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➟female characters belong here

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Smiley face

x[hanae itou;blossom;hana]x

x[19;feb 4;aquarius]x


x[appearance;human or cyborg]x

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"i want to know..everything about you!"

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thank you!

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x [name;meaning;nickname] x
Angel Emiko

x [age;dob;zodiac] x
18, July 15th; Cancer
x [gender;sexuality] x
Female; ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
x [appearance;human or cyborg] x
Angel has honey-colored hair with platinum blonde highlights. Her hair is long, and she keeps part of it pulled back into a ponytail. Angel's eyes are an ocean blue that appears to pierce through your very soul. She has long eyelashes to frame her doll-like eyes. She has pale skin and a petite frame.
x [personality] x
Angel appears to be very shy and quiet. She hardly speaks to people, because she has nothing to say. Angel suffers from anxiety around certain people, so she just chooses to speak to no one. Angel is very brave, but also very impulsive. She would be a very good friend to have because of her undying loyalty. Angel hardly feels emotions anymore, which is why she may come off as rude.
x [history] x
Angel was a very lively child growing up. Her parents had very little money but they made sure their daughter was well taken care of. One day, in winter, Angel's family decided to go out for dinner. Their car slid on the ice and crashed into a ravine. Angel wad the only survivor. She lost both of her arms, her left eye and her left leg. Angel's missing parts were replaced with robotic limbs. She also received a very realistic robotic eyeball. Angel had no family in the area, so she lived in an orphan edge until she was 17, when she was able ton use the money that her parents left her. She got an apartment and became a writer for the newspaper.

━━━"I want to feel again━━━

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approved!! can you make a character folder?

also where would you like to rp? i'm about to make rp threads now

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Yeah, I'll do that right now

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Oh oof I have no idea, maybe somewhere with very few people? Lime an alley or something?

Also, is there anything I could help with? I'm in the car at theolent so I'm using the website, but I could still help!

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yeah an alley way is fine! and can you come up with more roleplay areas? (if you want, you can list them in the modchat and i can make them) i'm about to go the pool so i'm sorry if i don't reply!!

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Ok! I can post first, and I'll make a list!
I'm about to go visit my gonna so I'll be offline for a few hours as well

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Nonna* oof

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thank you :)

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x [Yukino "Kiera" Cadwell;Snow;Yuki] x

x [14;April 19;Aries] x

x [Female;heterosexual] x

x [appearance;human or cyborg] x
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x [personality] x
Yuki is rather childish person who disregards responsibility and just tries her best to have fun. She's kind hearted and always wears a warm cheerful smile. Yuki often gets excited over the smallest things. Yuki is rather dense and doesn't seem to know much about the world, so naturally she's rather curious. However, this fun loving girl isn't the only side to her, in fact she has a split personality she isn't exactly fully aware of. This split personality of hers is rather troublesome to Yuki because it leaves blank spots in her memory. This side of Yuki is rather cautious and seemingly harsh towards most. {For the purpose of my sanity, I shall refer to this side of Yuki as Kiera.} Unlike Yuki, Kiera seems painfully aware of Yuki and the world. She doesn't really seem to trust easily and always takes control whenever Yuki's in dangerous situations or talking to dangerous people. Kiera is mainly the reason Yuki hasn't taken candy from a stranger or walked into a strangers van. Unlike Yuki, Kiera is rather responsible. Kiera is also rather dangerous, and wouldn't even hesitate to hurt someone if need be. When she's in control she always manages to anger some people and get into fights.

x [history] x
Yuki didn't really have the perfect family growing up. Her parents had abandoned Yuki and her older brother when they were still really young. The two were raised by a woman who knew their parents. The woman was always busy and hardly had the time to play with them or properly take care of them. Yuki never seemed to care though and was always content with the fact she had her older brother. Her older brother, Katzumi, became aware of his sister's split personality after a few weird encounters with her split personality and quickly became adapt to handling it. He gave the other personality the name Kiera and kept her a secret from his sister, for fear it may somehow effect her in some way. He came up with the theory that Yuki had subconciously made Kiera in hopes of staying hopeful forever, but had no proof. He did his best to keep Kiera out of fights, but wasn't always sucessful and just found him getting dragged into the fights she was in. When Yuki was about 10, Yuki was caught in a fight with some people Kiera had recently fought with. They had come up to Yuki with knives. Kiera hadn't taken over in time though, and they lost their left eye in the knife fight. In the end, it was a robot that Katzu created who was the one who saved them. Yuki's foster mother had payed for the surgery to get Yuki a new eye, hence why she now has a robotic eye. She also has a lingering scar on her right arm. 2 years after that incident, Yuki's foster mother died from an unknown disease. The two siblings have lived alone since.

"Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness."

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She's approved!!

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Smiley face


x[16;april 8;aries]x



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"it's normal not to get noticed or remembered"

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can you elaborate more on her personality and history please?

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She's approved

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Um, can you please elaborate on her personality? As well as why she was on a five year probation? Also, Dr.Phil and Instagram don't exist in this roleplay..

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Well it is, but this roleplay is kind of in another universe, though it isn't directly stated. You can keep that in her history though.

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I know what I typed :)

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She's so cool! Approved!

