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message 1: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Tellefsen (Rescues and Reads) (rescuesandreads) | 96 comments Mod
This is where you can discuss the second half of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

message 2: by Carly (new)

Carly W. (alderaanwords) | 19 comments Mod
THIS BOOK WAS SO CUTE! I liked Carry On more but this was still great. I love how relatable Cath is and her sibling rivalry. It all felt so real. I'm not really sure why Nic was even a character in the book though... he seemed kind of pointless to me. They didn't have any growth in their relationship. The only thing I thought it did was make Cath realize she COULD write more than fanfic and had the potential to create something worthy (in her eyes). Cath and Levi are adorable. Reagan, I'm a little unsure of. She seemed kind of blah. I wish she were around more I think, and not just in passing by parts. But oh well. :)

BAZ AND SIMON: I love this duo. Go read Carry On now if you haven't already. I loved seeing how the characters were created and that she changed them so much. She did a better job than the original author of the Simon novels- Gemma T Lesley or something like that?

message 3: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | -263 comments Mod
Ah so you had no spoilers throughout the books? No thoughts :(

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth I read this book quite a while ago and still remember how adorable it was. Rainbow Rowell really knows how to write romance well and create feel-good memories! I have a fonder memory of it than Carry On - not sure why, maybe because I didn't go in to it with a load of expectations.

message 5: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | -263 comments Mod
I'm so excited for this book club to have the option of continuing a series that we've started as BOM XD I'm hoping people will be willing. Doesn't seem like many people actually read this month's books :/

message 6: by Carly (new)

Carly W. (alderaanwords) | 19 comments Mod
@Maddie It wasn’t really a book where there were any intense spoilers. It was more of a young woman finding out who she is and how far she can push her creative abilities (in writing). 😊)

People are reading! I’ve seen a few on Instagram!

@Elizabeth She really does know how to write feel good romance! I think I liked Carry On more because it was my first book of hers and I love the magic involved!

message 7: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | -263 comments Mod
Yeah but people generally have thoughts throughout a book XD That's what the spoilers are for.

Oh really! Do we have a # for it?

message 8: by Ashley (new)

Ashley F (tsukikomew) Hi everyone. I'm new to the group so I did not get a chance to look at the July books. I'm looking ahead to August now. I remember reading this a few years ago and had this huge issue with the professor. She just kept going on about how Cath should do more with herself and making it seem as though there was something wrong with fanfiction.

There was this weird sense that those who write fanfiction are not doing enough or are wasting their talent. The thing is sometimes writing fanfiction is exactly all the person wants to do right now. It just irritated me so heavily that I went on these long-winded rants about the class and the professor. There was just this enormous pressure to WRITE SOMETHING ORIGINAL. And I was sitting there like, fanfiction is original. Cath's interpretation of the story is just as valid and original as someone crafting a historical argument out of primary documents.

It know that gif of Hades from Disney's Hercules getting all worked up and flaming out? Yeah that was me reading those portions of Fangirl.

message 9: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | -263 comments Mod
XD I was reading that really hoping there wouldn't be spoilers as I haven't started it yet.

message 10: by Marcela (new)

Marcela Sotelo (issisotelo) | 4 comments Hi. I've always wanted to read Fangirl since a long time ago, thanks to this group I finally did and I loved it. This is also the first Rainbow Rowell book I read. I totally related with Cath and her fangirl mode and everything.

message 11: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | -263 comments Mod
Yay! :D

message 12: by Carly (new)

Carly W. (alderaanwords) | 19 comments Mod
@Maddie Those were my thoughts. 😊 I have so many other books on the go and I don’t have the time to do a bunch of opinions on the smaller things so I just mentioned my overall thoughts of the book! That’s why these threads are here, to spark conversation about the books. I hope you enjoy once you start it!

@Ashley Omg yeeees. That gif is so perfect. It made me so mad that her teacher got upset over that. I mean yeah, fan fic is using another’s characters but she’s still proving she knows how to write fiction! But I also understand that she wanted Cath to write outside of her comfort zone.
I had a teacher make me completely change the ending of my story. I was mad at first because it’s MINE but it made sense and was for the better. Totally relate to Cath haha.

message 13: by Ashley (new)

Ashley F (tsukikomew) Carly wrote: "@Maddie Those were my thoughts. 😊 I have so many other books on the go and I don’t have the time to do a bunch of opinions on the smaller things so I just mentioned my overall thoughts of the book!..."
I was not opposed to the concept of her writing outside of her comfort zone but I really hated the attitude towards fanfiction. Sure Cath should expect to write something else in a college class but her work of fanfic should not just be discounted. It was an odd part of the book for me.

message 14: by Rebecca or Bex (new)

Rebecca or Bex (coffeeandprose) | 6 comments I finished Fangirl today - I'm so glad I read it! What a sweet, fun book! Cath is so endearing and the way she describes her feelings towards Levi is adorable, the whole way through. I loved seeing her grow via all of the encounters with the other characters.
@Carly your point about Nick hits the mark...I'm not sure the point of him except to highlight how one can't trust everyone that they might 'flow' with, or that Cath learns how to collab with someone besides Wren?
I just wish more was done with her final project / writing about her mother because it felt like that is what the whole buildup with the class and working with Nick was towards!

message 15: by Carly (new)

Carly W. (alderaanwords) | 19 comments Mod
@Ashley I can agree. It’s still writing and should be included as such! :)

@coffeeandprose Yes! Her final project was kind of left open ended... it would have been nice to see a bit more without such an abrupt ending. I would highly suggest Carry On. It’s fabulous and Rowell’s character writing shines. Baz and Simon are the best!

message 16: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | -263 comments Mod
I'll be finishing this one up after my next book :) Can't wait :D

message 17: by Debbie (new)

Debbie (readbydeb) | 3 comments Just finished this morning! I liked it overall, but I definitely agree that the ending felt abrupt. The book spent so much time building up to the ending of the school year, Cath's project and Carry On, Simon, then just sort of ended out of nowhere.

message 18: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | -263 comments Mod
I'll read a bit more of this one tomorrow night, hopefully will finish it.

message 19: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | -263 comments Mod
71% (view spoiler)

72% (view spoiler)

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Maddie (maddisonbruce) | -263 comments Mod
73% (view spoiler)

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Maddie (maddisonbruce) | -263 comments Mod
79% (view spoiler)

message 22: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (maddisonbruce) | -263 comments Mod
Review: I LOVED THIS! I can't believe this book didn't even really interest me before now. It was just one of those books that I'd seen around but that I hadn't really wanted to read, but when my book club chose it as a BOM I just went for it. And I'm so happy I did, it was amazing!
Nick (view spoiler)
Levi (view spoiler)
Cath (view spoiler)
Wren (view spoiler)
This was just an amazing book.

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