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C.S. Malerich | 2 comments Hiya beta readers,

I'm looking for feedback on "The Witches of Lowell," a 20k historical fantasy novella. I'm looking at a Aug 12 deadline, so I would like to receive comments by late July/early Aug.

Please email me at if that's something you'd like to tackle. Black and/or queer readers: I'd especially love your thoughts. Synopsis after the jump!


For the young women of Lowell, Massachusetts, freedom means fair wages for fair work, decent room and board, and a chance to escape the cotton mills before lint stops up their lungs. When the Boston Associates decide to raise the female workers’ rent, the girls go on strike.

Their tenacious ringleader is Judith Whittier, a newcomer to Lowell but not to class warfare. At fifteen, Judith has already seen one strike fold and she doesn’t intend to see it again. Fortunately, her best friend in the boardinghouse – and maybe first love? – Hannah has a knack for the dying art of witchcraft.

With the striking mill girls magically woven into a new union, none will return to the looms until their demands are met. Judith is confident that the owners will crack, until word reaches her that replacement workers are already on their way from Boston.

Alas, witchcraft has never been well-liked in Massachusetts, and as their prospects dim, some strikers lose confidence in Judith’s methods. Meanwhile, Hannah’s persistent cough worsens. Nevertheless, the two girls prepare a new spell, this time one to cast on the mills’ machinery itself. To invoke the spell, they will have to break the magic of mastery and money, and take possession of their own hearts.

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Lisa Lenox (alizarinred) | 29 comments My email is, if you still need readers.

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