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Victoria danced around her kitchen, cracking eggs into a bowl as hummed along to the Drake song playing from her speaker. She added it to the cupcake mix, preparing another batch. Lately, she has been craving sweets more than usual. But to make sure she didn’t overdue it, she decided to give some to her friends. As soon as she was about to stir, she heard the knocking at the door.

“Coming!” She called out, hoping they could hear her. Putting down the whisk, she walked to the front door, unlocking it. A smile began to form on her face as her eyes met Naomi but it faltered when she saw how distressed she looked Wrapping her arms around her girlfriend’s waist, she hugged her tightly. She leaned forward to plant a soft kiss on her lips, and pulled back, eyes taking in everything. “What’s wrong?” She questioned, guiding Naomi into the her bedroom, where the two could be more comfortable, the cupcakes long forgotten.

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Victoria’s hands wrapped around Naomi as her lips placed a soft kiss on her forehead. She missed this - being around Naomi. Of course she had only been in Korea for a few days but being so far from her felt weird. She couldn’t visit her at all, only settling for Facetiming and texts instead of speaking to her and being able to touch her.

“I can make cupcakes any time.” She murmured, a smile spreading to her lips. Her hands idly played in Naomi’s hair, a pout forming on her pink lips as she noticed the puffiness of Naomi’s eyes. “You’re much more important than cupcakes.” She leaned forward, lips meeting Naomi in a comforting kiss, trying her best to cheer her up. She hated when she was sad. When Naomi was sad, Victoria was sad. She hated knowing someone hurt her and she couldn’t stop it. She laid down on the bed, taking Naomi with her, their legs tangling as they embraced. Victoria’s hand moved to Naomi’s face and used her thumb to wipe away the stray tears. “Do you want me to beat them up for you?”

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