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message 1: by Meli (last edited Jul 07, 2018 06:24PM) (new)

Meli (melihooker) | 3673 comments I had a short excursion the first week of July so I am way behind on posting my review for June!

I have a magical realism book for June's tag - The Master and Margarita - but I am just not able to read it all the way through on its own. I have knocked out this and a few others since :-(

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi is a YA fantasy novel to rival Harry Potter drawing from Yoruba religion and West African mythology to inspire her world of magic.

If you are an avid reader, which I know you all are (duh!) and follow current bookish events you have most likely heard rave reviews and coverage for this book.

It's a wonderfully creative story, and it deals with relevant themes - classicism, racism, identity and honoring ones heritage. There is great action and white-knuckle inducing suspense.

But, I have to stop at 4 stars only because the characters weren't quite fleshed out enough for me. There are 4 main characters who narrate our adventure, so you are inside their head which should offer deep insight, but I felt they never quite elevated beyond the pivotal tragedies that defined them.

At times the plot stalled a little for me also. When there was high action I was gripped, but when there was reprieve for the characters in their mission the story wasn't as compelling.

Still, when the 2nd book is out I will definitely pick up where we left off.
I look forward to more work from this author, and for a reader who is not as inclined to read fantasy that is a worthy accomplishment.

I recommended this book to a reader who never reads fantasy, almost refuses to even try, but for some reason she decided to give this a try and it was a 5 star for her. Based on my experience and my other fantasy-newb friend I think Adeyemi's book has the ability to convert readers to open their minds to more fantasy. :)

message 2: by Nicole R (new)

Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7784 comments This is Jimmy Fallon’s Summer book pick! Your review definitely piques my interest. I would take a solid 4 star read for sure!

message 3: by Meli (new)

Meli (melihooker) | 3673 comments Yeah, I saw that! And my husband mentioned it too! This book is everywhere and I think for good reason. I hope you read it and like it.

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