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Changing identities
andrea andrea Jul 07, 2018 11:35AM
I and a number of "book buddies" have read this book. We all enjoyed it but are at a loss as to how to explain the "identity changes". Does anyone out there have a clue? Is it based on some mystical belief?
Thanks for all and any ideas!

Just read the book andI'm dumbfounded. How does David fit into this triangle. Didn't he know he was dealing w/3 personalities? Didn't he know who was the last Mrs. Martin ? I'm so freakin confused.

I read and thought this book was good and frustrating at the same time to I think the identity changes are yes some mysterious magic which I don't think should be looked into to much as I don't think the book would be so great if you did,I think what we don't fully know about makes it work alot more and keeps us still chatting about it.

It's astral projection. Adele, Rob, and Louise are all able to project themselves out of their bodies. That tug Louise sometimes refers to is the "cord" that connects her consciousness back to her body. (And honestly, should have given her a way back when Rob tried to hijack her, especially given that the book doesn't mention him doing anything to sever that connection.) The author has decided that all it takes is to step into a vacant body and it's yours, yours, yours. Which...isn't quite how it would work, but it's fiction, whatever.

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