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x [name;meaning;nickname] x April Argenti

Argenti: Latin for Silver

x [age;dob;zodiac] x Looks 15 actually a month or two years old, March 30th, Aries

x [gender;sexuality] x Female, asexual

x [appearance;human or cyborg] x Artificial Intelligence who thinks she's a human

x [personality] x Kind and caring April loves to help out others and tutor in Math. She's good at math and history, decent in English, and bad at science, though being an AI she still has her flaws in her personality, sometimes she doesn't think of what she's doing or she tends to space out and make mistakes with a lot of things. But despite her flaws she's willing to help out.

x [history] x

April was created by a scientist/professor as a way to give his two children another sister after his wife's death and a way to deal with the death, at first she was programmed into the computer as he worked hard to find a way to give her a physical body and once he did make a physical body, a robot body that looks real and feels real and reacts like a real body) for her she was transferred to that body with the whole "Oh she has memory loss" play on that he did so she could live normally. He even went to forge a birth certificate of the day she was created, except 15 years ago. She lived for two months at her "father's" house, helping out with her younger sister and older brother by her side.

"I'm just an ordinary human...right?"

Faceclaim: Yin from Darker than Black

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can you elaborate on how he got her a physical body? otherwise, approved!

Phoenix~They/Them Hmmm...I haven't thought of that sorry, um any ideas that I could use, I am fresh out of ideas

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her body could be robotic,,
or if you want to give her history a dark twist her father could've taken a human's body, and made them into a cyborg(planted her ai in the brain or whatever)

Phoenix~They/Them Hmmmmm, I like the first one

Phoenix~They/Them Its like a metal that resembles human flesh, basically feels and acts like it is but its not human flesh

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alright, approved!

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x [name;meaning;nickname] x Naomi Marla

x [age;dob;zodiac] x 10, October 2nd, Libra

x [gender;sexuality] x Female, Straight as of right now

x [appearance;human or cyborg] x Human

x [personality] x

Naomi is very imaginative, her favorite thing is imagining herself as a detective. She loves mysteries and clues, and puzzles. She enjoys figuring out whats wrong and fixing it but there are times when she throws a fit when she wants something, then again, its hard to resist her puppy dog eyes. She hates anything spicy or anything sour, she prefers sweet foods and pizza. She's rather picky with her food. She's quiet and shy around strangers, usually hiding behind her brother, father, or "sister"

x [history] x
Naomi was born to a scientist and a model 10 years ago. Growing up she was with her brother and her parents when one day at age 8 she witnessed something she wished to unsee and heard something she wished she could of unheard. It was a normal night when her father was out getting groceries, she had heard a crash through the windows so little Naomi decided to check it out since she was curious. What she found shocked her, two men was robbing them. She was way too paralyzed to move as her mom had entered the room, the squeaking door alerted the bad men to another presence and she was shot on sight. The thieves realized that they could've alerted the neighbors so they fled the scene. Naomi watched the whole thing in horror before breaking down and crying. Her older brother called the ambulance in hopes to save their mother and she died later in the hospital. Ever since then her father has been working on making them a distraction, something he needed as a way to cope with the loss of his wife and thus they got a new sister, an AI named April, someone as means to protect the family while also believing she's a human till she's ever really needed, which so far she hasn't been needed.

"Ooooh can I solve this one...please?"

FC: Kafuu Chino

Phoenix~They/Them Someone can make their father and brother otherwise I'll do it

Phoenix~They/Them I had to also give how their mother die and at least have a character that witnessed it and since Im evil I chose Naomi

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she's approved!

Phoenix~They/Them Isn't she adorable?

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Phoenix~They/Them Hehe :)

Phoenix~They/Them Muumew, wanna RP with me then?

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mmm sure! where to?

Phoenix~They/Them Ummm you choose.

Phoenix~They/Them I'll use Naomi and April

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i'll use nelo

do you want to rp in the cafe? can you post first?

Phoenix~They/Them Sure. And for all anyone knows April is a human, looks and feels and seems like a human as well :)

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Phoenix~They/Them Muumew, I posted

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Adeline | 6 comments x [Adajria Morpheus ;dark eyes or dark one, shape; Ada] x

x [18; October 26; Scorpio] x

x [Female; straight] x

x [ cyborg] x
Ada has long white hair and two robotic red eyes that burn through others souls, and they give her advanced eyesight like her brothers'. She too has pale skin and wires that connect to an extra robotic heart. Around her neck is a protective piece of metal that can break someone's knuckles if they punch it. She wears a snowflake shaped necklace that hangs just below the metal. Her clothing consists of lace-up leather leggings, combat boots, and a dark red shirt with sleeves that go to her elbows. Multiple daggers and knives are hidden.

x [personality] x
Unlike her twin brother Azriel, Adajria is very dark and ruthless. She doesn't care for anyone except Azriel, and will do anything to keep him out of harms way. She blames the humans for the loss of their parents and will not stop seeking revenge until she has killed every last one of them. Azriel has stopped her from killing anyone so far, but he's not sure how long he can. Adajria is violent, merciless, and will leave anyone to die, just not Azriel.

x [history] x
Adajria and Azriel lived together with their parents and robot dog Dae (Day) in a small apartment. When the Dictator Ihakoid separated the humans from the cyborgs and robots, they left to go to a cyborg city. On the way there Adajria watched as her parents were attacked by a group of humans. They didn't survive. Ada hid with Azriel and Dae until they left, and she has never been the same since. They were 4 years old. Azriel hasn't allowed Adajria to leave his side, and she is fed up with it.

"We all have demons. I just choose to feed mine."

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