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message 1: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) Okay I got this idea fro, pal (polls about life) credit to them.

You type the worst ice cream flavor you can think of but it has to start with the last letter of what the ice cream flavor before you was posted for example:

Person A: Dragon eggshell IC (Ice Cream)

Person B: Larva guts.

I’ll start

Flea infested Lemonade IC


message 2: by Saarah (new)

Saarah Niña (saarahnina) Earwig Sticky Toffee ;D

message 3: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) Eliza Schuyler eyeball


message 4: by O (new)

O M | 11 comments Love bug stew

message 5: by Saarah (new)

Saarah Niña (saarahnina) Warts Magnum

message 6: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) Mediocre larva skin

Creative Orange (Rumell Khan) (rkrespectedmember) Nail


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