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Rey☆♡ | 13 comments Hi!

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Rey☆♡ | 13 comments Here's my character again:

Name: Rose Walker

Age: 18

Appearance: https://goo.gl/images/d3BwPn

Info: owns a motorcycle, lives with just her mom, likes fixing things and racing. Middle class. Not poor but not rich

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Rey☆♡ | 13 comments Sure!

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Rey☆♡ | 13 comments (how much do you want to post average? Like 1-2 paragraphs?)

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Rey☆♡ | 13 comments (ok)

There's only two days until the final exam. Only two days until Rose learns whether she's going to stay on Earth with her mom or be shipped of to be an Alien's slave. She was stressing out. She couldn't just leave her mom. The way she dealt with all this stress was racing her bike out in the abandoned fields. It was her happy place. But even that couldn't help her ignore the exam.

(I dunno if that was good or not oh well)

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Rey☆♡ | 13 comments When Rose pulled her motorcycle into the garage she saw that her mom's car was gone. Rose shrugged, assuming her mom had gone shopping, she went inside. Rose rummaged the cupboards trying to find something to eat, she knew she should be studying for the final exam but she couldn't focus. How hard could they be? She would be fine. She poured herself a bowl of cereal and turned on the news. It was all the same every day but she still watched it.

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Rey☆♡ | 13 comments [I have to go right now so I'll reply in the morning]

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Rey☆♡ | 13 comments (morning!)

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Rey☆♡ | 13 comments "hi honey!" Rose's mom called to her as she walked into the house with the groceries. "Are you studying?" Rose sighed and walked over to her mom. "No mom, I wasn't studying." Her mom looked disappointed. "Rose, if you want to stay here with me you need to study." Rose started walking out to the garage. "I will study, later. Right now I'm gonna go ride my motorcycle around the neighborhood." Her mom sighed and nodded to herself.

Rose walked up to her motorcycle and started it. She'll just take a quick ride around town and then come back and study. She stuck on her helmet and tried to decide where to go. "I think I'll go down by the lake. That will be calm and peaceful." Then she drove off.

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Rey☆♡ | 13 comments Rose glanced over at the lake. "Oh great it's a bunch of jocks and cheerleaders, I can't stop here.'' So instead of sitting at the lake she turned around and headed back home. Maybe studying wasn't such a bad idea. As she raced back home she watched all the houses fly by. She would hate to leave this place if she failed the exam. How would her mom survive? When she got home she went into her room telling her mom that she was going to study. But instead she took a nap and forgot.

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Rey☆♡ | 13 comments The only person more stressed than Rose was Rose's mom. "Are you sure you studied everything you need?"
"Yes Mom, I studied it twice." She was just ready to get to school and get this exam over with.
"Do you want me to drive you to school today?"
"No I think I'm ok." She walked out into the garage and started her bike up. "Time for school."
She drove through the neighborhood down to the high school. She was stressed out, this exam determined her future. She hoped that she wouldn't fail.

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Rey☆♡ | 13 comments On her way to the auditorium Rose mentally quized herself over everything she had studied.
"Hey! Are you ready for this?" It was her best friend Annie who was just as stressed out as Rose.
"No way. I don't see how you're so calm."
"I'm really not calm I'm just trying to keep in all inside." Annie laughed as she linked arms with Rose. "Whatever happens we'll stay friends. Promise?"
"I promise." Right as she said that they entered the auditorium and were sorted out and put at their area.
"You've got this Rose." She mumbled to herself as she started the exam.

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