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Crossed (Matched, #2)
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July 2018: Dystopian > Crossed / Ally Condie. 3 stars

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LibraryCin | 9082 comments It’s been so long since I read the first book in the trilogy, I can only assume this is picking up where book 1 left off. I hope I’m not giving away any spoilers for book 1 by simply saying that Ky and Cassia have been separated and they are searching for each other.

I really hate when a series (especially one that continues right where the last one left off) doesn’t give some kind of recap of the previous book. I was pretty lost for a good portion of it, but it did pick up for me about half way through. Even though I still didn’t understand how the characters got to where they are now, at least I could just concentrate on what was happening “now”, in this part of the story. This was told in alternating viewpoints between Ky and Cassia. I liked a couple of the new characters, particularly Eli and Hunter. I will read the last book in the trilogy, if nothing else but for closure of the series. I’m rating this one “ok”, only because it was better in the second half.

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annapi | 5160 comments I started this one, but lost interest pretty quickly and dropped it, meaning to pick it up again. Still haven't gotten back to it...

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AJ Timberlake (ajtimberlake) | 830 comments I am actually hoping to read this one soon too... I bought all three on Audible and keep trying to get into it but I feel lost every time

LibraryCin | 9082 comments I feel like I should have reread the first one before reading this one, but I just don't do that! I found the Divergent series similar that way - there was no recap, so I was kind of lost for the first bit of it.

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