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message 1: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Brouillette (kimberly_brouillette) | 1 comments Both of my books 1 and 2 have updated covers with awards on them. I have a couple of editions that have reviews on them for each book. Can both of the editions of books 1 & 2 be updated? Here are the Amazon links for the correct book covers. Please use these paperback book links to get the covers because I just realized the Kindle editions covers need to be updated also, so they aren't correct on Amazon either.

Thank you!

Secrets in the Shallows (Book 1, The Monastery Murders)

Devil in the Details (Book 2, The Monastery Murders)

message 2: by Imraan (new)

Imraan | 14 comments Hi Kimberly, I took care of combining the editions on each of your books. I added the new cover editions for the Kindle and Paperback editions of your books and set these as the primary editions on your profile. I also left notes on the older editions that I've moved the ISBN's to the new editions. Take care!

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