the snickerdoodles in their full glory. But, his stomach gave out and he happily accept a cookie, making sure they wern't hot, and taking a bit. "Mmm..these are really good!!" He spoke with his mouth full of cookie and grabbed a second one to eat.

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Devin looked over when she heard Balba saying the muffled hot. Her lips pursed, brows furrowed and her hands went to her hips. Her tail flicking back and forth with irritation, though mild. "What did I say?" she scolded, watching him. "I warned you, now wasted a cookie," she said and shook her head.
Once the cookies were ready, her light anger has cooled and she was eager to get a response. It was her first time cooking those types of cookies. She beamed happily when she got a glowing review. "Yeah!" she cheered. She tucked the rest of the cookies into a container and closed it off, leaving Balba with the three other cookies in front of him. She tucked those off to the side so she could make room for the next batch of cookies while she rinsed off the dishes once more and began the next batch. She was using knives and allowed access to the kitchen with only a single guard. It was quite an unusual thing for this prison, specifically someone assigned to building 1. However, she had been there a long time and it said a lot about her personality and trustworthiness.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Im sorry.." Balba did not like this girl even being irritated at him so he quickly became quiet and sat back onto the stool and slumped. So what if he was pouting a little, he felt bad and his body reflected it. Though that did not stop him on minching on anonther of the snickerdoodles. After watching the floor and then Devin cooking for a bit, rhe giant stood up and walked over to the counter next to her. "Can I help out? If you gotta make a lotta cookies, maybe two peolpe can make ot faster." He gave a small smile, though the man was mad at himself for making devil girl so mad at him, or thats what he thought anyway. Balba was given nearly free accses back in building 13 but didnt really do much as he was content eith talking and sometimes just taking a stroll through the massive building. He saw peolpe cooking all the time so it should be easy for him to do it.

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Devin nodded in acceptance of his apology. Pleased that he properly repented for ignoring her warning. She didn't like others hurting if she could help it. Life was tough enough not to ignore things easily avoidable.
Devin looked at him and smiled happily at his willingness to help. Her tail wagging like a dog's. "You can help me with stirring the dough!" she told him excitedly, knowing measuring out all the ingredients was tedious and the rest was left to the magic machines to finish. She got what they needed ready, she used a visual reference to show him while she enthusiastically talked about it. Very shortly they had a few more batches ready to bake but all that was left was to wait for them to all cycle through the oven.

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