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➟male characters belong here

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x [Katsumi Cadwell;"victorious beauty";Katsu] x

x [16;May 20;Taurus] x

x [Male;heterosexual] x

x [appearance;human or cyborg] x
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x [personality] x
Katsu, much like his sister, prefers to have fun and live in the moment. He pays close attention to his suroundings and if push comes to shove he'll take initiative and be responsible. Naturally, he's overprotective over Yuki, so much that sometimes it's overbearing. He, much like Kiera, has trust issues, though not noticeable or especially severe. He just doesn't trust people who keeps big secrets or people with hidden intentions. He practically never gives in to anyone other than his sister, so you'd have to be pretty special to be able to get him to change his mind about anything. He's considerably patient, and despite how he may act, he's actually considerably smart and relies more on his wits than his strengths. This does not mean he's slow or weak, he exercises daily and is rather strong and fast. He's extremely caring and sweet. He'd always find himself taking in injured animals. He's also really energetic and easy to anger. He hates being called "sister lover" and can be a bit full of himself at times.

x [history] x
Katsu's parents abandoned him and his little sister while they were fairly young. The two were raised by a woman who knew their parents. The woman was always busy and hardly had the time to play with them or properly take care of them. Neither sibling really cared though. Katsu perfered to spend his time doting on his little sister or inventing things. Katsu loved to make small robots that he and his sister would play with. Eventually Katsu and Yuki started calling the tiny robots their friends. Katsu eventually started to notice Yuki's split personality after a few encounters with Kiera, and quickly learned to adapt to her sudden personality changes. He gave the other personality the name Kiera and kept her a secret from his sister, for fear it may somehow effect her in some way. He came up with the theory that Yuki had subconciously made Kiera in hopes of staying hopeful forever, but had no proof. He did his best to keep Kiera out of fights, but wasn't always sucessful and just found him getting dragged into the fights she was in. In order to keep Yuki safe, he decided to make a robot that would protect her. He made the robot look and act like a human around their age. When he was about 12, he was programming the last finishing touches on the protection robot he had named Kurosawa. Just as he finished the programming, he got a live video feed from one of the small flying robots he had follow Yuki at all times. When he saw what happened he sent Kurosawa over there to help Yuki defend herself against the ones who had conerned her. He ran there as fast as he could and he and Kurosawa had just barely save Yuki, however they didn'tget there fast enough to save her left eye. Yuki's foster mother had payed for the surgery to get Yuki a new eye. The surgeons wanted to use a synthetic eye, however Katsu made a robotic eye that looked exactly like her other one and made them use that one in the surgery. Whenever he was asked, he would always respond that he didn't want his sister to have an eye she couldn't even see out of. After his surgery he added a few more programs so Kurosawa would develop his own personality. He later introduced Kurosawa to Yuki and told her he were to be their new older brother. Two years after that incident, Yuki's foster mother died from an unknown disease. Katsu, Yuki, Kurosawa, and the other robots lived alone ever since. They've recently taken in a baby kitten whom has already become a new member of their strange family.

"It's kind of pathetic to give up before you even give it a shot."
His cat:description

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dashofmagic | 23 comments x [Aryan Draidwi; 'small warrior';Ary (like Ari)] x

x [19;December 5; Sagittarius] x

x [Male;Bisexual] x

x [ ;Cyborg] x

x [personality] x
Aryan has a little too much energy to fit into his body. So, it ends up with him causing trouble or generally just being wrapped up in it. He tends to rely mostly on himself, that way if something goes wrong, he has nobody else to blame, and nobody else gets hurt. He tends to use his heart over his head, and his emotions over his common sense. He barely has an impulse control which leaves him to be a bit of a reckless mess most of the time. However, when he does put his head in the game and focuses on the task at hand, he's pretty productive and skilled. He doesn't have much patience and hates being cooped up inside, but he's pretty idealistic and generous in a way you could only call his own. He strongly supports the idea that humans, cyborgs, and robots should all be equals. Aryan is very aware of the world around him and he likes it that way.

x [history] x
Aryan was three when his parents died. He doesn't remember how or why, but as he got older he suspected it was due to sickness. A group of middle-aged cyborgs took him in, and he learned the ways of the world from their perspective. They all agreed that humans, robots, and cyborgs should be equal, and that's what they wanted to fight for. Aryan would frequently take trips into the capital for small errands and such, which usually resulted in small mischief like pickpocketing, but occasionally it was something more. One day as he was heading home, he saw a thoroughly beat up and destroyed robot in an alleyway, and four humans walking out. Filled with anger and confusion he ran the rest of the way home, telling everyone that he wanted to learn to fight to protect the robots from further harm. None of them were going to teach a 7 year old how to fight, mostly because they didn't believe in violence. So every night for years after, Aryan snuck out and learned from various others for the next ten years. At the age of 17, he was finally able to put his practice into use. Yet again on the way home, but in a different alley, he saw the same thing right about to happen. He ran in and intervened, knocking out 3 guys and letting the robot escape, but it turned out that there were more humans, and numbers over skill turned out in their favor. When he woke up, the left side of his upper torso and his left arm had been exchanged for metal parts, as well as both of his feet from mid-calf down. Instead of being upset, he embraced it, but was unable to return to his family out of shame and shame only. He's been living on his own for 2 years since then and he's been doing just fine except for the large amounts of trouble he's been causing.

"We each survive in our own way"

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He's approved!

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dashofmagic | 23 comments thank you!

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Adeline | 6 comments x [Azriel Morpheus ;God helps, shape; Az] x

x [18; October 26; Libra] x

x [Male; straight] x

x [ cyborg] x
Azriel has black hair and blue eyes that pierce through others souls. Both his eyes are robotic, giving him advanced eyesight.He has pale skin and some wires running through in place of veins. He has a heart and an extra heart made out of robotic material, which the wires connect to. He is of average height and weight for an 18 year old cyborg. His clothing consists of striped blue and grey t-shirts with a white hoodie, the hood always over his head. He wears ripped jeans and old sneakers.

x [personality] x
Azriel is the complete opposite of his twin sister Adajria. He is very kind and compassionate, preferring to help and understand then hurt and walk away. He is a very understanding cyborg and doesn't like to kill as his sister does.

x [history] x
Azriel was born three minutes before Adajria. Their parents were killed in front of them by a group of scared humans as they were traveling to a cyborg city. They were both 4 years old. As Azriel grew up, he forgave the humans for killing his parents, but Adajria was never the same. He looks after her and protects her, even though she can look after herself. His closest companion is surprisingly their dog Dae (Day), and he feels like it should be Ada, but they aren't the same in any way.

"Kill them with kindness and bury them with a smile."

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Adeline | 6 comments muuumew?

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hey, sorry! he's approved!!!

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Adeline | 6 comments It's fine. Thanks! Wanna rp?

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well, i'm in a lot of rps in other groups right now so i don't wanna add more to my plate. im sure if you ask in the rp request thread, people will wanna rp with you! im sorry!

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Creative Orange (Rumell Khan) (rkrespectedmember) Rumell Khan - My Name - The Nerd
17 - 5/12 - Sagittarius
Male - Asexual
Light brown skin, black hair, light brown eyes, orange and purple checked shirt, denim jeans, black Velcro, watch - Human
Intelligent, bookworm, good
Rumell was really interested in robots and he wanted to study them when he was very young.

Is this okay?

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Could you please add more to his appearance, personality and history?

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