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message 1: by Kolby (new)

Kolby (kolbyirish) | 18 comments Has anyone read this book? The blurb seems interesting. However, let me preface this by saying I'm messed up for thinking it, the author is white. Which I don't have a problem with that per se, but I do have a problem with how some white authors describe the black heroine. Mainly the physical description, but sometimes the personality is stereotypical as well. In this instance, based on the blurb, personality may not be the issue.
Okay, I'm tired of trying to be extremely nice about what I'm trying to say. Just tell me if the heroine is going to have a cafe au lait complexion, green eyes and corkscrew curls. Help a girl out!

Tina | 1415 comments Tuesday, the heroine is simply black. There are no elaborate food coloring descriptions about her. Tuesday isn't described a lot physically except that she is beautiful, athletic, outdoorsy and has great hair. No corkscrew curls, she wears afro puffs sometimes. In fact based on the descriptions, I figure she has big, natural hair. Impressive enough that it is something people immediately notice about her. Also, there are places in the text where the author mentions Tuesday wrapping her hair and even leaves a satin pillow at Ezra's (the hero's) house.

kittykat AKA Ms. Tortitude | 124 comments Tina, this just goes to prove how a little can go a long way. I want to get my hands on the trilogy now.

Amber (amber916) | 36 comments Thank you Tina for helping me figure out which book I’d read from a white author of an IR pairing that actually dealt with the h wrapping her hair before bed. I never realized that Lauren Dane set the bar high for me for nonPoc authors writing about WoC/PoC in a non problematic way. Loved this book!

message 5: by Kolby (new)

Kolby (kolbyirish) | 18 comments Thank y’all so much!!! I’m going to add this to my TBR pile, which keeps growing and never seems to dwindle. 😂 WOW! She’s talking about hair maintenance in this too? This author did her research!

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