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message 1: by Tommy (new)

Tommy | 4 comments Hello all,

I've recently finished writing an 80k urban fantasy novel, and I'm looking for a partner to beta-read each other's work. I can beta-read any genre, but I prefer fantasy (and if you wrote an urban fantasy, it's even better!).

Here's a short synopsis:

The story is set nowadays, and follows a Native American who finds out the mind of a being from another world is trapped inside his necklace, and that being possesses supernatural abilities. But he is not alone in this case, and he sets out to keep in check other superpowered people like him throughout the world.

message 2: by Randy (new)

Randy Smith | 68 comments Hello, Tommy. I have recently finished an urban fantasy at around 97000 words. Here's a blurb to see if you might like to swap reads.

Magic is real.
Just as the Church suspected, so are demons.
They want our world.
Detective Lindsey Davis was used to being referred to as the odd one, the person called to every unexplainable crime scene. It was just part of her job—until she arrived home after the latest unusual event to face a stranger in her kitchen. He worked to convinced her that he was a Capable, someone able to do magic. It wasn’t easy to convince Lindsey that magic was real; it took all his effort and two unusual attempts on her life in the next few hours.
A trip to Spain to meet the man’s mother for some magical protection and another magical attack upon her return home has her believing in magic and the fact that she is a Hunter, a person with abilities to locate and eliminate Capables.
Witches and witch hunters—the Catholic Church is quite adept at using both sides. Her new status pales when she learns the Catholic Church believes the world is being invaded by demons. The demons use parasites placed in people’s heads, as spies and controllers, making people, including Capables, help them in their world conquering plans.
With world leaders acting erratic, somewhat irrationally, maybe because of these parasites, she and her Capable friends have to figure out how to stop the demons from starting a war to end the world so they can have what’s left.
Lindsey is willing to go to the demon’s Hell if that’s what it takes to defeat them.

If you like, I can send you the whole thing, or a few chapters. I'd be happy to read what you've written and give you my opinions and thoughts. Let me know if you're interested.

message 3: by Ysobel (new)

Ysobel (ysobelblack) | 7 comments Hello Tommy,

I have a 75K word fantasy/historical/scifi mashup that I am looking for beta readers for. I'm happy to read your work in exchange. Here's the blurb, so you can see if you are interested.

Paladinne. Claviger of Qataban. Demon Dealer. Bloody Harridan. Black Marid. Annihilator of Armies. Ravenshield. Her friends call her Zax,

It's just another day - take the relic to the place the person that needs to use it will find it when the time is right. The only problem is there's a demon in between Zax and where she needs to put the relic.

Dealing with the demon, resurrecting a phoenix, restoring a Tree of Life, and freeing Thuận Thiên is all in a day's work, but when Zax returns home, she learns an epic crisis that threatens to destory gods and goddesses, civilizations, and maybe even the world is looming - and only she can stop it.

All over the world things have already been set in motion by malevolent forces bent on using war, slavery, misery, and death to gain power and subjugate the world to their will. But, if there's one thing Zax likes almost more than a good fight, it's a convoluted, complicated plan - she's got one of those, and she's had it for longer than even she knows.

In Sotomemopia, Awaji, Kurufaba, Eire, Kemet,and Aztlan, along with Bastian, her quantamly entangled soul mate, Kasuku, an immortal parrot, Hellion, a sentient sword cursed by Hel's Hunger to embody Vengeance, the fleet of the Bloody Harridan, and a coalition of Vagabonds, Zax sets out to do what she does best - save the world.

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